Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Austria: Report of the 1st of May 2017

LINZ (Capitol of the district of Upper Austria)
This year the 1st of May stood under the sign of the 100. anniversary of the Great Socialist October Revolution. In the weeks before the demonstration new activists could get activated under the slogans of proletarian internationalism and the October Revolution for the preparation of the 1st of may.
The demonstration in Linz started at “Volksgarten”, with around 300 people. At the beginning rally one speech have to be pointed out. This speech could spread a struggling atmosphere by clearing the importance of proletarian internationalism. The speech finished by activists with the slogan „Proletarians of all countries, unite! Under the banner of Maoism!“. The demonstration took also a clear stand against the 12 hours working day, the Turkish army in Kurdistan and against the European Union. A further slogan, which pointed out the certain significance of the struggling year 2017 was „Long lives the great socialist October Revolution! Viva, viva, viva!“
On the „Hauptplatz“ at the finishing rally revolutionary forces which marched under the banner „Put proletarian internationalism in the first place!“, started to sing „The international“.
The self-called „communists“ got criticized, because they did not joint the singing and ignored this important song of the working class.
For the revolutionary and communist forces it was an successful 1st of may. Good steps were made to develop the 1st of may also in Austria as an struggling day. The revolutionaries went deterministically, in the sense of proletarian internationalism, on the streets.
VIENNA (Capitol of the district of Vienna)
Because of the increasing attacks of the state against migrants, especially Muslims, in the weeks before the first of may there were organized different events against the state and anti-Muslim racism. Especially young migrants joined actively this events. Proletarian Internationalism played a major role there, as first aspect of the worldwide struggle the destroy the international exploitation system.
The international character of the 1st of may demonstration was shown by an huge participation of migrant democratic and revolutionary forces. Comrades from the Philippines, Palestine, Afghanistan and Turkey/Kurdistan demonstrated their resoluteness to hold up the liberation movements in their countries, in the sense of international solidarity and also to support he revolutionary process in Austria. One banner which was carried at the demonstration, with the English slogan „Put Proletarian Internationalism in the first place“ made an important political sign against Revisionism, which today is propagating Chauvinism. In parts of the demonstration there was spread an an lively and struggling atmosphere with short statements, which contained the main tendency for the revolution today and also showed that for the revolutionary forces there is no reason for defeatism.
The 1st of may demonstration was hold under the sign of the 100. anniversary of the Great Socialist October Revolution. Many times this important occurrence was pointed out with slogans and sayings, and the slogan „Everything is deception, except of the power, trust in your own force!“ was actively shouted. A brochure which got spread at the demonstration, which contains the most important declarations and texts of the last years from the International Communist Movement, showed the the coming year will also be a year of deepen ideological struggles.
After the demonstration there was organized different celebration, to end this important day with an vibrant atmosphere. There, the last struggling year got evaluated, especially the important success in the last year got pointed out, the victories in the antifascist, feminist and revolutionary struggles were highlighted. For the next year, there was made the call to develop activities in the 100. Year of anniversary of the Great Socialist October Revolution. The revolutionary forces should make clear, the the orientation always have to be the political power, like comrade Lenin told us and the October Revolution showed:“ Everything is deception, except of the power!“.
INNSBRUCK (Capitol of the district Tyrol)
About 1000 People were part of the 1st of May Demonstration in Innsbruck, which was a lot more than last year. This day, the international day of struggle for the proletariat, had an important character, it was under the sign of 100 years Great Socialist October revolution and the Proletarian Internationalism. One banner which was carried was an expression for this, it had the Spanish slogan: “Poner el Internacionalismo Proletario en primer lugar!“ (Put the Proletarian Internationlism at the first place!”) on it and was welcomed by a lot of people.
Even though most of the demonstrations in Innsbruck are very quiet, this demonstration had shown that it is the initiative of the revolutionary and communist forces, which can change such a situation. The most active and struggling parts of the demonstration united under democratic, revolutionary and internationalist slogans and shouted loudly. The revolutionaries could managed to reach unity of the most active parts of the masses with initiative and revolutionary way of manner. Also the Turkish and Kurdish revolutionaries were very active and spread slogans for Internationalism and freedom for all political prisoners. Also the struggle of the women as a great force of Revolution played an great role, with the slogan “Proletarian Feminism for communism”.
Leaflets were spread at the demonstration, which called up for putting the proletarian Internationalism in the first place. Also a banner which symbolized Maoism was magisterial, to show the perspective and the basis for the struggle of the proletariat and the people.
There is much to learn from this 1st of May! It has shown, that the revolutionaries should not be frightened and fearful and have to pick up the tasks as a part of the struggle for the proletarian world revolution. More it showed that the slogan of the official Organizers from the demonstration “For a world without capitalism” doesn’t give an answer and perspective to the masses, it is behind the fight of the masses. The honest forces have to go on steadfast in the struggle, it will be a good and important new year, full of internationalism!

GRAZ  (Capitol of the district Styria):
„Long live international Solidarity!“ - under this slogan participated about 1000 people from the city of Graz in march of the Demonstration of the 1st of May 2017.
Different politically forces participated on the 1st of May Demonstration in Graz. Really eye-catching in the this year‘s demonstration was, that the revolutionary forces preliminary hold up proletarian internationalism very strongly in the front, which find‘s its expression especially in a one banner that was held in Persian and German language.
This banner steered by the masses very well, also the Leaflets and invitations for a happening on the issue of the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution, which aroused a lot of interest and discussions among the masses.

SALZBURG (Capitol of the district of Salzburg)
Also in Salzburg the 1st of May Demonstration was not held under social democratic hegemony, but expressed a lot of daily needs demands of the masses living in the city, as well as the Demonstration was very clear about the internationalist character of these day in its meaning for the working class.
About 11am 300 Demonstrators gathered in front of the central railway station, and after a short speech the demonstration begun. Different organizations spread leaflets, but not a single one of these marks the 1st of May in its meanings as the main issue. The demonstration was led by anarchist forces from the city and during it around 200 people more join the demonstration to demonstrate against capitalism.
An specially rosen issue of the Demonstration was the question of the rents, because nowhere in Austria rents are as high as in Salzburg. But Kurdish and Turkish comrades placed also very strongly internationalism in the center of their agitation. Flaringly the participants on the demonstration was mainly women and young people. Even if the route of the demonstration was very long going, nearly nobody left the demonstration earlier (what is under some circumstances very often usual in Austria). Only the participation of the (reformist) „Communist“ Party of Austria gets smaller and smaller.
In all we could say that it was a good and pugnaciously 1st of May in Salzburg which places a good condition to develop more revolutionary initiative there.
Put Proletarian Internationalism in the first place!

Everything is deception, except of the power!

Long lives 1st of May!