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Übersetzung des wichtigen Dokuments(Englisch)

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Proletarians of All Countries Unite!



“They try to destroy the ideology of the proletariat to eradicate everything that is the Party, everything that is revolutionary violence, everything that is people’s war, the joint dictatorship, the dictatorship of the proletariat. This is what comes from the sinister revisionist Teng that every time develop capitalism more wildly, the build bourgeois power structure and sweep away everything that is red. They negate absolutely Marxism, the initiated the attack on Chairman Mao and negated Maoism, after that they negated Lenin and also negated Marx... In that way imperialism, social-imperialism, the imperialists and whole mule train of revisionism and the whole mule train of reaction wants to sweep away all that smells of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism from our minds. But it is obvious that their counter-revolutionary plan … they are sinking down in serious problems, like Marx teaches, the old mole is daring-

“... More than anything we bases ourselves on the necessity of the people’s war, its process and its lessons that only through people’s war one conquer and defend the new power; that needs to become an reality in the oppressed nations, in the imperialist countries and also for crushing restoration, in the end it always with us, in all type of revolutions: for the democratic, the socialist and the cultural revolutions and to enter our final goal communism. We have made the pledge not to lay down our arms until communism. We reaffirm ourselves that war is continuation of politics with other means, that it follows politics, that it has class character, that the people’s war is the response to the world war.
Communist Party of Peru, the document, Resume of the first Congress, 1989.

We express our firm and unconditional greeting and subjection to Chairman Gonzalo, Great Leader of the Party and the revolution, the greatest Marxist-Leninist-Maoist alive on the face of the earth, continuer of Marx, Lenin and Chairman Mao, the Center of Party Unification and guaranty of triumph until Communism; to our all-powerful ideology, Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, Gonzalo Thought, mainly Gonzalo Thought, All-powerful because it is true; to the heroic combatant that leads the revolution, the Communist Party of Peru (PCP), especially on the occasion of its 83th anniversary since its foundation; to the principles that the command never dies, that once the banner has been hoisted it can never be lowered, and People’s War until Communism; to the I Congress of the Party, a Marxist Congress, a Marxist-Leninist-Maoist, Gonzalo Thought, mainly Gonzalo Thought Congress, that gave us our Base of Party Unity(BPU) with its three elements, the ideology, Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, Gonzalo Thought, mainly Gonzalo Thought, the Program and the General Political Line (GPL) with its center the Military Line (LM), to the III Plenum of the Central Committee, a glorious plenum, historic and transcendental, and the Speech of Chairman Gonzalo of the 24th of September 1992, and we are celebrating its 19th anniversary, that shines victoriously and powerful in front of the world as a weapon of combat. Our fervent greeting to the committees of the Party, to the communist leaders, cadres and militants, to the combatants of the People’s Liberation Army and to the masses of the New Power, as well as, the proletariat and the people of Peru as a whole, who are defending the principles of the party and the revolution, who keep the banner of people’s war high against the concentrated attack of imperialism, reaction and revisionism.

We reaffirm that revolution is the main historic and political trend and that it is more so every day; in serving the development of the New Great Wave of the Proletarian World Revolution. We salute the International Proletariat, the peoples of the world and the international communist movement and, within it, the Parties and organizations of the Revolutionary Internationalist Movement (RIM), and brand with fire the new revisionism of Avakian and Prachanda that have tried to liquidate the RIM with the desire to sweep away every advance.

We express our concentrated class hatred against the miserable rats of the right opportunist line (ROL), revisionist and capitulationist, that puts forward the plump reactionary hoax of the “Peace Accords”; miserable rats who unconditionally works for the Yankee CIA, ROL upheld and nurtured by the reactionary armed forces. Miserable rats that openly negate the Great Leadership of Chairman Gonzalo and Gonzalo Thought and without shame says that they are following it and defends it. We also dismiss, reject, repudiate and mark with fire and profound class hatred the miserable rat who was José, his brood and cronies, and all those who conspire with him, as part of the plan of imperialism within its strategy of “low intensity warfare”. To crush the people’s war they hoist another right opportunist line (ROL), also revisionist and capitulationist. Miserable rats that completely negate Marxism, they start attacking Chairman Gonzalo and Gonzalo Thought and repeat word for word all the attacks of the reaction to negate Maoism, and then negating Lenin and also Marx. We crush this ulcer of renegades, miserable traitors, who have been working in the fulfillment of this black plan of imperialism, acting in a brown-nosing way like true agents of revisionism within our ranks.

We reaffirm, very especially, in our pledge to give our lives to defend of our Great Leadership, Chairman Gonzalo, against any attack, wherever it comes from, and to serve the Peruvian revolution as part of and in service of the world proletarian revolution.


Taking as a starting point the renewal of our pledge and our reaffirmation in all said above, it is necessary to specify the situation which we are, a complex and difficult situation, because imperialism, through its agents in the country and abroad, have generated such an amount of confusion and lack of understanding on international level of the true situation of our party and the People’s War in Peru. Hence, it is necessary to unmask the true entrails of the other opportunist line that is presenting itself openly and wildly attacking our Great Leadership, Chairman Gonzalo, Gonzalo Thought, the Party and the People’s War. It is thus false that there is “a new left opportunist line (LOL)”, it is not the truth of the class but represents the work of revisionism itself. What exists, is another right opportunist line, revisionist and capitulationist; the third ROL, since the one that opposed the initiation of the people’s war. A third ROL that have structured within the Party over years, in the Central Committee itself, and that have usurped, among other apparatuses, the Main Regional Committee (MRC) of the Party, the greater part of the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) and have liquidated the main Base Areas. The head of the third ROL is the one who used to be José and its body mainly is in the MRC. These rats present themselves as “armed to the teeth” but they are only a “handful of dust”, like it is established: “they have gone too far and when the right crosses the line, the masses starts to react and they don’t permit getting fooled again. The world neither is quiet nor in peace, the winds are blowing and the storms arising in favor of the world revolution. (Resume of the First Congress, 1989). Those who says that this line is “new” wants to fool the international proletariat and try to throw dust in the eyes of the communists and revolutionaries of Peru so that they don’t assume the pending task. In Peru, since 2009, there isn’t anyone that doesn’t know about this line and anyone who is linked to the apparatuses of the Party has already known since long before. Since 2006 the monstrosities of this ROL, signed “PCP M-L-M”, have circulated, since 2003 we have continuous reports of the “change in the discourse of the senderistas in VRAE” and even, much earlier, in December of 1999, the newspaper Clarin of Buenos Aires, reported that “the senderistas goes in to the villages and self-criticize themselves for the faults committed under the leadership of “Gonzalo””. And so that no one gets surprised, the illustrated document that the crony , abroad, of José presents is from the book of the genocidal brigadier general Eduardo Fournier (FelicianoCaptura de un senderista rojo, NRC Corporacion Grafica S.A.C., Lima, Peru, august 2003). So, for more than a decade he knew who they were and what is their history, so he can’t act surprised to cover up his counterrevolutionary action.

Only by recognizing the real situation that the Party faces, with the class’ truth, just like it is, armed with our ideology, Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, Gonzalo Thought, mainly Gonzalo Thought, can we handle the pending task to overcome the bend, which is: reorganize the Party as part of the developing of the People’s War to conquer Power in the whole country. To reorganize the Party demands bold struggle against revisionism, blow up this ROL with People’s War like were done with the anterior; we have experience in how to deal with similar situations. We communists fear nothing and nothing can break our firm conviction in the justness of our cause and its inevitable triumph. We leave those who lack the ideological strength, those who do not trust our all-powerful ideology, who doesn’t trust the Party and the masses, to fall into despair. The confusion serves imperialism; it serves to sow doubt and suits those who want to spread pessimism. The light, the clarity serves the advancement of the revolution, serves to develop the people’s war. Chairman Mao tells us: “the truth serves the people”.


It is necessary to see what the ROL of José and his cronies puts forward accurately to be able to demolish and sweep away all the convergences with this ROL. Its content is feudal-imperialist, it is against the Great Leadership of Chairman Gonzalo, it is against Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, Gonzalo Thought, it is against the Party and against the People’s War. They aspire to bring forward the four changes: change in leadership, denying that the center of party unification is our Great Leadership; putting forward the Central Committee as a supposed center of party unification, negating what was put forward in the I Congress about the role of Chairman Gonzalo, instead of a proletarian leadership they try to impose a leadership of warlords; change in line, negating the General Political Line and its center the proletarian Military Line, they want to impose their revisionist “new program” and their bourgeoisie military line, negating the Communist Party of Peru as a Marxist-Leninist-Maoist, Gonzalo Thought ,militarized, Party - trying to impose their “Militarized Party” which is nothing more than a variant of the miscarriage of a “political-military organization” of the rats of the MRTA, and; they want to transform the people’s war into a mercenary struggle in the service of the highest bidder.

On the ideological level José and his brood doesn’t do anything more than repeat what come from the bourgeoisie in their attacks on Marxism, they don’t “contribute” anything new. They attack Gonzalo Thought as “dogmatic”, “sectarian”, “ultra leftist” like revisionist of all kinds have done since even before the initiation of the People’s War. They put themselves also, in tune with their bastard father, the agent of Yankee-CIA, Gustavo Gorriti and the hoaxes of the Commission of Truth and Reconciliation (CVR), trying to blame the Party for the genocide committed by Yankee-imperialism and the old landowner-bureaucratic state against our people and the Party. But against Marxism they are impotent, because it’s the scientific ideology of the last and most advanced class in history, the proletariat, and, because of this, they resort to put adjectives, they say whatever but can’t sustain it. Instead of the creative application of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, mainly Maoism on the specific conditions of the Peruvian revolution, Gonzalo Thought, they put forward a caricature of Maoism, which shows that they have betrayed the stand, method and world outlook of the proletariat. It is enough to see their vomits about “super-imperialism”, “colony and at the same time semi-colony”, etc. until its most absurd expression in their proposal for a new “general Program”, to proof that these militarists do not even manage the basics of Marxism. As victims of their own reactionary prejudices, of their feudal-imperialist ideology, they even reject the necessity of explaining their own rubbish. They adhere to the new revisionism, but they can’t even repeat well what their masters are dictating. They seem more like vulgar cops than alleged communists.

On the political level José and his brood of rats negate the General Political Line and its center, the Military Line, the Program and all that is established in the plans of the Party, they go completely against the IV Plan of Strategic Development of the People’s War for the Conquest of Power and the VI Military Plan for Building the Conquest of Power – plans approved by the III Plenum of the Central Committee and within these the latest plan of the Central Committee is established: Unite the People Against the Fascist, Genocidal and Country-selling dictatorship! of 1998, a plan that was not fulfilled, exactly because of the sabotage of these miserable’s in conspiracy with the reaction. They negate the concrete program (“the three for and three against”) that was established by the Party, instead they put forward “alliance” with the “incorrigible anti-communist”, politics in favor of the bureaucratic bourgeoisie and the landlords, they practice such an “alliance” with the power of the gamonales against the peasants, mainly the poor. They don’t destroy the local power of the old, landlord-bureaucratic in service of imperialism, state , instead they, in their own words, work with the district and provincial authorities. What does this mean? It means that they take part in the apparatus of the old state trough these “democratic” authorities, to drag the masses behind the “good representatives”. That is parliamentarian cretinism in a shameful manner, but like all the revisionists they believe the reactionary fairytale that: the “mayors are good because they are directly elected by the people”.

These rats are against Maoism, they are against the destruction of the local power of the enemy and the building of new power on its rubble. Because of this, for them, the people’s war is “genocide” and “terrorism”. This is right opportunism and not “left”, like some say. Those who say that these are left opportunists do it because they like this form, this “soft” form of parliamentarian cretinism more; more than the open and revealed form of the other rats (Miriam, Morote, Cox) of the second ROL, that belongs to MOVADEF. Why? Because, like all revisionists, they put themselves in line with the principle of Mussolini: “all trough the state (bourgeois, our note), nothing against the state”. This means concretely: “armed struggle” for a own feudal domain within the old state; landlord-bureaucratic state which becomes more and more reactionary, with feudalization of the country and absolute concentration of power, as an expression of its last and definitive crises, behind which is the reactionary armed forces under the command of imperialism, based on a hierarchy of authorities and regional and local bosses. These revisionist and capitulationist rats want to be part of this process. To be recognized as an “actual power” with their own armed forces and as representatives of this landlord-bureaucratic power submitted to imperialism in the region “VRAE”. If see things this way, we can’t separate the process that these rats are going to follow until they lay in their black graves, from the general process of the collapse of the old state, that will be completely and thoroughly destroyed by people’s war. This is the particular form of integration of this ROL in the process that old state has been in since 1980, it is in this way they specify their revisionist nature, in the style of the revisionist Teng; just like the traitors of the second ROL, who are demonstrating their revisionism by saying that they are following Chairman Gonzalo while they are negating his Great Leadership and his Thought. They are trying to integrate themselves in the old state through amnesty and elections, in this way their parliamentarian cretinism express itself. But when it comes to class nature, both ROLs serves the same cause. They are only rats of different broods of imperialism. Therefore, the struggle of the rat José, his gang and cronies is a mercenary struggle of the “war lords” for the highest bidder. Later these also will be for recognition, for “dialog”, for “peace accords” and who is behind all this? Yankee-imperialism.

We continue with the head, José, and his brood, they deny that the main contradiction in the People's War remains being masses - feudalism, they take the increasing Yankee intervention as a pretext to justify their “people's war of national resistance”, thereby they have “an excuse” for not fighting against feudalism and for not to implementing the policy of “land to the tiller”. They apply “strugglefordailydemands-ism” (armed revisionism) that in the countryside means nothing else than to defend the interests of rich peasants and in the cities it is the same old reformist politics of the worker sell-outs. Not only that, but they also publicly assume the defense of those who “make the drug”. So they stand for keeping the peasantry under control and under the authority of the landlords and the big bourgeoisie. Who are the ones that in this we will maintain the control of the sowing, harvesting and production of the drug ; so the recognize the de facto sovereignty of the landlords and the big bourgeoisie - and consequently also political sovereignty - over the land . They want to fool people that the drug production is a business of small farmers and not a large-scale production of the big bourgeoisie and landlords, who make the peasantry to work under semi-feudal conditions and produce mainly for imperialist markets. In this way, it is more convenient and tasty for these revisionist rats to put forward their capitulation in front of the domestic reaction and its imperialist master. With who they have contradictions of second order, speaking clearly, according to their interests, express themselves like this: if you do not intervene “to eradicate” etc, “great”, “everything is in order under the heavens” and so let us “live in peace”. This is a foreman dreaming of an understanding master.

From the above, their opposition to the Party's Military Line is obvious. It could not be otherwise, being what they are, capitulationist and revisionist renegades, since the Military Line is the center of the general political line (GPL). Hence it is in regard to it that they express more clearly their revisionist line, specifically, they deny the core of the People's War, the support bases, with their “Mobile People's Committees” which is nothing else than “roaming gangs” that has nothing to do with the fluid character of the new power, but they make permanent what is a temporary mode (displacements), that is why there is not any Open People's Committees anymore. They deny the unified People's War, the necessity to unfold the People's War in the cities as a complement, and they are fiercely opposed to the correct policy for the period that is developing a gradual advance seeking to weld the People's War with the class struggle of the proletariat and the popular masses in the neighborhoods and shantytowns, at all times handling the two hills and laying the foundations of the insurrection (The Plan: OVERCOME THE BEND IN THE ROAD, DEVELOPING THE PEOPLE'S WAR), here they express their opposition to the coming transfer of the center of gravity to the cities. In particular, they have expressed their total opposition to carry out actions in Lima, with its three characteristics of being capital, labor center and a big drum, which is essential to generate public opinion in favor of the People's War, both at home and abroad. This is a living proof of how deny the role of the proletariat as leading class in the revolution. This is how these militaristic revisionists are following a bourgeois military line and are against the proletarian military line of the Party and Chairman Gonzalo.

In the two line struggle they are using dirty struggle, slandering and lies against Chairman Gonzalo and against those who defend his red line. They take administrative measures against the left. They vulgarize the two line struggle to such an extent that instead of assuring that the left is imposed, it only remains “diplomatic agreements” between chieftains. Very noticeable is how they insists in the inner Party life, that what matters, in accordance with their bastard criteria, are posts; if one does not agree with the “systematization” of the secretary / political commander / responsibility according to the level, you are “questioning the leadership” and is subjected to measures. So, instead of managing the two line struggle, which corresponds to a Marxist-Leninist-Maoist, Gonzalo Thought understanding, they apply fascist methods. See how these miserable ones, what they themselves admit, shouting about the necessity to “defend the leadership”, at the same time they have put in system, what they did to usurp the responsibility from Feliciano - who then headed the Central Committee - their practice to hand over the left to the hands of reaction, just like the miserable traitor in Huallaga, the rat Julio. See how these issues were already being expressed in the Party in the mid-nineties: “Take unjust measures for petty issues without being subjected to the principles nor the norms, a feudal criteria for personal power that is also expressed in a personal leadership and not one for the class, open violation of decisions, lying in front of criticism, underestimation of the role of women in the revolution, letting things pass, strife, insisting in errors and quarrels, wrong treatment or untimely treatment of problems, “two-faced”-attitude , etc... (Political Report, Central Committee, 1996). It is now clear that these miserable ones, when they were crushed in the internal struggle, handed over Feliciano and other members of the leadership to usurp the Party.

The rats of the revisionist and capitulationist LOD of José and his brood, negates the great principle of construction - on basis of the ideological and political simultaneously build up the organizational- in the midst of class and the two line struggle, everything within and in service of the People's War for the conquest of power – and they apply a militaristic approach. Regarding the Party they have tried to destroy the system of committees of the Party, to impose a fascist structure of “independent kingdoms” of chieftains, concretely that “the guns control the Party”. About the PLA: They have liquidated the special detachments, detachments and militias in the city, in the countryside they have liquidated the local forces and base forces transforming all into “main forces” –their “roaming gangs”- and in their actions an extreme conservatism are being expressed, reducing it to guerrilla combats not carrying out the other four forms of actions, expressing a roaming militarism. Concerning the Front / New State they have liquidated the generated organizations, using the pretext that “those who are for the Peace Agreement” have “usurped their names” (while saying that “the ROL has not taken even one Party apparatus”), but in reality because of their opposition to the mass line of the Party, and mainly to its proletarian military line, they follow a bourgeois military line and they have liquidated the support bases to replace them with their nefarious concept of “Mobile People's Committees”; fiercely they oppose the joint dictatorship and leave the gamonal power intact, in the cities where they oppose the sixth form of new power, the People's Struggle Committees, saying that they were an expression of “adventurism”, and “leftism” and whereas they don’t construct power in the cities, they don’t construct anything there.

This ROL, that the rat José heads, denies the role of leading class of the proletariat in the democratic revolution. Even when they speak of “the broad popular masses”, they talk about everyone (“the bourgeoisie, the national bourgeoisie, merchants, transporters, builders, students, intellectuals, foreign industrialists that are being oppressed and constrained”), but not mentioning the proletariat, they deny the worker - peasants alliance under the leadership of the proletariat as the constant body of the democratic revolution, and the poor peasantry as the main force of revolution. In their texts they declare, what for many years has been their daily practice, a alliance with the landowners (“medium and small”), and they reach the extreme of putting forward “we respect the big bourgeoisie and the feudal landowners that are pro-northamerican but do not fight against the revolution”. These confessions by the miserable ones themselves show that they do not have a trace of proletarian vanguard, no trace of Communist Party which leads the People's War to realize the democratic revolution, but they are a group that is militaristic, a band of mercenaries. Its feudal-imperialist character is also very clearly expressed in its arch-reactionary conception of the role of women in the revolution, for these rats the female comrades are second-class fighters, the servants of men and this conception they have tried to impose in a Party which had the highest percentage of feminine participation in history, the Party that generated the largest percentage number of female leaders, cadres, party members, combatants and masses of women in the history of international communist movement, they wanted to impose this in the party which generated Comrade Norah, the greatest heroine of the Party and the revolution, a great communist leader and relentless anti-revisionist fighter.

José and his brood, have usurped the Central Committee of the Party, in which he have imposed himself as in-charge by the force of the guns. Close to him he has his staunch followers, chieftains, his near and dear ones, he is a disciple of Teng who absolutely negates Marxism, and absolutely negates Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, Gonzalo Thought. They have counted with the direct collaboration of the reaction to “solve internal problems”. They had the best servants, that sought to reconcile the irreconcilable, Marxism and revisionism, to go to Committee after Committee to take over the Party apparatus, and the ones they have not been able to take by assault, they have instead infiltrated with their positions, revisionist refinements, using the difficult situation in the committees and the theirs internal contradictions to plot intrigues and machinations. In all this they are counting with the aid of the reaction just like the miserable traitor in Huallaga. Among these servants are their cronies. They apply bureaucratically methods, contra posing the organic to the ideological and political in order to destroy the system of committees and democratic centralism.

The seriousness of the situation in the two line struggle has led to a situation where organizational problems have become absolutely subordinate, the main thing at this point in the struggle must be the ideological, because what is at stake is the color of the Party as a whole. Without unity of understanding, without unity in ideology, there is no basis for party unity. It is more necessary than ever to grasp Gonzalo Thought to solve new problems.

We must see that there are other experiences in the history of International Communist Movement (ICM), which gives us lessons to take into account. We do not share the way of those miserable ones, like the main crony of the rat José abroad, in particular, to use the limitations that other parties have, or may have, in the understanding of Maoism, and assume an inflated and arrogant attitude against the struggles of these parties. This is an expression of empiricism, that one are only limited to one’s own “experience” and more, this reveals his true degustation, because such an attitude is an expression of chauvinism, corresponding to the “nationalism” of APRA, but that has nothing to do with a communist attitude. In the case of India, we see how the comrades at the start of the 80's were scattered in a large number of factions, in several cases established on the basis of the various regional committees, and it took more than twenty years to achieve party unity during a long and complex struggle, where there was a series of bloody incidents, capitulations and betrayals, but as they persisted in fighting for the unity without giving up arms, the communists succeeded in establishing party unity. In the Philippines, the Communist Party lost what was their main base (Mindanao), and passed through an internal process in which the revisionists killed over a thousand comrades, but carrying out a big rectification campaign, the Communists have managed to regain what was lost. The Turkish comrades have lost a large number of leading members of the Central Committee, one after another, and the MKP comrades was also hardly stricken, losing not only the general secretary and the undersecretary, but most of their Central Committee as a whole, but at no time have they laid down their arms and they persisted in the road of People's War. On the nefarious role of the conciliators, we have a very clear negative example in the case of Nepal, where the so called left have secured the surrender and generated a lot of confusion among some detachments of the ICM. All these experiences should be taken into account to resolve the situation we now face. When crushing revisionism and capitulation, without ever giving up arms, we persists in developing People's War, placing the unity on the basis of the principles - in our case it should be repeated, Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, Gonzalo Thought, mainly Gonzalo Thought – in the forefront, then it is possible to overcome difficulties and take great leaps forward in the People's War.


From the above stated, the development of the current situation of the Party, on national and international levels, in accordance with the fulfillment of our pledge to the class, it demands from those who assumes this pledge in the Party work abroad, to assume the defense of the Peru People's Movement (MPP), crushing the Right Opportunist Line (ROL) revisionist and capitulationist of the rat Jose, his brood and cronies, -specially the counterrevolutionary agent who acts as a representative of a “CC” that does not exist in Peru- serving the urgent task of the general reorganization of the Communist Party of Peru (PCP) as part of its task to lead victorious developments in the People's War to complete the democratic revolution, the conquest of power in the whole country in service of world proletarian revolution and its everlasting goal, the ever golden communism.

The reorganization of the Party is pending task set forth in the Plan “OVERCOME THE BEND...” of July 1995, that after the respective balance should have been developed further in the following plan of 1998, “UNITE THE PEOPLE AGAINST THE FASCIST, GENOCIDAL AND COUNTRY-SELLING DICTATORSHIP, DEVELOPING THE PEOPLE'S WAR FURTHER!”. This task has not been materialized, because as we said, the two line struggle within the Party escalated, because, with the help of the CIA and its lackeys the Peruvian reaction, the third ROL had the conditions for being structured within the Party, went on with the capture of Party apparatus, first in the VRAE, and then to usurp the Main Regional Committee (MRC) and whit this the Party leadership.

From the mouths of the treacherous rats themselves; Jose, Raul and Alipio and their cronies, we know that on the 14th of July, 1999, they made a counterrevolutionary coup against the Party leadership handing over of the head of the Party and other leaders of the Central Committee to the CIA and the Armed Forces of the old genocidal state. Revisionism, with the help of the CIA and the Peruvian reaction, carried out this counterrevolutionary coup to decapitate the Party and, with this counterrevolutionary action they usurped it. Then they split it up among them in feudal domains, specifically they divided the usurped party apparatus, between the rats of the two broods; VRAE and MRC for the rat Jose and his brood and the Huallaga Regional Committee for the rat Julio, which aligned himself with the brood of the other rats, Miriam, Morote, Pantoja, Cox, etc. .

Who are the cronies of José?

In the Third Plenum, Chairman Gonzalo treated very strenuously the question of the internal struggle, and he saw what was to come, the second ROL, and, as it was up to him to do he raised the concrete forms and methods to be applied to overcome the problem, and how to crush the revisionist positions. Very important in this is to manage the “five unifications” of Chairman Mao and the thesis of Stalin (that the base of everything is the line and on that follows the organization, etc.). It is therefore particularly necessary to remember what Chairman Gonzalo explained: ... Remember what Stalin said the apple of our eye is the unity; the one going against the unity goes against the Party, because at the end the Chairman has said, who are the understandings? It is unity of understanding, unity in politics, unity in the plan, unity of command, unity of action, to act as Lenin said as a single fist. Was it not what he said? That is why you not play with the unity. The Chairman, when he put forward the five understandings, he talked about the five unificationsor the five unity's we need, first the unification of understanding, second unity in politics, third unity in plan, forth unity in command, and fifth the unity in action; they are the five unifications, five ways in which we unify to achieve unity and act like a single fist, the way that Lenin described it, so I repeat that this is " the apple of our eye " and who do not understand what is the apple of our eye, right? Is something so expressive. Going against the unity is going against the very soul, against the Party, the problem is that this unity has an axis that is the ideological-political. (Report of the Committee Socorro popular, III Plenum, Central Committee 1992, p. 45-46, underlined in original).

Thus, it is clear that those who aim against the unity of comprehension, who spreads confusion, disagreements, hoaxes, and intrigues, serving directly the counterrevolutionary plan that seeks to blow up the party. They are therefore the cronies of the enemy those who try to obscure the nature and process of the rats of the ROL of the treacherous José and his brood. Those who says that these rats are a “left opportunist line (LOL)” , one should bear in mind the fact that they have not presented a political report since 1999, nor a report on the new reactionary government of the fascist, genocidal and country-selling Humala, that was initiated by the Fujimori regime with his self-coup of April 5, 1992. Rather than a serious report on the political situation and the current situation, they only make a few references to it in the passage, and do not go beyond what the reactionary media says about the first steps of the new government, so to pretend that they fulfilled their obligation. They make no ideological and political report, neither on construction, two-line struggle, its process, and therefore nor on the People's War or the struggle of the masses. Instead of making a Party report on the counterrevolutionary coup against the leadership of July 14, 1999, they are presenting an illustrated report from the reaction, extracted from the book by former SIN general, Fournier, published in 2002. No Party report on Huallaga, no report on the rat Julio for more than 12 years. No report on our hill, or on the shining trenches of combat (STC), but instead a silencing of the heroic struggle of the prisoners of war. They don´t do any political briefing about the defense of the Great Leadership, or what they are doing in respect to this task. Only, that you have to “use any legal loophole to be able to listen to him”, i.e. wait until the reaction has overlooked something. That crazy talk can only come from reactionary criteria trying to pretend that they are for his defense! Do we expect a more open confession that they do not belong to our hill?! To take one more example, about the nature and actual presence of this “CC” and its “imperial envoy”, they do not present any reports of the struggle of the masses that they claim to lead, since they are not leading any. They present in their “Party documents”, almost as in the original the reports from the reactionary organizations about the “low intensity warfare” like the report of the “Ombudsman for Social Conflicts”, without telling the characteristic of this organization. All the shortcomings mentioned, do we remark, are political evidence that the nature and existence of this “CC” is unreal, that is the only firm conclusion one come to. In addition, we could make a never ending list that deepen this subject, as for example, they call to “fight the LOL” but don't say how. What could they say? Since what needs to be done is to blow up this ROL with People's War, as was done with the ROL before them. This demonstrates that the call to “fight the LOL” and their sudden “defense of the Great Leadership” is just an intent to cover up the nonexistence of the “CC” and to hide the black counterrevolutionary action of their “imperial envoy”.

Why do those who says that they combat the "new LOL“ do so separated from the national and international class struggle? Why do they not link it to the actual political conjuncture, or to the new reactionary government and its three reactionary tasks? Because it´s not to their benefit to make any reports, and much less are they in a position of making a report from the Marxist- Leninist – Maoist, Gonzalo Thought´s stand, point of view and conception, being cronies of this rat, they don’t want to relate him with the process of the old state, the political situation of the new reactionary government and the reactionary tasks. That’s why those friends of the third ROL prefer to “fight” the “new LOL” only with stupidities, that came out of the fantastic movement inside their own heads, waning a fight against “don Quixote’s windmills”, to lead the struggle astray . That’s why, they don’t say anything about the one who haven been put in charge of the “dialogue“ on behalf of the Humala government, to fulfill the third reactionary task of annihilating the People's War, seeking to destroy the Party and mislead the masses . In other words, the new president of the National Commission for the development and life without drugs (DEVIDA), Ricardo Soberón, the organization appointed to the “eradication of the coca-leaf”, applying the anti-drug treaty enforced by the Yankee-imperialists. Why won’t they denounce that Soberón-Gorriti is the nexus of the CIA´s plan, part of which was done: first, a presentation in the national and international TV of the rat José, in the end of may of 2009 and after that, the interview with the rats Raul and Alipio in July of this present year? Because they are cronies of these rats, and, in this way, serve the plan of the CIA, within its “low intensity warfare”, against the Great Leadership, the BPU and the Party, to annihilate the People's War. They don’t want to deal upon Soberón, who because of personal history, words and deeds is an CIA agent, who serves that the CIA keeps leading the Yankee-imperialist intervention as a “low intensity warfare”, with a limited presence of advisors and Yankee troops, because, according to this imperialist agent, a greater increase of the Yankee troops in the country would put the Party in superb conditions to lead the struggle against what he would consider a direct invasion by Yankee-imperialism. Furthermore, because of this, the ones who says, that it is all about to fight “a new LOL”, tryis to cover up the main aspect of Gorriti, which is to be an agent of the Yankee imperialism, confusing it with what might be a secondary or accessory thing regarding him, i.e. that he also might be an “agent of the MOSAD”. Those who now claim to “ fight the new LOL” and seek to present themselves as last minute great defenders of the Great Leadership and Gonzalo Thought, are the same ones that since 2006, have not said anything in this regard, or pronounced themselves against the open attacks of the rat José and brood that was signed as “ PCP (M-L-M)” and to whom they have been continuing to declare their “greeting and subjection, voluntary and unconditional" and spreading their revisionist renegade positions through their leaflets. So it is clear who they are, and to who have they served these cronies of renegades and traitors, who serve the plan of the CIA to annihilating the Great Leadership. They are against fighting revisionism for the reorganization of the Party as part of the task to develop the People's War, to construct the conquest of power in the whole country, and are against that the development of the RIM and the International Communist Movement. They are not for the development of the People's War as part and in service of the world proletarian revolution.

Abroad, the reactionary crony of the rat José and his brood, presented himself in the end of 1999, as being an envoy of the rat Julio, to whom he expressed his “greeting and unconditional and total subjection“, and then, when it had become impossible to keep sustaining such a thing, he changed to express it to a anonymous “NN” and, after a while, started expressing very seriously and “firm” his “greeting and unconditional and total subjection to comrade José who is in charge of the whole Party”, and this without before having expressed a greeting and total subjection, unconditional and voluntary to Chairman Gonzalo, Great Leader of the Party and the revolution, the greatest living Marxist-Leninist-Maoist on face of the Earth, center of Party unity, etc, UNBELIEVABLE!, but true. For this miserable infiltrator it is possible to combine Marxism and revisionism, as infiltrator he cannot even differentiate them. Furthermore he counted with the whole impunity, or at least he thought so, for having captured the “only” supposed channel with the supposed “Party leadership”. In the beginning of May 2009, he let us know about one of the famous “directives“ of this “Leadership“ in which it was stated: “our base of Party Unity, is Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, mainly Maoism” and that in the greeting one should no longer say that Chairman Gonzalo is the center of the Party unity, but instead that the Central Committee is. The left rejected this revisionist imposition and demanded that someone from the leadership should "come down" to explain this. But instead of self-criticism, as an answer we received a self-righteous reaction, claiming that what we were doing were the same as “put the guns against our chest so to force someone to travel here“. They were not in favor of giving reports and explanations regarding issues they do not have a clue about. That is why they recurred to the criollo-attitude of playing offended, so to not having to attend us and so in more than 12 years no one from Peru went to attend the Party work abroad. The list of these famous “directives“ that express the position of the ROL of the rat José is a long one, and it encompasses, each of the points of this line to attack the Great Leadership, Gonzalo Thought, the BPU, the General Political Line and the Military Line. As their call to “a new Congress“ to revoke the First Congress, and their “first Militarized CC“, as the one that said that the “ domination of Yankee imperialism had been broken in Latin America”, to raise the “ XXI century socialism”, of those like Chavez, Morales, Correa - Humala was still not there otherwise they would have put him among the same bunch. The clear signs of this revisionist “directives” contrary to the Great Leadership and the BPU, etc. can be easily found by reading and analyzing the documentation published in the website of the Sol Rojo / Red Sun from the beginnings of the new century until today. But this very document – that e now publish - and the defense of Chairman Gonzalo, Gonzalo Thought, BPU, the Party, the People's War, of the apparatus and the principles, taken up by us and other comrades, organizations, Parties and groups abroad, shows: that once more reaction and revisionism, in collusion, ended up failing and they could not take away the organization or blow it up. They thought that they would take over it as a whole, with everything, and that they would blow everything up that would not obey them in their black and wretched purposes and the lowest and deplorable counter-revolutionary instincts of the these contra-revolutionary agents of the armed gangs organized by the CIA and the old genocide state to combat the Party and the People's War that it leads.

The pending task of the reorganization of the Party, emerged from the necessity of defending the Party, the heroic combatant that leads the revolution, before the joint action of the CIA, the reaction and the rats of the ROL, revisionist and capitutionalist, of Miriam, Morote, Cox, and Pantoja, etc. (the second ROL), that after the arrest of Chairman Gonzalo (the first objective of their sinister and shadowy plan ), was to go and “try to take from the inside the fortress which is the Party”, and in September of 1993, they pass on to serve the plans of the CIA against our Great Leadership with the “peace letters” to make “an agreement that puts end to the People’s War”. Having failed the plan that these rats should have taken over the Party organizations; the CIA and the reaction continued their plan to take over the Party organizations. With the information and collaboration of these rats the reaction tried not only to infiltrate various Party organizations, but they also mounted fake Party organizations. The capture of the rats Nancy and Roldan in 1995 gave them a opportunity to give a new impulse to the sinister plan of reaction and revisionism; to destroy the Great Leadership of Chairman Gonzalo and to his almighty thought, and to take away all that is Party, all that is revolutionary violence, all that is People's War. To lead the Party astray, and to liquidated it from the inside and generate a series of currents, confusion and demoralization that should make the task of the reorganization of the Party impossible and instead generate a “Communist party” that is revisionist, which is openly put forward by the ROL and then, as since this, even if it would be born dead, is not sufficient, so they are looking to seed demoralization and take the Party from inside with the help of collaborators and infiltrators. This two ROL’s, are both revisionists and capitulationists, are the two faces of the same coin of the CIA’s plan to annihilate the Party and with that the People's War, and to try to delete the contributions of Chairman Gonzalo and of the People's War to the world proletarian revolution, as part of the contra-revolutionary plan of the “ final solution“.

We see that just like in Peru, the ROL present itself saying: that it had instructions from Chairman Gonzalo and this is how they pretended to capture our apparatus, but in a swift way we have crushed this, that same day in the year 1993 in which it was known the fake of the “peace letters”, under the direction of the Central Committee, as a part of the People's War, in defending our organisation, we subject firmly and unconditionally to our Great Leadership and to the almighty Gonzalo Thought, to the BPU, to our heroic combatant PCP and to all the agreements and Party documentation . In such situation, then, on what are the joint action of reaction and revisionism going to focus, with the help of uncorrectable right wingers, resented and double faced individuals, infiltrated agents and even the “Party organizations“ put up by reaction itself? Since they were not able to change the colors of the MPP, they instead tried to liquidate our base-units and the leadership of the organization as well as comrades who without self-interests and under the PBU, work abroad in service of the People's War as a part and in service of the world proletarian revolution. That is why, in the last months of 1999, it came a miserable one, saying he was sent by comrade Julio, supposedly the one who was leading the CC but who never assumed his responsibility as we have seen. With this “organic rank” he usurped the charge of responsible of our organization, and from his arrival went on with misdoings against the female comrades and the economy of the organization and began with the systematic destruction of the generated organization, the usurpation of the leadership and to put forward, through the famous “directives”, the positions of the rat Jose and his brood of the ROL, only changing the appearance and name of it and then imposing it in the public documentation and in the events, as can be checked, as we have already mentioned, on the web page of Red Sun / Sol Rojo and also in the printed materials of the MPP. About that, one has to note, that these “directives” never corresponded to the method and style of the Party and the crony of José, here abroad, while he was praising these “directives”, as if they was prophecies of one of his gurus, in the worst lumpen-style way said plainly “I wipe my ass with the Party directives “" - referring to the Party directives date to before the usurpation of the leadership by the rat José. Since he came abroad, he made it his task to isolate the PCP from the parties and revolutionary organizations of the ICM and RIM, using the provocation, the intrigue, and his pretended rank.

Furthermore, loyal to his praxis, this crony of Jose the rat abroad, published a document in Sol Rojo / Red Run, in the name of his supposed “Central Committee”, where he throws himself against other Parties of the ICM, whose theory and praxis never interested him. He has not studied them nor even less has he traveled to try to learn about them up-close. What could you expect? A clear example of his cynical attitude (which are dominating every aspect of his being ), is that in his pronouncement of the 24 of September this year; he says to the Parties that leads People's Wars that one should: “Demanding them to clarify how is it that they create New Power, where and how?, Do they have an strategic plan for the whole country, to stop imperialism and the reaction from dividing the country in two when it advance?”. Fine. These questions are ones that one shall make. But then, if they had any honesty at all, they should have started by giving the reports from the Party about which we have talked before. And they should also answer: to how and when does their supposed “CC” build new power TODAY in Peru? And not just say, “Now the struggles are in la cordillera negra”. Over there, there are real struggles, but spontaneous ones. Who are they trying to trick with that kind of talk? And about their other question, „do they have an strategic plan in the whole country? To stop imperialism and the reaction from splitting the country in two when it advance?” Then, they should tell us what’s the actual name of the plan of their “CC”, and which political objectives has it and what is the evaluation of the last decade or the most recent campaigns. The only thing that they have made known is a few loose statements from the evaluation made by their “new direction“, that is to say, the rats José, Raúl and Alipio saying that “We have resolved new things that never before had been done” (in the decade of 1999 to 2009). And it is “the first militarized CC". This is repeating revisionist lies against Chairman Gonzalo and the Party. If they make those questions to other Parties, at least they should be able to answer them themselves concerning the reality in Peru. And when they are on it, they could tell how many regional committees are there which are following their ”CC”. In Huallaga no one is aligned or subject them, nor in the MRC. It’s enough to see the lists of the actions, published before in the Sol Rojo / Red Sun, to recognize how many armed actions have happened outside these two committees to come to conclusions. In reality, what they want is to cover up, with their cries to the skies and “denouncing”, is that they do not represent any Party committee. Because what exists in Peru are Party committees, cells and party-members, as well as combatants and masses, but there is no centralized organized work on a national level, that is subject to the I Congress, to the BPU and to the plans established in the Third Plenum of the CC. If the situation would be different than so, it would be very easy to show it. People's War is war, which is the continuation of politics with other means, a higher form of fighting with actions of war. Whomever says “Peoples War” without armed actions, is not proposing anything else than “the political war”, of the ROL with the “peace agreement”. In the whole country the masses are rebelling and in a lot of places, as it is confirmed by everyone who has traveled in the country in the last years, there are comrades, who are waiting for the possibility to re-join. The problem is not in the lack of objective conditions, those are excellently to develop the People's War; the problem is not either in the lack of forces that could be quickly organized, that is what there is the most; the problem is that no one does the work of the leadership; there is no national direction which hold on to the Great Leadership of Chairman Gonzalo and develops the People's War according with the decisions and plans of the Party. To know this is necessary to be able to rend services to that such a leadership can be generated Peru, from abroad can we not have the intention to lead, but we can help facilitate the work of the comrades, serve the development of the People’s War, in Peru. The work that has been done by the rat´s Jose’s crony abroad, destroying the MPP apparatuses and trying to change the color of what is left of it, spreading disinformation, intrigues, lies, and this for more than a decade, and that since May 2011 he has been doing it at high-speed after he splited from the MPP usurping the name of the organization and the Red Sun/ Sol Rojo, can only be part of the plan of reaction in conspiracy with Jose and his rat boord, in service of the countersubversive-war, in service of the contra-revolutionary war and against the world revolution, the ICM and the RIM.

Their questions reveal that they are just like the ROL, who come with the hoax of the “peace agreement” ( ”PA”). Let’s remember that those for the “PA" did say: “RIM - Parties only by name”. Isn’t it the same that is put forward by the cronies of Jose abroad? See their attitude along the years, particularly from the year 2005, towards the Parties and organizations of the RIM and the ICM as a whole; they did not even agree to call the People's War in India for a People’s War. They ferociously opposed the actions developed as a part of the international action week in action, in April the current year, and only against the will of the miserable ones it was possible to do some actions in some locations.

So, it is a process of more than a decade of struggle inside the MPP, between the left and the right, a right that is headed by this contra-revolutionary agent who we are denouncing, with the position and under the instructions of the rats of this third ROL and he is subjected to their direction. A process which ended in May this year, where they finally usurped the leadership of the apparatus and the website of Sol Rojo / Red Sun. This is how this miserable, taking a few by surprise, definitely split of from the apparatus, with the false idea that he has already finished it off and ended the Marxist-Leninist- Maoist, Gonzalo Thought, mainly Gonzalo thought, Party work and that he would be able to portray himself as representative of the Party and count on an fake organization and a fake voice so to keep usurping over the name of the PCP and the MPP, and serve the contra-revolutionary goals of his masters, reaction and revisionism. Furthermore he thinks to live comfortable in his place, as a citizen of one of the imperialist countries that he claims to hate. But nothing is given to people of his low kind, and he won’t ever being able to enjoy a life in peace, that is the fruits of his contra-revolutionary evilness.

It´s necessary to make clear, until the first week of May 2011, Red Sun / Sol Rojo was a red banner; during a long time revisionism has infiltrated with its positions, that’s why we can find positions that is eclectic in it, with expressions of convergences and nuances, but it´s fundamental character has been that of a red banner. Since May 2011 the left has been totally suppress in the organization and no opposition to the sinister work of the cronies of José abroad remained and with this the Red Sun / Sol Rojo changed color, and is now a black banner. That explains their desperate cries and vulgar attacks against the left. That is why they gone so far as spreading a video from the reaction, spread during years by the miserable "Victor Fernandez” , from Spain, they want to paint themselves red but their reactionary class position make them so stupid that can not differentiate between red and black.

Because of where our apparatus is located, but in geographic sense and in organizational system, it´s logic that there are a lots of things that we don´t know. It´s also so regarding those committees in Peru that heroically is continuing fighting and resisting for the BPU and the People’s War. It´s would be ridiculous if we pretended to know everything. But those who pretend to be the "CC" they have to know everything and they are obliged to know because if they do not know they are not the national leadership nor are they a Central Committee more than by name. Therefore let those who are obliged answer, put themselves on the level of the ideology and political struggle and they should not pretend to surprise the unknowing. What one should do is to reassure with firmness the road ahead, establish plans and fulfill them - everything else are merely fairytales.

But since we are not promoting vain illusions, the most consequent party committee in the middle of the fire of the People’s War should assume its urgent and delayed task of the People’s War, the revolution in Peru and the world revolution demands it. Hence, the delay and pending task of the general reorganization of the Party must be done by crushing revisionism as a part of the task to lead the People’s War. This task is more urgent than ever. As has been established by the Party: ”Since the problem of the internal struggle is a question of cardinal importance in Party life, it is relevant to add the following question: Revisionism is the principal danger for the Party and the Revolution, and for this reason it must be implacably combated and crushed. Our Party has purged itself but the struggle must continue, in the final analysis the armed struggle in our country would never have been initiated nor developed without first sweeping away the ROL of that time, and today we can say that without sweeping away the capitulationist and revisionist ROL totally and completely we could not conquer power countrywide. We know well that internal causes are definitive, and for that reason it should remain clear, that if the reaction could do some damage to the revolution in our country since 1992, it was because revisionism helped it, served it, it facilitated things. This is a very serious lesson which we must never forget. Therefore, if we totally sweep away revisionism and finish purging our ranks, embodying to the root the Basis of Party Unity in the midst of the People's War, we will be fortified and we will be invincible." (AGAINST THE COUNTRY SELLING AND GENOCIDAL DICTATORSHIP,PERSIST IN THE PEOPLE'S WAR! Central Committee 1995)

Our struggle is definitely a part of the struggle that is going on the world level between revolution and counterrevolution. And in the International Communist Movement, and as a part of it, the Revolutionary Internationalist Movement, it´s express as the struggle between Marxism and revisionism. The situation we face in this moment is complex and in this document we pointed on the most urgent questions. There are much more work to do to, to deepen and develop. One must also see the process of struggle that we have gone through in the apparatus, the self criticisms and criticisms for us to do in front of them it concerns; this is what we will continue to do. Continuing our daily work in the middle of the storm, tearing down walls, as Chairman Gonzalo is teaching us: ... the forging of communist is like that, in the turbulence and difficulties, never in calm waters. They say that the one who wins is the one who resist one minute more, and we know how to hold on longer since we have the true ideology: Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, Gonzalo thought that arms our souls and arms with the indisputable truth. The unevenness, as light or profound as it maybe, temper us, forge and steals us; Chairman Mao said: "in the hard times: we must keep in mind our victories, to see our shinning future and increase our courage”... what we are facing is nothing more than a part of the unevenness and this is tempering us for the complex moments that every revolution goes through; communism teaches us to be prepared even for defeat, chairman Mao said that after two defeats and two victories they understood the laws of the Chinese revolution... the life of the communist is struggle, Marx replied to his daughter in one occasion: what is happiness? It´s struggle; years later Chairman Mao learned: working is struggle” (Build the conquest of the power in the whole country! II Plenum Central Committee 1991 page 2 )

To conclude, our Great Leader Chairman Gonzalo, our ideology Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, Gonzalo Thought, mainly Gonzalo Thought, our Party and our apparatus for the Party work abroad, the MPP, are standing tall, they have not been able to blow it up in a thousand pieces and they never will. This is our history; this is how we incarnate the fight against revisionism to death and the pending task. The future is ours we have a beautiful sentence, we are condemned to win.


The New Democratic Association
Germany, October 2011