Monday, March 2, 2020

FRENCH STATE - Commemoration of Pierre Overney!

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FRENCH STATE - Commemoration of Pierre Overney!
March 1, 2020

In Paris, on February the 23rd, communists and revolutionaries commemorated a young communist. Pierre Overney was murdered by a fascist in Paris 48 years ago at the gates of the Renault Billancourt factory by Jean-Antoine Tramoni.

Pierre Overney dedicated his whole life to the revolution, he was organized in the Gauche Prolétarienne. He was murdered when he distributed leaflets for a demonstration in memory of a demonstration that was bloody suppressed by the reaction. Hundreds of thousands went to his funeral to pay their last respects. And hundreds of thousands are the ones who follow in his footsteps today within the justified struggle against fascism and the ruling class.

The communists and revolutionaries hold him up as a good example to continue the fight against the French state and all its attacks. As French communists pointed out: Pierre Overney fell for the People's cause, but he is immortal because his cause is also our cause, because the Red Flag that Pierre Overney left on the ground, others have taken it up again. We take it back today and others will take it back after us. No matter how torn, insulted by our enemies and trampled on by traitors, it will always fly in the vanguard of the proletariat's struggles until its total victory.