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 July 7, 2022


Proletarians of all countries, unite!

9TH OF JULY 2022:

The world is in upheaval. On all continents the imperialist masters of war, destruction, oppression and exploitation, unleash their bloodthirsty assault against the peoples of the world. The traces of mayhem, misery and famine is everywhere to see. The ongoing genocide in Yemen, the constant attempts to erase Palestine, the reactionary war against the people in Turkey, Peru, Philipines and others, the undeclared, but real reactionary war against the peoples of countries like Brazil and Mexico, the wars that rage in ever more parts of the world. These vampires, the imperialists and their cronies, also strengthen their grip around the necks of the masses in their own countries as they at the same time sharpen their butcher knifes to turn on each other so to by force decide if the Yankee-imperialists should continue in the top dog position or someone of the other robbers should topple them. But oppression generates resistance and the peoples seek and find ways to fight back. The heroic peoples of the world have shown again and again for the world, by defeating in prolonged wars even the deadliest war machine seen in history, the Yankees and their allies, that an oppressed people, as long as it persists in the armed struggle and relies on its own force, can reach victory – even if the leadership of the national resistance carry reactionary banners. Still, this victory can not really liberate the people of the yoke of imperialism, but very quickly what have been gained is lost – just because the leadership carry reactionary banners. This processes occur over and over again, the peoples struggle and win but are betrayed by the false leaders. In this sense – the onslaught of imperialism and the struggle and resistance of the peoples – the question of providing correct leadership, which really serves the people, becomes crucial and it is in this context that all the oppressed and exploited should turn their eyes to India.

The People’s War in India shows the way to follow

The Communist Party of India (Maoist) have build a powerful people’s army, the People’s Guerrilla Liberation Army (PGLA), which defends the interests of the workers, peasants and all other sections of the people who stand in opposition to the reactionary Indian state, who serves the interests of bureaucratic capitalists, landlords and foreign imperialism. The PGLA raise the masses to struggle and organize them to fight with the gun in their hand to destroy the reactionary state and to build a new one which serves the peoples of India and no bloodsuckers. Today, in different parts of the countryside of the immense geography of the country, revolutionary people’s committees have been set up. In these people’s committees the land have been distributed to its tiller, all reactionary laws have been abolished, oppression of women are fiercely combated and the rulers of the masses are the masses themselves. A new society is being born in the midst of the old. These revolutionary people’s committees now have millions of people living in them and, taken together in a system, have become flourishing Support Bases of the Indian revolution. Following the road of encircling the cities from the countryside the People’s War advances, trough twists and turns, towards the conquest of political power in the second most populous country in the world. This arduous and prolonged struggle, led by a true Communist Party, is a mighty beacon of hope and inspiration for everyone who wants to see an end to the imperialist nightmare and who strives for the construction of a society free from oppression and exploitation.

Down with the war against the people!

The old Indian state, as a bureaucratic-military machine at the service of the enemies of the people, has done everything to drown the struggle of the masses in blood. Regardless of which faction of the ruling classes that have hold the seats of government, there have not been, and can not be, any other path for them more than unfolding their counter-revolutionary war-operations against the advancing tide of the popular movement in general and its spearhead, the revolutionary movement led by the CPI (Maoist) in particular. The notorious reactionary and genocidal regime headed by Modi, infamous in the world for things like its vicious crimes against the Muslims in India and its rampant misogyny, of course is not lagging behind in this dirty trade. “Operation Green Hunt”, “SAMADHAN” and “Prahar” are names of reactionary campaigns that they carry out according to the imperialist concept of “Low Intensity Conflict” which not only includes military measures (genocide and blunt repression), but also “social” components (such as “relief and assistance” by the armed defenders of the old order, that is using the hunger and misery of the masses as a weapon) and psychological warfare (spreading hoaxes, lies and fear). The Modi-regime use all these “tactics” while promoting the most chauvinistic Brahmanic Hindutwa communalism. In their morbid effort they even use the Indian Army and Air Force against the people. One recent and perfidious example is the massive aerial bombings against the masses in Chhattisgarh 15th of April this year, where more than 50 drones was used. All these offensives of the enemies of the people just show their impotence against the People’s War and most definitely will only bring them a bitter harvest with the growing incorporation of fighters in the revolutionary ranks.

Forwards in building the anti-imperialist front!

The heroic struggle of the revolutionary forces led by the CPI (Maoist) must be supported and the information about the People’s War must be spread to all progressive forces and the world opinion in general. This task is part of the very core of any consequent anti-imperialist movement. The banner of the Indian revolution must be held high firmly and serve as a battle-cry against Imperialism and all its cronies. The genocidal character of the old State and the regime that heads it must be denounced. The repression and persecution against the popular movement, national minorities, “dalits” and all other sections of the oppressed masses must be fought with practical solidarity. The suppression of basic democratic rights, such as the freedom of speech, must be opposed. The solidarity with the thousand and thousands of political prisoners must be strengthened and the cases of such prominent progressive intellectuals such as the poet Varavara Rao and professor G.N. Saibaba must not go unattended by anyone who wishes to be defender of the rights of the people. True internationalism means moral, political and material, practical support of the revolutionary struggle. Any other approach, which pretends to use this struggle for petty interests, only amounts to trafficking. In this sense, as a part of taking some initial steps towards the construction of the anti-imperialist front, we call upon all the friends of the Indian revolution to carry out a joint International Day of Action in support of the People’s War in India on the 9th of July this year. Let us take to the streets with loud and strong actions that brings hope and joy to the people and fear and despair to the apologists of imperialism!




Signed by:

Brazil: Revolutionary Front for the Defence of the People’s Rights

Turkey: AGEB (Union of Immigrant Workers in Europe)

Peru: Peru People’s Movment

Ecuador: Front for the Defence of the People’s Struggles

Mexico: Red Sun – Current of the People

Germany: League against Imperialist Aggression (Hamburg) and Red Women’s Committees

Austria: Committee to support the People‘s War in India

Spain: Proletarian Internationalist Collective

Finland: Anti-imperialist League

Norway: Red Front

Denmark: Anti-Imperialist Collective

France: Committee New Brazil

Chile: Revolutionary Front of the People

Colombia: Revolutionary Anti-Imperialist Front and Pure People

Ireland: Anti Imperialist Action Ireland

Afghanistan: Communist (Maoist) Party of Afghanistan

China: Revolutionary Youth Movement