Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Declaration of the Peru Peopl's Movement on occasion of the 40th anniversary of the beginning of the People's War in Peru

Proletarians of all countries, unite!



-Peru People’s Movement, organism generated by the Party for the abroad work-

Today we celebrate elated with enthusiasm and with revolutionary optimism to the top the 40th Anniversary of the beginning of the People’s War in Peru (ILA 80), lead by the Communist Party of Peru under the Great Leadership of Chairman Gonzalo, Leadership of the Party and the revolution to whom we express our greetings and full and unconditional subjection, the greatest living Marxist-Leninist-Maoist on the face of the earth, teacher of communists, continuator of Marx, Lenin and Chairman Mao Tse-Tung, Center of Party Unity and guarantee of triumph that takes us until Communism.

We express our greetings and full and unconditional subjection to our all-powerful ideology Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, Gonzalo Thought principally Gonzalo Thought, solid foundation of its Great Leadership and to our Heroic Combatant, the Communist Party of Peru, to all of its directing system; to all the events, documents and party resolutions, to the 1st Congress, a Marxist congress, a Marxist-Leninist-Maoist, Gonzalo Thought congress, an imperishable milestone of victory conquered in the heat of the People’s War, that established the Party Unity Base: Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, Gonzalo Thought, the Program and the General Political Line with its center the Military Line. Likewise, to the historical and transcendental Third Plenum and its masterful synthesis in the Speech of Our Great Leadership, that shines thriving and defiantly in front of the world as a weapon of combat, that calls on us to persist in our tasks because of that what we are, communists in formation.

Our pledge is to give our own lives to defend the Great Leadership of Chairman Gonzalo and serve to culminate the task of the General Reorganization of the Party.

We express our greetings to the militants, the combatants and the masses of the Communist Party of Peru. Our greetings to the People’s Liberation Army and to the New Power.

We express our greetings to the international proletariat and the people’s of the world. To the International Communist Movement and to the Parties and Organization that incarnating Maoism are struggling to put it as the sole command and guide of the new great wave of the proletarian world revolution in the stage of its strategic offensive and the sweeping away of imperialism and reaction from the face of the earth through people’s war.

We greet the revolution as the principal historical and political tendency in the world. We greet the upcoming realization of the International Unified Maoist Conference to give birth to the New International Organization of the Proletariat as an important step forward in the reunification of the International Communist Movement in a new International as product of the development of the People’s War on the planet.

We greet the 200th anniversary of the birth of Friedrich Engels, a founder of Marxism, corresponding to Marx to establish the new ideology, in whom the first most grandiose peak, recognized by Engels, was embodied.  Together with Marx the other two most grandiose peaks are Lenin and Chairman Mao Tse-Tung.

We greet the 75th anniversary of the victory in the 2nd World War, a great triumph of the proletariat and the peoples of the world in the worldwide antifascist war, in defense of the dictatorship of the proletariat in the USSR and for the development of the world revolution. We greet Comrade Stalin for the grandiose effort that he conducted in the 2nd World War.

We express our profound class hate towards the new revisionism both in the country as well as in the world which serves the general counterrevolutionary offensive which is headed by Yankee imperialism in its condition of sole hegemonic superpower, principal enemy of the people’s of the world and counterrevolutionary world gendarme in collusion and conflict with the atomic superpower Russia and the other imperialist powers.

With the ILA 80 [Initiation of the Armed Struggle 1980] the democratic revolution in Peru enters to developing itself through the People’s War and in this way serving the world revolution, raising to the top the unfading flags of Marx, Lenin and Chairman Mao, three flags of victory that will always remain firmly in the hands of the international proletariat which we are a vibrant part of.

The beginning and development of the People’s War in Peru, in spite of the difficult and complex situation in which it still find itself, is a great victory of our undefeated ideology of the international proletariat, Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, principally Maoism, as well as concretion of this grandiose all-powerful truth by application to our concrete reality from which Gonzalo Thought came to be. The People’s War in Peru proves the full validity and universal validity of Maoism and the People’s War.

The beginning and development of the new People’s Wars, applying Marxism-Leninism-Maoism with the contributions of universal validity of Chairman Gonzalo, are in motion enduring the pains of childbirth, their step from potential People’s War to acting People’s War will make the Communist Parties, that lead them, understand more deeply the content and value of Gonzalo Thought as a whole. It is a problem of the correspondence between the objective and subjective development of the Proletarian World Revolution. It is a question of time and time has already started running.

Under the Great Leadership of Chairman Gonzalo on the 17th of May 1980, leaders, cadres and militants of the Communist Party of Peru and combatants of the first company of the People’s Guerrilla Army, children of the proletariat and the Peruvian people with the masses of our homeland initiated the greatest epic of the history of our people. It is the masses that did, do and will do the great transformations, it is from their glorious hands that the new will always come out of to guide humankind.

With the People’s War decades of struggle by comrades for the reconstitution of the Party to initiate it, dreams of comrades that have given their blood to concretize it, come together. How much has it cost our people until this day, because the people are the main source from which we draw strength and palpitating energy which permits us to fulfill what history has set into motion transforming necessity.

Because of this, in the 1st Congress Chairman Gonzalo paying homage to the heroes of the people, said:

It has been taught to us very precisely by Chairman Mao Tsetung, that war has a quota, that is the basic principle of war that makes us see how the good of everyone demands necessarily the sacrifice of a part. In these eight years that it, the people’s war, will turn, the blood has been generously shed; leaders of the Party, cadres and militants, combatants of the People’s Guerilla Army and children of the masses that worked closest with us have given their life, their blood; but never in these lands was it so heroically and historically shed, never have these lands seen how a blood as red as ours, of revolutionaries and communists, has flown to make the New Power fertile among us, but it has also generously flown to illuminate the world, because it is doing so. Many young lives have been cut short, but the reaction dreams if they think that they simply mowed them down; it has been the heroic, conscious dedication to the cause undertaken that has led comrades, combatants and children of the people to reach the maximum expression that one can give to affirm what one believes in: giving one's own life. These are heroic lives, well lived, gloriously spent and, above all, sealed on the battlefield by sowing communism.

Continuing, Chairman Gonzalo expressed the pledge of the CPP to never lay down arms until communism:

(...) We take those lives, that example, that blood and we put them into our own flesh, so that they ignite our own mind and tighten our will more each time, so that that path opened with effort never seen here and that will be the astonishment of the centuries, is the path that we continue until we fulfill that task to which they committed themselves. The best tribute we can pay to them and we are paying them today is to persist on that road, on that course and we will not stop, comrades, as a Party, as a class, as masses, we will not stop together with the international proletariat, together with the Communist Parties and the immense masses of the peoples of the world, and we will not stop until communism. Let that be the serious pledge we assume today, once again, at this Congress in homage to the heroes of the people.

Chairman Gonzalo specifies that, of the two aspects of war, destruction and construction, the principal is construction. Destruction, one of the aspects of war, while it on the one hand encloses destruction of the obsolete old order, of the rotten old state, as counterpart it also implies a destruction of our own ranks, of the Party, in the ones of the Army, in the ones of the people. It is a law of war, more, it is a basic principle of it, but war is firstly and principally construction, that is war, the revolutionary war that is the one that creates something new, only taking up arms with lucidity, with firmness, with decision, with resolution, only in this way is it possible to overturn the old order and raise a new one. With the People’s War, with the revolutionary army lead by the Party, a new power rises, giving birth to a new order, germinating first, still tender and weak, but in the process of inevitable development amidst restorations and counter-restorations, advancing in its relative stability according to the fluidity of the war.

Chairman Gonzalo emphasizes, that a People’s War, a revolutionary war, a just war, like our is, can only and solely be lead by a Communist Party and nothing but a Communist Party; lead, not waged, because the masses wage it: The Party is the light that tears the shadows, the masses are the force, the lifeblood that transforms and changes everything. Yet this leads us to comprehend more each time, viewing our own history of this nation in formation that we ourselves are shaping, we see how these masses orphaned of a Party wander around in the dark, shedding their blood because they have never, ever stopped doing so and will do so, the masses are the masses; but we know that without a Party all this struggle of the masses, of the people and of the glorious international proletariat of which we are a part and the Peruvian proletariat is also, without the Communist Party, without this axis, without this factor that invigorates, that leads, that guides, nothing will be done, everything will be despicable, a house of cards, will collapse, for if the masses have the strength we have the course, because of this the Party is the axis.

All of this leads us to comprehend more each time the importance of the task of the reconstitution or the constitution of the Communist Parties, according to the situation, in the world and the importance of the great advances which are being concretized in the preparation of the beginning of the new people’s war,  which have to add themselves to the ones already in march in Peru, India, the Philippines and Turkey.  As a fruit of this we have the advance in the task of the reunification of the communists, of the left of the ICM in the convocation of the International Unified Maoist Conference with the work of ideological, political and organizational construction in midst of the class struggle and the two-line-struggle on the international level, carried out as inseparable part of the task of the reconstitution of the Parties with international campaigns and regional events, etc. developing the campaign for Maoism and for the defense of the Great Leadership of Chairman Gonzalo.

All of this leads us to comprehend more each time, firstly and principally for us, the necessity to serve to culminate the General Reorganization of the Party in and for the People’s War making the new revisionism blow into pieces, both that of the revisionist and capitulationist ROL, headed by the rat “Miriam”, as well as that of the so called LOL, the other side of the same revisionist and capitulationist coin, conformed by the rat “José” and cronies.

People’s War until Communism!

To finish off, we take firm position and elevate our firm pledge to give our own lives to fulfill what was established by Chairman Gonzalo in the 1st Congress:

Before the People’s War, everything has been tried here! The elections, the creeping electioneering, to the point of exhaustion, to the point of boredom! (...) We have seen city uprisings that prove that this is not the way; we have seen how the peasantry has shaken the very entrails and depths of this country many times, but we had not tried the only path, the true one, the path of people’s war. It is this path that we dared to assume, we were a handful then, compared to today, even though we were perhaps as many as the fingers of one hand that persisted in defending the Party. Like Chairman Mao told us: “the question is not how many there are, the question is if they want to or not”. And we wanted, want and will want the people’s war,  no one will get us away from this, with it the conquer of power started.  This is how it has to be, more time, less time, and the time has already begun to run for this conquering, it looks like it's not like this, but if we dig deeper, it is; but the people’s war will continue accompanying us, because with it we will be defending the new state and with it we will light up the parts of the world that are still oppressed and we will not stop until we see, speaking as the Party, the iron legions converge in a red, armed sea, that ripples the earth, stirs it up and turns it upside down.  So it must be.

Does this imply that we don’t have problems? In some ways, yes we do, the complex and difficult situations that the People’s War in Peru is going through are problem of development, this is what they are as Stalin would specify, in this sense, they are problems that engender the new in its growth. Our founder Marx already discerned early the characteristics of the development of the proletarian revolutions, he said that these seemed to go out at times, but only to flare up brighter again.

In this same sense Chairman Gonzalo called on all communists to be clearly conscious of these realities, these facts, because we need to handle the facts, take their law and transform as much as possible, if history’s demand is the construction of the conquest of power in the whole country and we are not able to create organizations superior to those of the reaction we will not be able to transform the country.

Applying the plans to culminate the General Reorganization of the Party, applying the principles of not decoupling the organizational construction from ideology and from politics the direction of the party is removing what has to be removed, demolished, destroyed so that the new may shine more and it is made concrete by crushing rightism in hard two-line-struggle to conjure the main danger that is revisionism. It is established that it is enough to hold on to transforming the necessity and necessarily we will do it, we will sweep them away and in this way the people’s war will leave the bend taking a leap in accordance with the conquer of power in the whole country.







Peru People’s Movement
17th of May 2020

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