Friday, December 4, 2015

Proletarians of all countries, unite!
December 3, 2015: the anniversary of the birth of Chairman Gonzalo and celebration of the Day of the People's Liberation Army!

The Peru People's Movement (RC) reaffirm ourselves in our firm, voluntary, conscious and unconditional subjection to our Great Leadership Chairman Gonzalo and his all-powerful thought, the creative application of our universal ideology to the specific conditions of the Peruvian revolution. The PPM (RC) extends its warmest communist salutes to the heroic proletariat and people of Peru, to all the militants and combatants of our Party, our People's Liberation Army and the New Power, as well as the whole international proletariat, all the oppressed peoples and the communists and revolutionaries of the world. We extend our salute to the communists and masses that develop the heroic people's wars and armed struggles of resistance in India, Turkey and other places. In celebration of this date we published the English translation of our important statement: “On the Current Situation: We condemn and repudiate the war of imperialist aggression against the Middle East!”

Peru People's Movement (RC)

December, 2015:


Proletarians of all countries, unite!

 On the Current Situation

 We condemn and repudiate the war of imperialist aggression against the Middle East!

The bloody events in Paris on Friday 13 of this month, as noted by the chief representative of French imperialism, the president of the republic Hollande, are the result of the highlighted participation of France in the Middle East war in Syria and Iraq .He said: “France is in war” and the attacks are “acts of war of the Daesh (Islamic State)”. The own maximum representative of the French imperialism declared that they are at war abroad and at home. It’s now confirmed what we said in the occasion of the happenings in January of this year in Paris: “the imperialist war returns home”. This is very important in the development of the political situation and revolutionary situation of this imperialist country and the world.

The character of this war is a war of imperialist aggression by redivision, the spoils of this new division are the Middle East (Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya, etc.). It is imperialist war of aggression that unfolds in successive episodes since the beginning of the last decade of the last century and is spreading increasingly to new countries. It is a war of imperialist aggression against the countries and peoples of this region of strategic importance (economic, political and military) to imperialist domination (main contradiction).

Who leads the War of aggression is US imperialism, in its capacity as sole hegemonic superpower; in collusion and contention with the other nuclear superpower Russia and other imperialist powers (development of the third contradiction). Since early October the Russians have directly entered to bomb the country and deploy some ground troops (2000 according to their spokesmen, 4000 according to others), by agreement with the US imperialists, as we are seeing. Until shortly before they did so using third (the governments of Iran and Syria). Now, the imperialists and their lackeys, are holding talks in Vienna (Austria) to reach agreements on the basis of the new balance of forces achieved in the military sphere, in any case, they are advances and temporary agreements.

Thus their war of aggression is developed: interimperialist struggle, leading to new imperialist collusion to new intensification of the struggle between them, etc. The US imperialists since 2006, with Bush Jr. had already been raised to get to "agreements" with Iran to advance your pieces to the detriment of Russian imperialism in the region. See the government imposed by the occupant and the army structured by them was pro-Yankee to the core, but had a weak side, his social base is Shiite. The new government is not very different and are "Shiite brigades" that operate in the field-along with other Kurdish Peshmerga forces and Syria and Turkey against EI.

Therefore, to advance the issue with Iran, the US pushed backstage, first, agreements on cooperation in nuclear energy between the government of Lula in Brazil and the Ayatollahs, then the government of Erdogan of Turkey on the same subject with the Islamic Republic of Iran (Shiite) and Argentina after the government of Kirchner with the Iranian government on judicial cooperation in 2011 to facilitate a solution to the problem to Iranian officials accused of the attack on Jewish mutual (AMIA) in Argentina (see statements by the Foreign Minister of Argentina on his return from Washington last September, where it's very revealing about statements in summary says that he was asked by an officer of the government of the United States).

Then the landlord-bureaucratic confessed Islamist government of Iran signed a disarmament agreement submitting to the dictates of Yankee imperialism. That did merit sending planes and crews to fight in Iraq against EI. They are sitting at the table in the negotiations on Syria, along with the servants of Yankee imperialism as the Saudi and Turkish Erdogan today. Where Iran will have to cede some of the lateness as a regional power in beneficial of the others. But behind them all are the superpowers and imperialist powers.

Today the imperialists are in a collusion against the people of that region, but the struggle continues because logically this is absolute between them. The imperialists claim that their war is against terrorism, now represented by ISIS or IS . Trying to present their imperialist war of aggression for a new division, where the spoils are those oppressed countries, as a war between "civilization and barbarism", ie as a just war. The plan that are pursuing the imperialists is the division of the country, its balkanization in various areas of influence, and justifying it with fanning ethnic and religious division committing the most barbaric and massive genocide.

Islamic State Is a useful enemy of the imperialists?

It is necessary to briefly see this. Until June 2014 the US imperialists and their "allies" with France as its closest "ally" and head of military intervention in the Middle East Expanded along with other imperialist countries, on the one hand, with their servants the Gulf monarchies led by the Saudis (Sunni Salafi) and landlord-bureaucratic government of Islamic confession of Turkey, financed and armed to all kinds of groups, including those who call themselves "terrorists" to overthrow the government of Assad groups fanning  Sunnis against Shiites and other ethnic and religious minorities. This government as head of the state had to assume the defense of the territorial integrity and oppose the change of the semicolonial situation thereof by a colonial, although it has been moved into attempts to surrender.

Previously reviewed the situation, the power vacuum thus created in large parts of Syrian territory and means that went to his hands was used by the fundamentalist IE to finish then put back from his hurried departure from Iraq from 2009, required for the "Surge" or US military offensive since 2007 against the Iraqi Resistance against the "coalesced" imperialist forces led by the Yankees, which formed part. Thus, the military aggression of US imperialism, French and others benefited EI to occupy a vast territory in Syria and then move to Iraq and join the Sunni rebellion against the regime imposed by the imperialist occupant (Shiite majority).

What we just said, marked the turning point in the development of the war of aggression and passage to its new episode, that is, the move to more direct military imperialist intervention with mainly air attacks of the "Coalition" combined with the use of native troops of different color and the most varied and contradictory interests, as "boots on the ground". For imperialists the "Kurdish option" for the division of these countries have been applying since the first war against Saddam Hussein Iraq (early 90s of last century).

The old landlord bureaucratic Turkish state in the service of mainly Yankee imperialism, has been benefited from this to economically annex to the "Iraqi Kurdistan". Continuing with his military victories in Iraq and the taking of Ramallah, the "IE" declared his "caliphate" on the part of the territory of Iraq and Syria under his rule. It is a turning point marking the entrance to a new situation of war; because when declared as "Caliphate", announces its intention to change not only the regimes or forms of government of these landowners-bureaucratic states subjected to imperialism, but to establish itself as a single state with dominion over all these countries, displacing sectors of the ruling classes of these countries by others in their sectors even more fundamentalist that the fundamentalists themselves from Saudi Arabia or other monarchies or republics in the region.

We do not believe in the theory of the "big conspiracy" wielded by Russian imperialists through their various spokespeople and revisionists of the "Left Party" in Germany, that the IE is a creation of the Yankees. But as we see, it is an "useful enemy." Waves are real contradictions between them and the war between them is real. Can anyone doubt now?

Do not forget that Marx when studying the history of the East, said that Islam had a revolutionary element against colonialism, which consisted of the commandment that contains that they should not allow "any infidel (foreign) trample the land of Islam". Also, do not forget that this has been used by imperialism against the Communists to seek to wrest the leadership of the national liberation movement in these countries by promoting, encouraging, financing and arming Islamist movements to fight us.

The imperialists have also been using that to push each other to the imperialist carve-up, for example, when the Ottoman Empire entered final collapse. For the New Deal the First World War and for a new deal with the Second World War and all that goes after this date. Were the US imperialists (the US-CIA involved), together with others, with the service mainly from Saudi and other Gulf monarchy, which mobilized, organized, financed and armed the modern "jihadists" to face the Soviet social-imperialists.

There has its starting point the current "Jihadism" and Islam in its Sunni side, the other is the Iran of the ayatollahs and "Shia". The latter while sheltering under the Russian atomic power, have a history of service to the military aggression of US imperialism in the region, in Afghanistan, in Iraq, etc., at different times. So, they are bureaucratic-landowner serving imperialism, which dominates mainly forces. But as we were taught by the Chairman Mao in certain circumstances these forces can become part of the national united front. This is the case when the invasion and military occupation of the country is given to change its semicolonial status and turn it into a colony. So also see the role played the Assad.

Now, back to the political situation in France. But it is not only foreign war or external attack, the perpetrators of these "acts of war" (Hollande) were Frenchmen citizens, what this tells us? That part of the population is against and hates the French imperialist state. Own children of migrant workers living in the poorest neighborhoods, "the banlieus" have said in media interviews. They say, "we have to stick together, but we have no one, the state puts on the border of the buildings where we live Freedom! Equality! Fraternity!, but that's not for us. We do not see. And this is more acute now than ten years ago when there was the rebellion of young people in these neighborhoods (banlieues) against the police killing of two youths. Rebellion we are commemorating today. All shows the development of the second contradiction (bourgeoisie-proletariat) spurred action by the reactionary military aggression abroad and increased internal repression against the poor, the workers and children of workers of foreign origin. To reach now the military occupation of the country. What corresponds to the Maoists who live and work in these countries, France in particular, is transformer current situation in revolution, giving further impetus to the work of mass joining the poorest and deep mass, is a overdue task, without it will not be the key lever that allows the class to remove the world. This corresponds to boost movement against imperialist war abroad and the military occupation of the country and the development of internal reactionary war, of the war against the people. See how the reaction is using the latest bloody events to boost public opinion favorable to its war of aggression abroad and his war against the people inside, waving for rise the feeling "against barbarism" and for the "victims innocent ".

"The innocent victims" ("collateral damage") by saying grieve and shed crocodile tears, they do not care these imperialist dirty. The imperialists say "we are at war" and that means a response, cost, they have it provided, that does not matter to them. On 10 October, the magazine Der Spiegel Nr.42 / 10.10.2015, Der p Weltfeldherr 8 and following, noted:.. "Critics (of Putin in Russia, our note) maintain the possibility that the "Islamic State" can react with an "asymmetric response", something like acts of terror in Russia. "Therefore, this was also in the calculation of the French imperialists to use the right feeling of pain for the masses have favorable public opinion and escalate the war in the Middle East and occupy the country militarily and repress the people.

The consequences of its own reactionary action is used by the imperialists to stir nationalism and fascism, chauvinism. They are already talking about internment of Muslims in fields and remove nationality. They are now thinking in concentration camps for Muslims as in World War II was for the Jews. So we have to denounce this. Report the situation in which these family migrant workers live, are children of immigrant workers, workers, imperialist republic does not give them anything, rather deprived of everything, crushes them and they are attracted to fight against imperialism, "imperialists dirty Frenchmen" and "Yankees" who kill Muslims like them in their own land and also "seduced by the remuneration". And when they return with more anger for all represented by this system and the outmoded ideology that does not allow them to differentiate.

They, the Islamists have a feudal military theory that comes from the sixth century, is the "eye for eye, tooth for tooth" if the imperialists slaughtered our children and execute our youth popping their bombs and disappearing our homes and towns integers, we must give them the same that is the logic guiding its actions. Who have acted in Paris on Friday 13, are not armed as the Maoists with the military theory of the proletariat, the people's war, which seeks to destroy the living forces of the enemy and preserve oneself guided by the need to serve to unite the vast majority of the people for the triumph of revolution. This is what we have to go to the masses showing people's wars that are already underway for his example enlighten and drive the transformation of all the struggles that are taking place in the world to ensure the victorious development of the new great wave of the world proletarian revolution in which we are, at this stage of the world revolution in which we find, that of strategic offensive and strategic defensive imperialism.

Corresponds reject the call for national unity in the name of the "victims and values" for all to engage in a major war of aggression. The voices of overt or covert conviction or hypocritical or sincere cries only help to try to legitimize the war of imperialist aggression and not allow us to strike with all our strength to those who are the real culprits of all misfortunes suffered by people of the world today. Do not allow that the movement against imperialist war is divided and diverted the target. All in service to fulfill the overdue task and a way to make progress in these countries is to oppose the imperialist war of aggression and point to who are the most genocidal criminals arches. They themselves recognize it is war, because war it is war there and also here. It's just as in the colonial wars of the past. Already in the previous Algeria they lived their return home, but their impact will never be comparable to what is going to develop. They have their answer, not ours, but is the consequence of which they themselves have unleashed and think to climb. Always we emphasize the superiority of our own, Marxist-Leninist-Maoist People's War that pursues to win the vast majority of the population, its class character and that its aim is to end all wars.
 Forging a powerful and broad movement against imperialist war of aggression in the Middle East!

Against the military occupation of their own country by the French imperialists and the defense of life and the rights of the masses of Arab and / or Muslim religious belief!

Against the imperialist chauvinism in Europe!
Peru People's Movement (RC)

November 2015