Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Proletarians of all countries, unite!

Press Release from the Campaign It is right to rebel!

With occasion of the massive popular demonstrations against the NATO summit, held from 3 to April 4 this year, we have successfully participated in the actions and demonstrations of rejection and repudiation of the genocidal organization headed by Yankee-imperialism. We participated in an anti-imperialist contingent of Northern Germany, side by side with them – and all communists, revolutionaries and progressives; we have fought relentlessly against the Summit of the Western imperialists and their lackeys. We have participated actively in all forms of struggle that have occurred at any time and we raised the flag of the international proletariat with the great slogan Unite under Maoism!

Our presence has attracted overwhelming interest among the masses. Our slogan has come to thousands upon thousands of people. Even comrades have been able to give interviews to newspapers, radio and television channels from France, Ukraine, Slovakia, Slovenia and Latvia, and so on.

We greet all the fighters who have battled the imperialist monster, defying the cynical and brutal repression by police and military forces of the French and German imperialists. We condemn the indiscriminate and massive use of tear gas and shock grenades against unarmed masses, causing serious health problems (heart attacks, neurological attacks, chocks, etc.) for elders and children. We also denounce the police, the gendarmerie and the CRS of French imperialism who have aimed directly with rocket launches against the bodies of fighters, against all their rules and it is only by luck that no one has died, so also the massive use of rubber bullets. We denounce the arbitrary arrests and torture against detainees. We denounce the use of armoured vehicles and military forces against civilians. We denounce the psychological campaign of imperialism that demonized the people and fighters and routinely lie, for example the hotel that served as headquarters of the gendarmes, and therefore was a legitimate aim, is simply described as a hotel in the press. But all this repression has only served to spur the people's struggle and the masses have once again demonstrated their determination to fight and that they do not fear the hordes of imperialism.

We greet all parties, Maoist and anti-imperialist organizations that have participated in the fighting. We welcome in particular the children of the deepest French proletarian masses who joined us in the fight and whose class-hatred against imperialism spilled over into magnificent actions.

This great struggle has been further proof that we are in the new wave of world proletarian revolution, in the strategic offensive of the world revolution and therefore is proved that the revolution is the main trend. The peoples of the world need the revolution and also in old Europe itself the banner of Maoism is flying in fierce fighting against imperialism, revisionism and reaction.

The campaign It is right to rebel!
April 6, 2009