Thursday, February 18, 2010

Rede der MPP in das internationale Treffen in Paris (Englisch)

Proletarians of All Countries, Unite!

The Peru People’s Movement, generated organization of the Communist Party of Peru for the Party work abroad, expresses its greetings to the Parties that organize this International Conference, as well as all the delegations and comrades present.

We are for the development of the debate, for the coordination and development of all kinds of joint activities of our Parties and organizations, all part of the International Communist Movement and, being a part of that, the Revolutionary Internationalist Movement (RIM). We consider the only basis for a feasible unity in this effort, is Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, the implacable struggle against revisionism and serving the world revolution. In short: the struggle to impose Maoism as the only command and guide of the world proletarian revolution. As consistent materialists we are convinced that such a process must start from the material reality, the concrete reality that we face and transform, in our case with the highest form of struggle, the people’s war. Therefore, we also consider that in the end, the proof of the truth is found in the practice, and hence we think that we must make evaluations of the work we develop respectively – a task that must be done, by each Party (or organization/group, etc.) as well as by all of us together, particularly those of us who are members of the RIM. Our Party is now in the fourth decade of struggle for imposing Maoism as new, third and higher stage of Marxism, and many have said they accept it as such. So, for our part, we can not think otherwise: what should be done is an evaluation of the application of Maoism. In this Conference various aspects of the class struggle are put forward which we deal with, all of very great importance. We are very much looking forward to hear and know the experience of the Parties and organizations present at this Conference, how they have applied Maoism to the concrete reality of the countries where their respective organizations act. We wish to bring you, once more, the experience of the PCP in the most recent years.


The whole campaign of psychological war that has spread the supposed “defeat of Sendero”, with an infinite number of variations and with the support of an immense number of hacks, trash journalists, “experts on terrorism”, charlatans and agents provocateurs, has gone up into smoke before the bonfire of the people’s war.

With people’s war, the PCP has crushed this offensive led by the CIA. Keeping the red banner with the hammer and sickle high, in every moment and before any challenge, defending its unity firmly unified in the BUP, the Party has reaffirmed its condition as vanguard of the proletariat and the Peruvian people; its Central Committee and all the committees under its leadership, the cadres and the Party members in general, the combatants of the PLA and the masses under their leadership, have proved that they are capable of crossing the river of blood, keeping the initiative and continuing to build the Conquest of Power in the midst of people’s war. The crushing actions carried out by the People’s Liberation Army verify this, whether one likes it or not. Equally, it is undeniable that the people’s war is broadening its zones of influence.

The experts in the subject can see that the maps that are published in this matter – and you do not have to be a genius to see it – show two things: first, that just as the Central Committee has explained time and again, the main Support Bases were never lost; and second, that in the last few years the guerilla zones and the action points are spread all over the Peruvian sierra and are even widening in the cost and jungle areas. Even in the capital of the old state itself, Lima, the presence of the Party is felt more and more. Therefore it is not pretentious to claim that the people’s war in Peru is showing the world that the PCP has known to maintain the course towards the Conquest of Power – these are concrete facts and not fantasy. Those who lose themselves in their own fantasies are those who said that the Party was losing the course, those who said there were no Support Bases and no New Power; not us. The Party has stayed firm on that which is the principal thing in Maoism: the Power, developing people’s war building the new (the New Power), as the main, starting from the destruction of the old power as an indispensable
condition, destroying the living forces of the enemy. Thus the PCP fulfill its role as vanguard of the proletariat.

The motives of the reaction are therefore precisely directed at setting up false apparatuses and inflating the revisionist and capitulationist ROL, trying to turn bases against leadership. This, for example, is the case with the phantom organization they call the “Regional Metropolitan Committee” and the equally phantom-like “PCP-MLM”, a vulgar and clumsy revisionist miscarriage directly generated by the Intelligence Services of the old state according to the in situ instructions of the yankee CIA; with what can only surprise the gullible and those few who, for petty revisionist interests, find it convenient to put the PCP on the fringes of the ICM. The hoax of “Chairman Gonzalo’s book” is one more continuation of the “peace letters” and the whole story that we know all too well. What is concrete is that the rats of the revisionist and capitulationist ROL, continuing the sinister trilogy of capitulation, now want to formalize their enrollment in the old state, they want their plate of beans, to win a few mayor’s offices and from there go on to openly suppressing the revolution; just like the so-called parties of the old United Left and just like the MRTA wants. The reaction and the ROL manage the one who was Julio like a puppet in order to put pressure on and face up to the crushing actions of the Party in the CRH; the fact is that this miserable one, who has handed over more than 150 combatants (murdered and arrested) to the reaction, is acting under yankee orders. It is enough to see that his “actions” are not carried out to liquidate the living forces of the enemy. Concerning this, it is necessary to point out that the Central Committee and the whole Party demands the public presentation, live and direct, of Chairman Gonzalo, and that he is allowed a direct interview – enough with “photos”, “videos”, “letters” or whatever it may be.


In spite of the reaction’s intentions to generate confusion and division, the year 2009 has been an important year for the advance of the mass work of the Party. The PCP has broadened its influence among the miners, the teachers and the peasants in the jungle, as well as in the country’s northern departments, only to mention two of the sectors where the presence of the Party has been felt more strongly at a national level last year. The reaction has tried to separate us from the struggles of the masses and there were those who took up the erroneous criteria of centering everything in the countryside, but the Party leadership, firmly maintaining the strategic orientation of Chairman Gonzalo that, in our case, the countryside is the principal arena but the city a necessary complement, applied the principle of solving new problems by generating new forms, and maintained the work in both the countryside and the city, and today the Party is building new centers and axis in the factories, the marketplaces, the popular neighborhoods, etc. We think that the experience of the Party in these struggles is important; to be with the masses, struggle with them and on the basis of this struggle denounce the class-traitor leaders who wanted to usurp the leadership of the Party. One must be immersed in the class struggle; the most important thing is not to show off with the red banner and hammer and sickle at every moment, but to organize, mobilize, politicize and arm the masses; each thing in its time. This is to apply Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, Gonzalo thought, mainly Gonzalo thought, the Basis of Party Unity and the principles and norms of the Party, to solve concrete problems. We are always among the masses, we always act in the struggles, but we always do it according to a plan with concrete objectives that are clearly defined and that serve the development of the people’s war, that serve to merge the scattered struggles of the masses with the people’s war. This allows the comrades to unfold initiative, and there is no reason why they should have to wait for somebody to tell them to mobilize the masses; it allows them to act with great creativity – a very rich experience of the application of the centralized strategic plan and the decentralized tactical application. All this has resulted in that the three instruments of the revolution, the Party, Army and Front/New state, and within the last one the generated organizations, have been growing and continue to grow; a situation that makes the leadership’s task of forging new comrades in theory as well as practice, in the midst of people’s war, very important. There is a new generation of communists and revolutionaries that take more and more responsibility within the Party work – many of them come from the Support Bases themselves, i.e. they have grown up in the New and their whole being is marked by this. In the cities, too, there are many young people who are joining the people’s war; this is why the reaction, for example, is leading a campaign with the principals of the universities in the whole country in order to try to turn the situation around. Concerning the woman question one can see the very obvious difference between the Party and the revisionist and capitulationist ROL. While the female comrades of the PCP take part on all levels in the three instruments of the revolution and their organization is being promoted, promoting proletarian feminism wherever they work, in and for the people’s war, the revisionist and capitulationist ROL organizes the women in order to celebrate “Mother’s day” and reduce women to tasks like taking care of their family members etc. To revisionism, the “revolutionary woman” is a stereotypical “sweet and sensible” creature, while to the Party, the revolutionary woman is a combatant of the class and women are organized accordingly.


Our Party considers that a Conference of the Revolutionary Internationalist Movement must be called as soon as possible, with the participation of all the members and candidates; on the basis of unity, expressed in the respective documentation, approved by all the members including the general meeting of 2000 and its joint declaration: “For a Century of People’s Wars”. We do not consider that any advance can be made without an evaluation of the application of Maoism by the RIM. We are not for wiping the slate clean – in that way we will not be in conditions to overcome the problems that are being dragged along on the international level, particularly in the way the two line struggle is being carried out; where some Parties do not hesitate to try to censor the position of other member Parties; where one arbitrarily isolates members in order to run away from the ideological struggle and debate, etc. If there is not, among those who adhere to Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, mainly Maoism, sufficient unity until now to overcome this situation – a deadlock in the construction of the International Communist Movement – then how can one expect to be in better conditions, if we in this type of work include ideological and political positions that are even more backward than those to which the RIM has advanced until now? No, this would mean to replace the Maoist position, that the ideological-political line decides everything and that if that line is just and correct we have everything, with pragmatism (like Teng and his “cats”). Therefore, our starting point on this matter is the evaluation of the application of Maoism by the RIM for more than 25 years. And be aware that this does NOT imply an extremely long and intellectualoid work, even though some would like it to be, but going to the point, starting with the concrete application: what has been done, how was it done and why was it done, and seeing what has been correct and what has been done in error, where is the red and where is the black; in the light of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, mainly Maoism.

We agree on the need to develop a campaign in support of the people’s war in India on the international level, and we have the conditions to organize events and activitites in several countries.

Concerning other subjects, magazine, “International Proletarian Red Help” etc, we are here to listen to the proposals and participate in the debate.

To conclude this speech we express our gratitude to the organizers of the meeting and the masses that support us, and we hope that this meeting will be a contribution to the advance in the construction of the International Communist Movement, which as we know must have as its base the coordination of the Communist Parties that are developing people’s war, or that are in the stage of preparation for initiating it, or that are for reconstituting the Party in order to initiate it in order to conquer power. We wish you all success in your revolutionary work.

Apply Maoism!
Crush Revisionism!

Peru People’s Movement
January 2010