Friday, July 17, 2015

Day of Heroism - 2015 English translation

Proletarians of all countries, unite!
Today , June 19th™T™, we commemorate the 29th anniversary of the Day of Heroism, day imperishably marked in the annals of the history of the Peruvian revolution and the world revolution by the action of the communists, combatants and masses of PCP, which turned-prisoners of war rebelled in the prisons of El Fronton, Lurigancho and Santa Barbara facing the most black and cowardly genocide in defense of the revolution and their lives.
The filthy dungeons of reaction were converted into Shining Trenches of Combat of the marxist-leninist-maoist, gonzalo thought people's war, by the prisoners of war, transformed into centers of resistance in cities. Applying the concentric construction and militarization of the party; fighting, mobilizing and producing; defending the fight and resist for the people's war and pluck laurels instead of death. Thus, the reaction not only received the brunt of people's war in the countryside and the city but also in its prisons (real concentration camps for revolutionary prisoners). With great national and international impact.
With the advance of people's war, the reaction led by the fascist genocidal APRA government of Alan Garcia Perez decided to implement in june 19th 1986, his voiced and long-planned genocide against the prisoners of war, continuing the genocide against the people realized by his predecessor Belaunde. But it was not easy for the reaction. The prisoners of war fought with determination and indomitable courage the Armed and Police Forces that were sent to consummate the reactionary genocide and end the rebellion with the use of ground forces, sea and air bombardment, dynamite , flamethrowers and all sort of weapons.
With the sacrifice of their own lives 300 prisoners conquered a great political, military and moral victory for the class and the PCP with indomitable courage and heroism that only the people's war can generate and, on the other hand, the fascist government Garcia Perez, his ministers and the highest civilian, military, church authorities as well as the revisionists were smeared in blood and once again demonstrated that the reaction against the revolution will not hesitate to resort to the most horrific genocides and violate all laws and international treaties for the purpose of seeking to save their system of oppression and exploitation. Genocide unpunished to date because only the people's war will make justice.
The genocide was committed by the Peruvian reaction with advice, support and complicity of the US imperialists, Russians and Chinese social imperialists, German imperialists, Frenchmen, Spaniards, etc., Zionists of Israel and with the support of the social democratic parties of that rotting Second International with Willi Brandt at the head, that these days celebrated one of its international conferences in Lima. These miserable once more were the "bloodthirsty dogs" that were primed in the blood of communists and revolutionary as in January 1919 in Germany with the murder of Rosa Luxemburg, Karl Liebknecht and other communists.
But as the world revolution's experience and our own shows us: the blood does not drown the revolution, it waters it. Today as then, the heroic action of these communists, combatants and masses of people's war summon us to continue the people's war without leaving the weapons until communism.
It corresponds to the revolutionaries to persevere on the path washed down with this blood, even more, in the current situation in which international and national objective conditions are much better for the development of people's war then that time.
The imperialism is in the last stage of sinking and final sweeping away by the world revolution which entered around the 1980. It’s sinking even more in a series of ever longer economic crises, persistent and continuous in a complete series of all kind of wars.
The inter-imperialist struggle for raw materials and energy, communication routes, markets for their investments and goods from the third world, for re-division, is even more festering. It’s main consequence is the sharpening of all modern world contradictions, mainly the principal contradiction, because the loot of the imperialist dispute are the oppressed countries.
The only hegemonic superpower, the US imperialism, in collusion and contention with the other atomic superpower, Russia, and the others imperialist powers, continues its war of aggression against oppressed or third world countries harvesting failure after failure. The US imprialism plan, with the genocidal Obama at its head, naturalize its war of aggression in Syria, Libya, etc. Or tries to simulate its departure like in Iraq and Afghanistan and then continue controlling the country like in the 60’s in South Vietnam (with governments and armies lackeys under its immediate command and other mercenary forces and with the support of their own air attacks and the support of “allies” as well) have already failed and increasingly have to involve themselves in occupation war with huge human and material resources which cost will wear it down even more. In this way will follow its major military intervention in the Third World with the dispatching of its elite troops (SEALS and others) to 84 countries (Peru included) taking the charge of forming native troops under their command to fight natives. As consequence of its failures Yankee government of Obama is reorganizing the CIA, one of the main instruments of intervention and subversion of the Yankee imperialism, among others the CIA stations in Peru, Central and South America.
These defeats of the imperialism are part of the swept away, because what leads failure after failure to imperialism are the people of the attacked and occupied countries, although they have to face this huge imperialist carnage in relativity difficult conditions because of direction problems of these struggles, because we, the Maoists, haven’t advanced enough to endow these peoples of Communist Party to lead them.
But the reaction spurs the revolution and so the peoples of the world are developing the new great wave of world proletarian revolution. From that derives the importance in the actual situation to keep developing the campaign for the Maoism and to serve the people’s war in Peru, India, Turkey, Philippines, etc. fighting to add the new processes of people’s war with the successful development of the process of Communist Parties reconstitution. This is of great importance in the development of the actual situation and of great strategic perspective to combine the balance of power between revolution and counter-revolution in the world.
It’s also of great importance the international campaign in development of support to the people’s war in India, against the genocide carried out by the fascist government of this country against the people and in defense of the political prisoners of war in India and South Asia. As part of the same international task also to show solidarity with the revolutionaries in the lines of the TKP-ML, the MKP and others prisoners in Turkey; also the leadership of the Turkish workers of ATIK in Europe. We consider of great necessity support the Palestinian prisoners in the prisons of the zionist State of Israel, of the Maoists held prisoners in Morocco, the campaign for freedom to the Lebanese communist Ibrahim Abdallah held prisoner since 1984 in France, for the revolutionary political prisoners in Italy, etc. In South America is of great importance unite the fight in defense of our war prisoners with the struggle in defense of the political social prisoners in Brazil, demanding freedom for c. Igor Mendes and all who are held prisoners for taking part in the struggles waged by the masses in Brazil against the reactionary government and landlords, big bourgeoisie and imperialism.
As for the development of the actual situation in our country, the same reaction “experts” (the “senderologists”) often writes that the government and Armed Forces “should have caution with the shining path because the material conditions are better than in the 80’s”.
The semi-feudal and semi-colonial society subjected to imperialism, principally Yankee, on which a bureaucratic capitalism is unfolding it is increasingly sunken and with the old state that represents and defends are maintained only by the force of arms and inertia. The fascist, genocidal and traitor government of Humala is the most servant of imperialism, mainly Yankee, more than any of it’s predecessors in the government and with its Parliament and judicial, tax and jail system gives samples on each day of great signs of decomposition.
Each day new and huge scandals are uncovered by the dispute for the public and private spoils between the authorities and representatives of the old state of all levels. Scandals where they are linked with the mafias of big bourgeoisie and landlords and common delinquency. Common crime that grows favored not only by this general atmosphere of decay but by state representatives themselves reaching unbearable levels for our people.
This government with blood and fire drives more than anyone the sale of the country and as part of it, the great dispossession of peasants from their lands and from communal lands centuries old. Which is not part of "primitive accumulation" as wants to make believe the revisionist and capitulationist LOD of the rats Mirian, Pantoja, Morote, etc., but robbery from the imperialists and its servants of the big comprador and bureaucratic bourgeoisie, so that it does not allow developing the national economy. That is, these evil revisionists try to deny the semi-colonial situation of the country in order to deny the necessity of the democratic revolution that is done with people's war.
Also, as part of this big divestiture, the process of land concentration in favor of the big latifundian property of natives and foreigners along the coast, mountain range and jungle of the country from the middle of the last decade of the last century it has exceeded the levels recorded in the 60s of last century, when the big latifundian property occupied nearly 70% of agricultural surface of the country; Today 84% of rural landowners have only 10% of the land according to the Ministry of Agriculture data of 2013. This, together with new forms of servitude that appear in the form of informal and child labor are denouncing the feudal character of the country. Over this expired basis keeps developing the bureaucratic capitalism subjugated by imperialism.
Add to this that the rural EAP, not counting children under 15 who work in the field, is more than 28% of the economically active population of the country, a figure much higher than that of other sectors of the economy. Besides, these 84% of rural landowners (peasants) they are the ones that are providing food to the national market. Sunday July 21, 2013, in the country's newspapers was read that the Minister of Agriculture Milton von Hessen: "He commented that such is the dynamism of the agricultural sector that one in four people who make up the economically active population (EAP) belongs to this economic sector, although its productivity is 4,3 times lower than the rest of the productive sectors". This "dynamic" with such low relative productivity expressed the backwardness as a consequence of the social relations of production already deciduous.
Is important to mention that with the development of the people's war progress was made to sweep semi feudalism as revealed in the official statistics of the agricultural census of 1994 (the third CENAGRO, see table 1) where the latifundian property figure below 30 %. With weapons in hand and mobilizing the peasantry have advanced to destroy the landlords’ property, for example the so called non-associative and associative companies as the agricultural societies of social interest (SAIS), and with it the new forms of servitude which are rigged. This can not record any reactionary report. But that is the reality.
With the resettlement of the old power in large countryside areas because of the direction problems of our people’s war, these old relations were established and that's what show us the stubbornness of numbers after this census. The evil rats of ROD revisionist ans capitulacionist wants to deny this made to say that the country is already capitalist and deny the necessity of the democratic revolution. But if made what was said by Chairman Gonzalo that until we complete the democratic revolution with the seizure of Power in the whole country, these old relations will always be restored.
But the reactionary action stirs the revolution. The big dispossession generates the revival of peasantry struggle, as can’t be denied by the own informs of the reactionary institutes: “The countless social and environmental conflicts between local population, at one side, and big companies and the governments, at other side, also makes clear that this phenomenon is produced apart of the rights and the development of thousands of families of small producers and indigenous population of the country” (January of 2011, CEPRES).
In these days peasantry mobilization are expressed in the struggle of the Tambo valley, in south of the country, against the imperialist miner company Southern Copper Corporation (SCC) and against the ferocious repression unleashed by the genocidal government of Humala that has sent its Armed Forces to massacre the people.
Development of the mobilization of the peasantry for land and against the big dispossession, great workers mobilizations and of the small bourgeoisie as seen late last year and early this year against further exploitation, unemployment, hunger, misery and suppressing rights laws that have cost blood for the benefit of imperialism, the big bourgeoisie and landlords. The current national strike of the the SUTEP teachers organized in the National Committee of Struggle and the SUTEP-CONARE against educational laws given by this government against the teachers, students and the people. Mobilization and national strike hits against the national leadership of the Sutep of the revisionists from the "Patria Roja" sold to the government that together with the rats of the Conare-Movadef betray the struggle of the teachers and the people to use their struggles and fool them to lead the masses after participation in the reactionary elections for replacement of the Old State authorities. These few struggles mentioned as a sign expressing the development of the revolutionary situation.
In all these struggles and mobilizations fighting to give them direction are the communists firmly bound to the headship of the Party and the revolution, the Chairman Gonzalo and gonzalo thought, fighting to death against revisionism of both ROL and old revisionism, that’s how the masses are being educated in the revolutionary violence and apply lessons learned from the people’s war. It is in this process that the task of general reorganization of the Party is advancing to solve the problem of direction of the people’s war so it can be given a new impulse. Corresponds to those in the country who have taken this task to go to those who are working while temporary and relatively isolated and are willing to join under the leadership of Chairman Gonzalo, based on the Basis of Party Unity to drive the pending task.
As part of ours tasks we have to keep developing the international campaign in defense of the health and life of Chairman Gonzalo, demanding his public and direct presentation to the national and international press and allowing him to pronounce inextricably with the international campaign to serve and impose Maoism as the only command and guide of the world proletarian revolution.
Honor and glory to the fallen heroes!
Long live the Day of the Heroism!
Long live the XXXV anniversary of the people’s war in Peru!
People’s Movement Peru (Reorganizing Committee)
June, 2015