Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Joint Statement

¡Proletarians of all countries, unite!


"We are living historic moments, each of us must be clear that this is the case, let’s not fool ourselves. In these moments we should mobilize all the forces to confront difficulties and continue accomplishing our tasks and conquering our goals, successes and victory! That is what we must do.”
Chairman Gonzalo, 24 September 1992
 Today, September 24, marks 22 years since the speech of Chairman Gonzalo, which he pronounced after a few days of capture, where he appealed to militants of the CPP, fighters of the Popular Liberation Army (PLA) and the new power and the broad masses of Peru to continue with the people´s war until conquering victory. After that, he was transferred to a naval prison on the island of "San Lorenzo" and since April 1993 he has been confined in an underground cell in the Naval Base of Callao, always under control of the Navy of Peru.
Chairman Gonzalo, is in an absolute isolation condition that prevents him from addressing again the CPP, the international proletariat and the peoples of the world. He was “Sentenced to life imprisonment" by a military court in a summary trial shortly after his arrest. In November 2004 he was presented in a "new trial" parody, due to the annulment of the "previous conviction", because the Inter- American Court of Human Rights declared null the process that condemn him along with other prisoners, for having been judged by a null court and null criminal law; “new trial" that was broken immediately by government order, because Chairman Gonzalo just as he entered the courtroom chanted slogans in favor of people´s war, the Party, the Peruvian people and Maoism. Then, since mid- 2005 to mid- 2006, they set up again a new “new trial" parody, supposedly "oral and public", but which was led almost in secret and where the Chairman Gonzalo could not speak out; he wasn´t allowed to talk. The reaction, counting with the complicity of right opportunist line(ROL) lawyers, "sentenced" Chairman Gonzalo again to life imprisonment, applying the same null laws, packaged as a new" anti- terrorist decree-laws," to pretend to validate his trial and conviction.
With that “sentence" born out null, he is maintained in prison. Chairman Gonzalo is a prisoner without conviction, or valid prison mandate emanated from a competent judge and according to criminal pre- existing valid law.
To try to" legitimate" his confinement in absolute isolation since his arrest in September 1992; since February of this year, he has been subjected to other " trial", a new parody sat up by the reaction, to attempt to charge him with " narco- terrorism" with the complicity of the traitor "Artemio" and other members of the ROL. The ROL Lawyers have already pronounced themselves giving validity to the “trial" above. But Chairman Gonzalo again is not allowed to talk in this " new process" “public" and "oral", and is maintained in a room behind armored and soundproof glass, he cannot be heard or hear anything that happens other than what his judgers allow, the old State authorities stated that this measures are so the defendant does not repeat the November 2004 episode. But they have submitted photos that shown him in bad physical and moral conditions.
In a recent video propagated by a Peruvian television channel in April, he is seen with top communist morality, combative and challenging the old State, its laws and authorities. Attitude and firm voice that denies the hoax of the CIA, the reaction and both ROLs that he has capitulated, that he is a revisionist. On the contrary he is seen from the highest trench of combat, despite the conditions to which he is subjected to.
We denounce the physical and psychic annihilation plan, which aims to as main objective to annihilate what he is and what he represents, Chief of the CPP and the Peruvian revolution, who has defined and applied Marxism- Leninism- Maoism to the specific conditions of the Peruvian revolution, has reconstituted the CPP and started and developed people´s war in Peru, which became the torch of the world revolution.
After Chairman Gonzalo Speech of September 24, 1992, " that shines victorious and powerfully before the world as a weapon of combat", as defined by the CPP, the reaction hyenas, under the direction of the Yankee CIA, encouraged the structuring of a revisionist and capitulationist ROL in prisons, which in September 1993, called to end the war, saying that Chairman Gonzalo was the author of "the peace letters". The same, which were proved to be made under CIA´s order, according to the confession of the agent Merino Bartel. Thus, it was intended to defame the Chief of the revolution, a complete Maoist, as a capitulationist and revisionist.
Then, also linked to the Yankee CIA and to the Peruvian reaction, in joint work with the ROL, headed by the" rat Miriam," emerged other revisionist and capitulationist ROL, which handed over to the reactionary Armed Forces the Central Committee responsible and other of its members in July 1999, headed by the Quispe Palomino clan, true" warlords" and which usurping part of the Main Party Committee had established their "own fiefdom" and with the pretext of carrying out a "national resistance war " they capitulate to imperialism, the great bourgeoisie and landlords. These with a radicalish verbiage, serving the CIA and the reaction plan, accuse and defame Chairman Gonzalo as a terrorist, while they proclaim their total submission to imperialism and the reaction when they tout their decision to assassinate Chairman Gonzalo, showing themselves to the bourgeoisie media as the" good revolutionary ". These miserable traitors along with the rat "Artemio" of Huallaga, blew up the Party´s leadership in July 1999 and turned in "own fiefdoms" many of the main Committees and the Strategic Regional Committee of Huallaga.
Finally, the reaction with the ROL´s help infiltrated an agent in the PPM – Peru People´s Movement - and tried to usurp it, but after a long struggle the reaction was crushed, denounced and condemned, it has only been able to usurp the "red sun" website, from where they are trying generate confusion regarding the task that corresponds to the Communists in Peru, cynically repeating that it represents a supposed "Central Committee" and their "Regional committees". They even have the nerve to publish the "actions” made by rats of the ROL in the Huallaga that are to pressure for better surrendering conditions and the “actions” of ROL headed by "the rat Jose", as actions of the CPP. This aims to show a false CPP, the non-existence of leadership problems, etc.., this means blinding the eyes of the revolutionary. All a reactionary hoax of psychological warfare in order to prevent the completion of the pending task of the general reorganization of the CPP and prevent the people´s war from conquering new heights overcoming definitively the inflection and the bend on the road.
In essence, all these hoaxes of the reactionary and its two ROLs servants pretend that the Communists in Peru abandon the Chief of the revolution and the Party and, in this manner, prevent the CPP from accomplishing its historical role in the forefront of the revolution. All these hoaxes point against Chairman Gonzalo and the CPP to try to blind the eyes of the communist militants, confuse fighters and the new Power masses in order to prevent the necessary and urgent party general reorganization process, a delayed party task. Task that is being done against the concentrated opposition of revisionism outside the party and the convergences within it. In order hinder the correct direction of the people´s war by the reorganized Party and try to annihilate it. This is, to serve the imperialism, reaction and revisionism plans in Peru.
Once again we commemorate the Speech of Chairman Gonzalo and with it the fundamental task of continuing with the development of people´s War to communism, as he said in that occasion:
"We are here as children of the people and we are struggling in these trenches, which are also trenches of combat and we do it because we are communists, Because here we are defending the interests of the people, the principles of the Party, the people's war, That it's what we do, what we are doing and continue to do! ".
The message is clear, today is even more necessary and resounding. Nothing of what the reaction says or does can go over the great command emitted by one of the greatest living communist. This is what needs to be done. That is where we should point to; to defended de people´s interests and those are no other that those that lead to the conquest of power, following the path of the people´s war.
Although it’s true, the CPP lives difficult moments, these are the common dynamics of the class struggle and people´s war. No one in human history has conquered Power undefeated, without shortcomings, bends in the road. Since the Paris commune, the October revolution, the new democratic revolution in China, the Cultural Revolution in China, they all have lived difficult moments, that is the truth, but it´s also true that armed with the correct class ideology, the Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, those difficulties have turn into part of the strength that has pushed the class and the people to walk the victory path, that is the path of New Power, conquered and defended with people´s war
In this commemoration of the XXII anniversary of Chairmen Gonzalo´s Speech, the international proletariat and the oppressed peoples of the world, though us, emit a fraternal and international salutation to the Communist Party of Peru, its leadership, Chairman Gonzalo, manifesting our compromise to reinvigorate the campaign to defend Chairman Gonzalo´s life and we acknowledge that people´s war is the torch of the world´s revolution. We salute to the communist, the fighters and the New Power masses and the broad masses, that persisting in the ardent struggle of people´s war, in its fight as a part of and at its service, in struggle to death with revisionism, are conducting the task of the general reorganization of the CPP. In order to come out of the bend in the road and finish the democratic revolution with the conquest of power countrywide. Hail of general reorganization of PCP!
We condemn and repudiate imperialism, reaction and revisionism and it´s to be made clear that the proletariat and the peoples of the world are paying attention and vigilant on the defense of chairmen Gonzalo´s life and what he represents. We demand his public presentation, live in front of the national and international press and that he should be permitted to speak.
Long live the XXII Anniversary Speech of Chairman Gonzalo!
Impose Maoism as the command and guide of the world proletarian revolution!
Long live the people's war in Peru, India, Turkey and the Philippines!
Relentlessly and inseparable Fight imperialism, revisionism and world reaction!
Long live Chairman Gonzalo! Defend his thought and his life with people´s wars!
Uphold, defend and apply Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, principally Maoism!

Peru Peoples Movement (Committee for Reorganizing) – PPM (CR)
Red Fraction of Communist Party of Chile – RF CPC
Communist Party of Brazil Red Fraction – CPB (RF)
Communist Party of Ecuador Red Sun – CPE (RS)
Maoist Organization for Communist Party of Colombia Reconstitution MOCPCR
October 2014