Friday, November 27, 2020


As a reflection and expression of the class struggle in the country, among the ′′ top ′′ versus the ′′ bottom ′′ (people: formed by these social classes, Little Bourgeoisie-with its different ′′ layers "-; Peasinated, mostly poor, Proletariat and, among hesitation, the National Burgeoisie), this process is presented in the UNIQUE SUTEP, specifying in ′′ two-line fight ".

This process is dynamic and, since 1972, two paths have opened: one with revisionism, raised with the opportunists ′′ federation ", instead of SUTEP.

(SUTEP, Yes; FENTEP, no).

It succeeded by historic necessity, in full fragor of the class struggle, the Classista union line and thus achieved the second ′′ Reconstitution ′′ of the SUTE UNIQUE, against the proposal of ′′ FENTEP ". The so-called ′′ Federation ", As today with the perfidious Union Costra: FENATEPERU, opposed the class struggle ideologically and organic, to the Reconstitution of SUTEP.

The first ′′ RECONSTITUTION ′′ was made in 1970: NATIONAL SYNDICATE OF WORKERS OF THE TEACHING OF PERU, represented by the Master, Germ ánn Caro Rios as Secretary General of SINTEP, Master, Pedro Quinteros Ayllon, Secretary of Press and Propaganda, Master Abraham Gonzales Alva, Secretary of Defense (Lima, February 12, 1970). This is how it is culminated at the Ideological, Organizational, Programmatic level a fragrance fight with the Road of Mari átegui, started in 1928 when it founded the light and steel of the proletariat, its ′′ Heroic combatant ". Also, it synthesizes strong strikes with class position: 1960, 1961, 1965 and 1967, also betrayed by opportunism and revisionism.

The UNIQUE SUTEP leadership falls into the hands of revisionism: in the s they change the ′′ Classist union line ′′ to ′′ Classist union unit and, the statutes, usurped from that stage by a political party Patria Roja. They put the SUTEP of the ′′ Classist Union Unit ", as a union service to Yankee Patronage, Reaction and Imperialism, mainly.

Year 2003: III Reconstitution of the SUTE ONLY in the Historical Statutory Congress held at UNE ′′ LA SANTUTA ": has three great achievements, a) Sanction the validity of the statutes adopted in 1972 with participation (in that one Date) of 330 Full Delegates in Qosqo; (b) Form the Committee on Reorientation and Reconstitution of the SUTE and, (c) Choose the respective directive. The work was strived: privatization of the public school with municipalization (transfer), Massive layoffs via ′′ rationalization ", Budget cut for both the public university and the basic school, application of a Curriculum to the service of Imperialism, Yankee mainly, bureaucratic capitalism and, Semifeudality.

By 2008, the opportunists openly lift their heads: they vociferated ′′ Convergence ". In the Congress of Huancayo, they are thrown out of the sinus of the UNIQUE SUTEP and, in 2010: the opportunists, put themselves at the service of the faction of the Great Bureaucratic Burgeoisie: Tito at the local Bank Worker s' Union, in the Center of Lima, 2010: articulated with its jaws, ′′ new Constitution ". Sign the UNIQUE SUTEP persists and, Congress of Barranca, unmasks and crushes them: Summer 2009. There it was agreed to hold the National Pedagogical Congress of the SUTEP; but the semi-permanent servants, opportunists, revisionists, so far oppose it. Strategically, we've left the back door open: That's where Imperialism enters ideologically: ′′ meritocracy ′′ (lick and accept mass dismissal), ′′ Curriculum for Capacities ", then, ′′ Curriculum for Competitions "; now, ′′ Curriculum for Competitions "; by Learning Standards "; later, ′′ Curriculum for Learning Indicators; just recently, the ′′ Assessment Now is Learning ′′ and, more ′′ siren chants ".

Since 1992, the Bourgeoisie Buyer executed a coup and there we are, since that date there is a fascist, genocidal and vendepatry regime. New coup d ' etat on 2019, July and, another brand new State Contragon in November, 2020. Constitutional Judge Blume: hinted that analyzing whether it was constitutional or not, was ′′ throw more fuel to the fire ", referring to the sail of the ′′ State Contragon ". And more so, the current context is marked by the Covid-19. pandemic. We should never skip HNI 2017 (in full HNI, they change the platform of fight: instead of ′′ repealing ", they change to ′′ modification ′′ of EP Privatization Legislative Rules and Massive Firing -, 2018: Direction (differentiate well, rubbish from deep masses) used them to plant your Federation.

In 2018, with the advice of the Ministry of Labour and the Minister of Education at the MINEDU Offices, agree: to create FENATEPERU. FENATEPERU purposes: (a) Dreams of dying hyenas: pretending to destroy the UNIQUE SUTEP, they have not achieved it and never will. The UNIQUE SUTEP is part of the people and, of course, of the Base Masters; (b) Serving the plans and objectives of the Great Bureaux, holding this State that falls apart and therefore, its black jaws come out of opportunistic expressions and revisionists, such as: ′′ Constituent Assembly ", ′′ New Constitution ", manipulating the masses and, c) Enchanting in Parliamentary Cretinism to drink and eat in the stable of Augias: they are candidates for the part of ′′ Peru L íbre ′′ to the election of 2021. And in that context, the mesnadas of opportunism with the endorsement of revisionism, assault and usurp the ′′ Master's House ", not only in Huancayo; but in various regions and provinces.

There we have Barranca, Lima Provinces, Sectors of Lima and, also in other regions: Ancash, La Libertad, Lambayeque, Piura, Tumbes, Cajamarca, St. Martin, Ucayali, Loreto, Arequipa, Apurimac, Puno, Ayacucho and even, the leadership Regional and Provincial in Huancavelica, among other fields. Is this situation causal?. It's not accidental: it's the expression of class struggle, between what agonizes and, what's new and, is specified in ′′ two-line fight ". What to do?. Enarbolar, Defender and Apply the Classist union line with the statutes of the UNIQUE SUTEP of José Carlos Mari tetegui and the Master, Germ ánn Caro and his correct contemporaries, go to the deep of the masses with a correct line of masses, unmask opportunistic and revisionist positions. Here's the fight for qualitative leap: raising class awareness. And it's getting done. Long live the UNIQUE SUTEP!, Down with the perfidious opportunism and his twin brother, the today revisionist of Red Patria in the direction of the UNIQUE SUTEP!.