Tuesday, March 21, 2017

CEBRASPO: We condemn the life sentence given to the Professor Saibaba!



We condemn the life sentence given to the Professor Saibaba!


The old Indian State, through the Court of Sessions of Gadchiroli (Maharashtra), convicted the Delhi University professor G.N. Saibaba to the life imprisonment. That punishment happened because of his important militancy in defence of the people’s rights. Besides Professor Saibaba, five other militants were targets of this unacceptable measure and convicted under the draconian anti-terror law.


The Indian government has attacked more and more the people of its own country. In order to expel the peasants from their lands, under the mantra of “Operation Green Hunt”, the Adivasis people villages are being decimated, under constants air strikes and the offensive of mercenary groups working for the government.  All this has been done to ensure the interests of transnational companies, especially those in the mining sector. In the cities, there is a growing number of draconian laws targeting activists and people's rights activists. Besides Professor Saibaba the renowned Indian writer Arundhati Roy also has been pursued by the old State.


In India, the number of political prisoners is around 100,000. They are thousands of men and women who have been arrested for their positions and political actions in defence of the people. Among them 10,000 are accused of having some connection with the Maoist movement in the country. The Maoists have been developing a Popular War against the Indian State for decades, and the Indian State has declared total war against the whole Indian people.


That conviction of professor Saibaba is a new chapter in the attack over democratic freedoms in India. Under the fallacy of "fighting the Maoists" the old Indian State has been pursuing and arresting those who stand up for the rights of the Indian people and the various nationalities that live under the yoke of the fascist management of the Modi government.


Many democratic organizations and for defence of people's rights in India and abroad have already expressed their repudiation of that conviction given to wheelchair bound professor Saibaba, who has paralysis in 90% of the body, also suffers from various health's problems. Student organizations, several unions and popular movements have been denouncing that trial was a sham. A lot of demonstrations against this ruling have being organizing across India.


Actions will be taken in defence of professor Saibaba and other political prisoners who bravely resist in the Indian dungeons. We call on all democratic and revolutionary organizations to participate of this international campaign.








Brazilian Centre of Solidarity to the People

Rio de Janeiro, março de 2017




Centro Brasileiro de Solidariedade aos Povos