Friday, July 29, 2022

INDIA: PCI (Maoist) - Message Observe martyr’s week from 2022 July 28th to August 3rd!

Celebrate the 50th death Anniversary of Comrade Charu Mazumdar and 40th death Anniversary of Comrade Kanhai Chatterjee, the makers of Indian Revolution, great teachers and the founder leaders of our Party with great revolutionary spirit and revolutionary determination!

 Defeat the strategic ‘SAMADHAN’-Prahar offensive of the enemy with the objective to advance New Democratic Revolution in India! 

Call from the Central Committee of the CPI (Maoist) to the party ranks, PLGA Commanders, fighters, various revolutionary people’s organs, workers, peasants, students, intellectuals and the entire oppressed people!

Central Committee Communist Party of India (Maoist)

Dear Comrades and People, We are going to memorise all the martyrs who laid down their valuable lives for the liberation of the oppressed people of the country and the world with attention and respect on the occasion of July 28th. This year is the 50th death Anniversary of one of the great teachers of Indian Revolution Comrade Charu Mazumdar (CM). Comrade CM was arrested from a house in Kolkata on 16th July 1972. As per the direction of the fascist ruling classes, while he was in police custody, he was not given Oxygen when he was suffering from Asthma. He was thus murdered twelve days later on 28th July. Another teacher of our Indian Revolution Comrade Kanhai Chatterjee (KC) left us forever on 18th July 1982 out of severe ill health. The martyrdom of the comrades caused a very big loss to Indian Revolution. On the occasion of the martyrs’ day on 28th July, being the 50th death Anniversary of Comrade CM and the 40th Anniversary of Comrade KC, the Central Committee pays humble revolutionary homage to the comrades and all the martyrs who made valuable sacrifices since the Naxalbari Armed peasant struggle to accomplish New Democratic Revolution in India and to ultimately establish Socialism and Communism.

The US-Peru fascist rulers imprisoned the leader of Peru Communist movement Comrade Gonzalo for a long time and finally took his life. The world communist movement lost a great leader. The spokesperson of New People’s Army of Philippines Comrade Ka Oris was murdered by the US-Philippine fascist rulers. On the occasion the CC pays humble red homage to the beloved leader of world people Comrade Gonzalo, the communist leader of Philippines Comrade Ka Oris and all the heroes who laid down their lives in the 4 revolutionary movements and national liberation movements all over the world. It pledges to continue their ideals until the end.

The CC calls upon the party ranks, PLGA forces, revolutionary people’s organs, worker, peasant, student, youth, intellectuals and entire oppressed classes and special social sections to observe martyrs’ week from 2022 July 28th to August 3rd in the memory of all the martyrs in the spirit of their sacrifices with revolutionary determination and to defeat strategic ‘SAMADHAN’-Prahar with the objective to advance the New Democratic Revolution of India.

Martyrdom is an ordinary thing in class struggle and people’s war. The sacrifices of the martyrs intensified and spread class struggle and people’s war. The Indian revolutionary movement had been facing enemy offensive since the Naxalbari armed peasant struggle. In addition to theoreticalideological, practical clarity that the Indian semi-colonial, semi-feudal system have to be brought down and New Democratic system has to be established, dedication towards the objective and preparation for sacrifice have been developing. Enlightened youth have been spilling their blood to make success the Indian New Democratic Revolution in the leadership of the Party in India. Our party faced temporary setback at times in the process of fighting against the enemy but it never violated the respect towards red flag and its distinctness. It took lessons from defeat and went forward with the revolutionary spirit handed over by the martyrs. We are the heirs of Naxalbari. Our party is leading the Indian revolution with the invaluable sacrifices of thousands of martyrs. The martyrs laid down their lives with the objective to accomplish New Democratic Revolution and to ultimately establish SocialismCommunism all over the world, in the light of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism and with hope and confidence in victory.

One hundred and twenty-four (124) comrades became martyrs in the past one year playing their role in the Protracted People’s War with the objective to accomplish New Democratic Revolution in India. during this time there was severe loss to our central and state leadership due to the cruel onslaught of the Indian comprador ruling classes and due to ill health caused out of unhealthy atmosphere created by the imperialist order. Member of the 5 Central Committee Comrade Tapasda (Patit Pavan Haldar, Secretary to the West Bengal State Committee) suffered terrible mental and physical tortures for a long time in jail and his health deteriorated. He breathed his last with ill health on 4th September 2019 two months after his release. Member of the CC Comrade Chintanda (Narendra Singh) was seriously affected and went into coma due to horrible prison life and enemy tortures and laid down his life on 6 th January 2020. Member of the CC Comrade Ambarda/Gaganda/Sahebda (Purnendu Shekhar Mukherjee) was fighting against COPD and left us on 7th August 2021. Member of the CC and Polit Bureau Comrade Ramakrishna/Saketda (Akkiraju Haragopal) suffered from failure of the kidneys and left us forever on 14th October 2021. Member of the CC Comrade Deepakda (Milind Baburao Teltumbde) martyred along with 26 PLGA heroic fighters fiercely fighting for hours with the enemy forces on 13th November 2021 in the Mardintola-Pareva encounter. The martyrdom of the greatly beloved leaders in a period of less than three years caused severe loss to our party.

The martyrs include member of the Bihar-Jharkhand Special Area Committee Secretariat Comrade Rupeshda/Vijay Yadav (Sandeep Yadav) who met a suspicious death on 25th May 2022. It is understood that it is a covert operation of the enemy. Member of East Bihar-North East Jharkhand SAC Comrade Talada/Agnida (Sahadev Rai Manjhi) on 13th January 2019 and member of 2U SAC Comrade Nakul on 10th July 2020 became martyrs in different covert operations of the enemy. Senior activist of the party Comrade Aluri Lalita died of heart attack on 21st November 2021. Member of DKSZC Secretariat Comrade Narmada (Uppuganti Nirmala) went for treatment to higher stages of cancer and was caught by the enemy. She laid down her life on 9th April 2022 deprived of proper medical care fighting with death in judicial custody in a health centre. Leader of all India cultural movement Comrade Raj Kishore died out of ill health on 22nd December 2021. Comrade Dappu Ramesh a senior activist of the party and Andhra Pradesh Jananatyamandali breathed his last out of heart attack on 18th March 2022. Member of Bihar Regional Committee Comrade Budheswar became a martyr in a fake encounter on 15th July 2021. Senior leader of the party in Bihar Comrade Tyageejee/Baba 6 (Shivashankar Rajak) died out of ill health on 5thh May 2022 (Owing to enemy repression we came to know of the martyrdom of few leaders and cadres very late. The CC pays revolutionary homage to all of them).

Four comrades of Central Regional Company-2, 8 from BiharJharkhand, 13 from East Bihar-North East Jharkhand, 69 from Dandakaranya, 3 from Andhra-Odisha Border (AOB), 1 from Odisha, 8 from MaharashtraMadhya Pradesh-Chhattisgarh (MMC), 13 from Telangana and 2 comrades from Andhra Pradesh were also martyred during the past one year. Thirty-four of them are woman comrades. 9 DvC/CyPC comrades – Comrade Sukhlal (Ramsai Parchami, secretary to North Gadchiroli Divisional Committee, DK), Comrade Mantu Khaira (ZCM, BJ), Comrade Mahesh (Sivaji Gota, Commanderin-Chief, North Gadchiroli Division, DK), Comrade Lokesh (Jogal Podiyam, CyPCM, Cy-4, DK), Comrade Sannu (alternate DvCM, North Gadchiroli, DK), Comrade Arun (Urasam Kamlu, alternate DvCM, North Gadchiroli, DK), Comrade Saket (Commander, CyPCM, Cy-6, DK), 32 AC/PPC members, 32 Party/PLGA members, 21 leader and activist comrades from revolutionary people’s organisations (Presidents and members of RPC, leaders of Mass Organisations, People’s Militia Commanders/members), 8 revolutionary sympathisers and revolutionary people were martyred. Out of them 69 comrades were martyred in encounters, 19 in fake encounters, 27 out of ill health, 3 due to improper medical treatment in prison and 4 in accidents. We are yet to receive the details of the martyrdom of three comrades and the details of 17 more comrades. Apart from them several leaders, activists, intellectuals, revolutionary sympathisers and friends working in open movements all over the country have laid down their lives in this period.

Our Communist Party of India (Maoist) was formed with the unity of two revolutionary streams, the MCCI and CPI (ML) (People’s War) into one great stream on 21st September 2004. The united party identified Comrade CM and Comrade KC as the founder leaders of the party and great teachers of Indian Revolution. Both of the leaders established the prestige of the theory through revolutionary practice in the light of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism and opened up the correct path by making efforts to bring a radical change in the path of Indian Revolution. 1967 is the year of Naxalbari Armed Agrarian 7 Revolutionary rebellion. The same year they decisively divorced from revisionism and adopted the path of Protracted People’s War. This stood as the symbol of theoretical and political change and formulated the path to solve the entire fundamental problems of New Democratic Revolution in India. This shed and destroyed the rotten old party systems and the entire formal relations with it. People’s initiative came forth in breaking the revisionist bondages and their creativity in class struggle was explored. Thus in the process of developing a new kind of Communist party, in building its new army and establishing new political power in an embryonic form, revolutionary struggles spread like wild fire in various areas of the country. The rebellion that radically changed the path of Indian revolution shook the entire Indian society in a very short time. It made an unforgettable impression in the entire sectors such as politics, economics, culture, value and thought process. It opened a new chapter in the history if Indian revolution and a new heroic serial struggle and the tradition of selfless sacrifices. This is the beginning of Indian Protracted People’s War. Comrade CM is its architect and guide. Similarly in the turbulent 1960s, Comrade KC made intense struggle against Khrushchev’s revisionism and its followers in India. He drew a clear line of demarcation with revisionism in each and every issue including ideological, political and organisational issues, handed over the path of armed agrarian revolution and Protracted People’s War to Indian Revolution and emerged a distinct front-rank leader. There are many lessons to learn from the glorious communist lives of our two beloved leaders. These lessons give us great inspiration. On the occasion of the 50th Anniversary of Comrade CM and 40th Anniversary of Comrade KC, let us memorise their glorious and unique services to Indian revolution, go in their footsteps and strive to develop the ongoing armed agrarian revolutionary war and Protracted People’s War to a higher stage. Let us imbibe their great proletarian values, take forth the objective of building liberated areas and people’s army and fight daringly with the enemy in all sectors. Let us uphold much higher the Red Flag they handed over to us and strengthen the three magic weapons – Party, Army and United Front. Let us thus accomplish New Democratic Revolution in India and advance towards Socialism-Communism.

8 Comrade Tapasda was 57 by the time of his martyrdom. He was born in a middle-class family in West Bung. He joined the revolutionary movement with the inspiration of Naxalbari. He had a distinct role in building Agrarian revolution in the state in 1980-90’s and in fighting back the opportunist, class collaborationist path that Badal-Bhagat opportunist clique brought forth. He always implemented the teaching ‘correct ideas come from struggle for production, class struggle and scientific experiments’ from the article of Comrade Mao, ‘Where do correct ideas come from?’. He was elected as a member of the Central Committee and the secretary to the West Bengal State Committee in the united party. He was arrested in 2005. He was in the forefront in struggles in prison in his lengthy prison life. Comrade Tapas shall always stand as an inspiration to the entire communist revolutionaries.

Comrade Chintanda became a martyr at the age of 70. Born in a peasant family in Bihar, he studied in Jawaharlal Nehru University in Delhi. He made a doctoral research into the tribal people of Terai (Bihar-Nepal) of Himalayas. He was attracted towards Marxism and entered the movement. He built working class movement in the surrounding areas of Delhi. He joined the erstwhile MCC and took up responsibility of the revolutionary movement in North Bihar. He served as a member of the State Committee and Central Committee. He was arrested three times and each time he worked with further strong determination after release. His work for the people, his strong will and sacrifice for the development of the party are ideal.

At the age of 75 Comrade Purnendu Shekhar Mukherjee became a martyr. He worked in the revolutionary movement for nearly 45 years. Inspired with Naxalbari struggle he joined the revolutionary movement and worked in the working-class movement. He led urban movements. He played a prominent role in building countrywide people’s agitations against ‘Operation Green Hunt’. He served as a member of the CC for a long time. Let us take exemplary his revolutionary strong determination, ideals and his unity with the cadres and the people.

Comrade Akkiraju Haragopal became a martyr at the age of 63. He joined the revolutionary movement in the decade of 1980 from the student’s movement. He worked in the revolutionary movement for the past 40 years. 9 As a member of the Guntur District Committee he later became the secretary, member of the State Committee and later secretary. He was elected into the CC in 2001 and into the Polit Bureau in 2018. He was the secretary to Andhra Pradesh State Committee from 2000 to 2005 and to Andhra-Odisha Border Special Zonal Committee from 2008 to 2016. He stands exemplary in his strong conviction, theoretical sharpness, democratic ideas and love and affection towards the cadres and people.

Comrade Deepakda was born in a poor workers’ family in Maharashtra. By the time of his martyrdom he was 56. He developed into a Trade Union leader working as a worker in coal mines and led several militant struggles. He joined the revolutionary movement in 1992, worked among the workers, peasants, students and youth at various levels from 1992-2021 He led the Indian revolutionary movement. He had multipronged talents. He played a dynamic role through his theoretical, political efforts for the development of all sectors. He is a leader who gained the confidence of the oppressed classes, especially social people’s communities. The theory, politics and the ideals Comrade Deepakda handed over to us shall always inspire the revolutionaries and the Indian masses.

Comrade Rupeshda was born in Gaya district in Bihar. By the time he became a martyr he was around 54. He played an important role in developing armed agrarian revolutionary armed class struggle, guerrilla war and people’s war in Aurangabad, Gaya and central zone for the past 25 years. He developed in phases as the member of the BJSAC secretariat and later took up the responsibility of in-charge of Special Area Military Commission. Although the revolutionary movement temporarily stepped back, he stuck to the party, cadres, people, especially the oppressed Dalit people amidst severe ill health and strived for the revival of the movement. His dedication, dare and experiences remain ideal for future revolutionary generations.

Comrade Nakul was 48 by the time he became a martyr. He was born in a middle-class family in North Bihar. He was influenced with the anti-feudal struggles in mid-1990 and joined the movement. He worked as a member of the North Bihar Zonal Committee and later a member of the 3U Special Area Committee. He was arrested in 2011 and led struggles even in prison. He 10 became part of the armed struggle immediately after his release in 2014. He played an important role in the efforts to revive the revolutionary movement in 2U. Comrade Nakul’s dare, hard work, sincerity, oneness with anyone, reliability, talent and consciousness always inspire the young communist generation.

Comrade Tala/Agni was a prominent people’s leader in the ongoing struggles for jal-jungle-zameen-ijjat-adhikar in Santhal paragana of Jharkhand. People very fondly call him ‘Talada’. He was 30 by the time of his martyrdom. He was born in a middle-class tribal peasant family. He became part of revolutionary activities since his childhood. He organised farmers and workers, developed the revolutionary movement and developed into a member of East Bihar-North East SAC in phases. He had hatred towards the enemy and love for the people. He knew the art of inspiring the people. He was in the forefront in breaking the encirclement of the enemy and protecting the cadre. His dedication to the party and revolution, class hatred, dare and discipline stand inspiring to revolutionaries.

Comrade Aluri Lalita was the life partner of well-known revolutionary writer Bhujangarao. She was born in Krishna district in Andhra Pradesh. She was 76. She belonged to a lower middle-class family. She had a sacrificing nature and dedicated her family and children to the revolutionary movement. She stayed underground for one decade and fulfilled all the revolutionary responsibilities that the party gave her with great will. She served to bring out the official organ of Dandakaranya movement ‘Prabhat’. She aspired revolution until the end with great dedication as a reliable party member. Comrade Aluri Lalita’s revolutionary services are unforgettable.

Comrade Narmada was born in Krishna district of Andhra Pradesh. She was 62. She worked in the revolutionary movement for more than four decades. She led the Dandakaranya movement and the women’s movement for more than three decades and fulfilled several responsibilities with multipronged talents. She initially worked in literary publication sector and was later entwined with the Gadchiroli movement. She was one of the leaders who sustained the Gadchiroli movement and gained the confidence of the people in the guidance of the party facing multipronged forms of repression 11 of the enemy. She was attacked by the dreaded cancer and fell into the hands of the enemy but undeterred dedicated her life to the oppressed people and revolutionary movement until her last breath. Comrade Narmada’s Bolshevik spirit, her practice in people’s war and communist values stand inspiring to revolutionaries.

Comrade Dappu Ramesh was born in a poor family in Guntur district in Andhra Pradesh. He was 61. He worked as an artist activist in Jananatyamandali for four decades since 1980s and strived for the development of revolutionary cultural movement. He dedicated his voice to sing songs for the oppressed. Apart from performing on contemporary political issues, he made great efforts in recording those in audio and visual forms. He fought until his last breath against the injustice and suppression by the landlords. He utilised the musical instrument ‘Dappu’ (drum) as a weapon to build and develop people’s struggles. He participated in the cultural campaigns taken up by JNM against atrocities on Dalit people. He had hatred towards the exploitive classes and dedication towards the oppressed people that stand ideal to revolutionaries.

Comrade Buddheswar was 40. He was born in a poor Uraov tribal family in Gumla district in Jharkhand. He studied until High school before he joined the revolutionary movement. In his 25 years of revolutionary life he stuck to the people in spite of any number of difficulties in the party and the movement and enhanced the prestige of the party. His undeterred determination and will to struggle are ideal.

The ranks of our party and PLGA forces demonstrated courage and dare, strong determination and sacrifice amidst several atrocious attacks of the enemy and established high revolutionary ideals. Mardintola-Pareva encounter is one example. PLGA forces encountered the enemy with dare and courage for 12 hours without food and vacillation in the leadership of daring leader Comrade Deepakda. All the comrades fought together to break the enemy encirclement that spread around one kilometre and save the leadership. They did not heed to the warnings of the enemy to surrender but fought more fiercely. While comrades were being gunned down each and every comrade followed the caution of the commander, utilised the available 12 covers and did not step back until the last breath. Most of the comrades could break the encirclement by going in crawling and fire and movement near to the enemy and pushing the enemy back. They retreated safely with the support of the people. However if the breaking drill would have been done in a speedier manner concentrating in the place where the enemy was weak and with war skill, there would have been lesser losses.

The heroic struggles of the PLGA forces, people’s organs and oppressed people in the leadership of the party in the process of fighting back the strategic ‘SAMADHAN’-Prahar offensive of the enemy led to several victories in the revolutionary movement. It is not possible to imagine these victories without the heroic sacrifices of people’s heroes. However, in the present stage of strategic self-defence where the enemy is several times more in strength, our war has to have the objective to protect our subjective strength and eliminate the enemy forces to the maximum possible extent. When seen in this view, our party faced severe losses in the central and the state levels in the past one year. At the same time Polit Bureau member Comrade Kishanda, CC Members Comrades Sheeladi, Kanchanda, Krishnamurthy and Jaspaljee were arrested. In the present utmost complex conditions where the entire revolutionary, democratic forces are working in the leadership of our party to create another countrywide revolutionary wave utmost daringly fighting back the fierce, fascist ‘SAMADHAN’-Prahar campaigns of the Indian comprador ruling classes in a bid to eliminate the revolutionary movement, these losses caused severe hurdle to the work of progressing New Democratic Revolution in India. We need to review deeply the reasons for these losses, draw proper lessons and strictly follow them. We must immediately change the methods of work that led to the losses. We must prevent losses. We must protect our forces from the top to the bottom and develop them. The entire party must accustom to the conditions of reality. We must identify the failure in comprehensively understanding the enemy condition, our condition and that of the people. We must realise the failure in concrete analysis of concrete conditions and in formulating the methods of work. We can adopt methods of work that do not cause loss to us by understanding the actual conditions and what kind of work to be done 13 secretly. This is a big examination to the alertness of the revolutionary forces. The losses in the past one-year show that in the present time where the enemy is taking up counter-revolution and all-out war, a little negligence in secret method of functioning lead to big loss to the party.

Enemy is strengthening human intelligence (informers, coverts and traitors) in various layers in utmost secret manner. They developed technical intelligence such as various kinds of drones, CC TV Cameras, GPS, GPS trackers, mobiles, surveillance satellites, various kinds of surveillance software. The intelligence grid constituting these two is spread from the areas of the movement to Delhi. Enemy is making large scale preparations with a concrete plan to eliminate us by the end of 2022 through information-based drone attacks. This is clear from the drone bombing in South Bastar division of Dandakaranya in the midnight of 2022 April 14-15. There was a drone attack on the 19th of the same month last year. This shows we need to have a vigil on enemy’s intelligence. We have to destroy it time to time. We have to firmly implement appropriate tactics of Air Défense. Enemy had been trying for a long time to kill us through poisoning. Therefore we have to pay attention so as to keep our supply lines safe. We have to provide the consciousness that it is the responsibility of the people to protect the party. People have to get accustomed to the consciousness that protecting revolutionary forces is to protect themselves. We must especially build and develop strong people’s intelligence in various forms in layers to protect our party and PLGA force from enemy offensive. We have to stop letting our information reach enemy intelligence. We have to analyse properly the information from people’s intelligence and take proper decisions and thus we can protect our subjective forces. The entire party will have to concentrate on this.

Dear comrades and people,

The imperialists are getting into cut throat competition to overcome the economic crisis that has been going on for a long time and for super profits. They are following destructive policies for this purpose. Joe Biden is unleashing political, geographical, economic policies in the most aggressive manner to achieve the declined unipolar world hegemony of the US. Russian imperialist aggression on Ukraine is the result of the policies of the US towards 14 Ukraine and the intensifying fundamental contradictions in the international level out of the measures of Russia to contain the expansion of the US-NATO. While imperialist proxy war is going on in Ukraine for the past three months in a devastating manner, the policies of the US and China towards Taiwan are moving in this direction. Proletariat, oppressed classes and oppressed nationalities all over the world are suffering in the game of the imperialist countries in its economic and hegemonic interests. The Ukraine war once more proved that imperialism is war, fascism, destruction, crisis, unemployment, hunger and death. Lakhs and crores of people all over the world including those of Russia are making protest movements against the imperialist conspiracies that are dragging the world into World War III with the sale of several deadly arms including nuclear weapons that take the lives of the whole universe and deployment of military forces for super profits. The collapse of bureaucratic Rajapaksa government in Sri Lanka with people’s rebellion as a result of economic crisis is a clear indication for this. The imperialists and their puppet rulers all over the world are indulging to any extent to suppress these struggles. However militant struggles of workers, peasants and middle-class people are rising amidst fascist repression. In India the Modi government made several exploitive agreements with all the imperialist countries including the US and Russia and is following dual policies towards the war. This put the Indians in Ukraine to severe difficulties. The people of the country protested to this. The only way to root out imperialism and the comprador ruling classes serving it from the earth and to establish Socialism-Communism is the world proletariat, peasantry, middle-class and other oppressed classes, oppressed nationalities and democrats in the leadership of the proletariat must unitedly advance these movements.

In India, Brahmanic Hindutva forces or any forces in power in the centre or most of the states represent imperialism, comprador bureaucratic big bourgeois and big feudal classes and are implementing neo-liberal, corporate sponsored policies in a big way. As a result, imperialist MultiNational Companies and few comprador big capitalists such as Ambani and Adani are gaining super profits. People’s living became unbearable due to unemployment, fall of income, rise in prices and agrarian crisis, mainly after 15 COVID pandemic. With their evil scheme of the imperialists and Indian comprador rulers to continue their exploitation, the country went into the hands of Brahmanic Hindutva fascist forces. These Hindutva forces are transforming the country into ‘Hindu state’ in the name of formation of ‘new India’ and ‘One nation one everything’. The Hindutva Modi government is violating the Constitution and saffronized the Constitutional organizations. It brought corporate sponsored acts against the farmers, workers and middleclasses and social sections such as women, Dalit, tribal and Muslim people. It corporatized, saffronized education and made it online depriving the poor. Hindutva forces are indiscriminately unleashing attacks-murders on Muslims, tribal and Dalit people in the name of ‘protection of Cow’ and ‘prestige’. There is an attack on Muslim religious customs through measures such as ban on Muslim girl students wearing hizab in Universities in Karnataka. It is instigating anti-Kashmir, anti-Muslim frenzy through ‘Kashmir files’ movie, the halal meat dispute and saffronizing the names of towns and various organisations. It is thus bringing religious conflicts among the people. It is cruelly trampling the severe opposition of various oppressed classes and sections rising in various places against Brahmanic Hindutva fascism. It is depriving the tribal people of jal-jungle-zameen-ijjat and their entire rights. It is speedily corporatizing several National Parks such as ‘Hasdeo forest’ and the entire resources of the country. Multi-National companies are permitted to set up mines, companies, government is constructing heavy dams, road and railway lines and ‘National Parks’ that are forcibly displacing the people. Number of police, Para-military, Commando forces are increased, in a way, areas are militarized as a part of carpet security for the protection of corporate companies.

Eye witness to the murder of Lakhimpur farmers was killed immediately after the RSS-BJP came to power in the Uttar Pradesh elections. BJP gave a call in Karnataka not to purchase fruits, vegetables, meat and other such material near Hindu temples. In a conspiracy to demolish Masjids and build Hindu temples, Sivalinga was stealthily placed in the pond of Gnanavapi masjid in Lucknow. The next day they showed that it was found and are now planning to build a Siva temple. Attacks are on the rise on Muslims in the name 16 of ‘love jihad’. Modi government made an attack on houses in Jahangirpur in Delhi in violation of the direction of the Supreme Court.

The ‘development’ shown by the Modi government is nothing but the development of imperialist Multi-National companies and the comprador capitalist and feudal classes in the country and division of the country in the name of caste and religion. On one hand the government is violating Constitutional rights of the people and on the other it is branding the social activists opposing the violation and demanding the implementation of Constitutional rights of the people as traitors and ‘urban Naxals’. It is imprisoning them in prisons. The real development and real patriotism are to solve the fundamental problems of the workers, peasants, middle classes and other oppressed classes, sections and nationalities and not keeping aside the development of the people and the country.

Militant struggles of various classes, sections, tribal people and oppressed nationalities are going on in the country for the past three years against the anti-people policies of the Modi government, against the burden of taxes on them and against state fascism. Indian peasantry gained big success in their militant struggle for more than one year and bringing down the Modi government to annul the three agrarian laws. However, the peasantry is continuing its struggle in protest to the ‘betrayal’ of the government for not fulfilling the promises. Modi government annulled the new Forest Act-2019, 44 workers’ laws and formulated 4 codes in its place. Tribal and working people resisted it in a way the government did not imagine. The general strike of countrywide Trade Unions on March 28-29 was successful with the support of the farmers in an unprecedented manner. The Modi government could not implement these acts until now. BJP is facing severe opposition from the people of Kashmir for annulling Articles 370 and 35A that provide special status to the state of Kashmir. Hindutva Modi government is making vain attempt to suppress the national liberation struggles of Naga, Mizo, Manipur and other North eastern states. But there is no other way except for struggle for the oppressed nationalities to fulfil their aspirations to achieve ‘right to self-determination including right to secession’. This led to flames of protest against AFSPA when 14 innocent 17 people were cruelly murdered in Oting village of Nagaland. The government had to annul it in many places.

Our party is leading and taking part in the people’s movements and class struggles going on in a large scale against corporatization and militarization all over the country. PLGA is continuing to resist in the guerilla areas. World proletariat and working-class parties held demonstrations in several countries in support of the ‘People’s War in India’ on 24th November 2021. Nearly 30 countries responded to the call. There was protest demonstration in Rome on the occasion of Modi’s visit for G-20 meet. One lakh women participated in the demonstration. In the process MarxistLeninist-Maoist revolutionary forces are gradually gaining strength and are consolidating in several countries of the world. This is a favorable development.

These developments show that revolutionary conditions are developing internationally and domestically. It is the main task of our party to utilize these revolutionary conditions. Class struggle shall be the vital issue to make the Indian revolutionary movement overcome the temporary setback and advance it in order to fulfill this task. New activists and leadership develop from class struggles. New methods of work and tactics develop as per new conditions. It is possible to identify the enemy attacks through these and develop methods of resistance. It is possible to avoid unnecessary losses and arrests. Basing on these revolutionary movement will develop and expand. In the present conditions where enemy is taking up counter-revolutionary attacks the party must mainly implement secret method of functioning. Party must be re-consolidated invincible to the enemy. This is very important in the consolidation of the party.

Our path is protracted and tortuous. We have to make untiring effort to newly prepare/mold ourselves on par with the conditions changing favorable in the 21st century. The entire cadres from the top to the bottom must personally participate in class struggle so as to become good communists and experts. We must concentrate on class organisation and its development. Every activist must gain hold on implementing proper political attitude without vacillation, simple life style, hard work and flexible tactics. 18 Leadership and activists must work in unity. They must possess alertness and sincerity. They must always be lively. Leadership and activists must unite and pay important to identify with the people. Political work must be important in every activity. Theoretical work must be important in political work. In theoretical work, importance must be given to creative study, to apply theory to practice and to take the experience from practice to theoretical level.

The ideal, inspiring, great revolutionary lives of martyrs shall give the necessary strength to the party and the entire revolutionary forces to utilise the developing revolutionary situation and advance. We cannot fulfill the gap of the martyrs in a short time. However, as long as we have absolute confidence on the revolutionary theory of MLM and on the broad oppressed people and go against the tide to achieve revolutionary goal, difficulties and temporary setbacks shall not loosen our determination. It cannot stop our efforts to achieve the objective. We must double our consciousness from the martyrdoms of our great leaders Comrades CM, KC, Saroj Datta, Amulya Sen, Chandrasekhara Das, Satyam, Kailasam, Barunda and Comrade Deepakda and the thousands of known and unknown heroic fighters. They shall continue to inspire us always although they are not physically with us. They continue to pat our shoulders as we uphold the red flag holding back our tears. Therefore, we have to firmly and unitedly go forward in their foot-steps but not feel defeated. We must not feel disappointed and despaired. Let us declare the distinctness of our party that this is a Revolutionary Communist Party. Let us pledge that we shall not let the sacrifices of martyrs go wasted. Let us make efforts to provide leadership to the spate of people’s struggles and class struggles and intensify-expand the Indian people’s war, defeat the enemy’s strategic ‘SAMADHAN’-Prahar offensive and advance New Democratic Revolution.

Program of martyrs’ week

1. On the occasion of the present martyrs’ week we must memorise the great and extra-ordinary services of Comrade Charu Mazumdar and Comrade Kanhai Chatterjee to Indian Revolution and take the message among our cadres and the people that we need to go in 19 their footsteps and strive to develop the armed agrarian revolutionary war and Protracted People’s War to a higher stage.

2. The Central Committee released the life history of Comrade Kanhai Chatterjee and those of the CCMs martyred since the emergence of the united party. The books should be inaugurated in the meetings in memory of martyrs.

3. We have to send the life histories, photos, symbols of memory and condolence message to the family members of the martyrs. We have to share their grief and sorrow and lend the necessary support in various forms. We must sustain them on the side of revolutionary movement in the spirit of martyrs.

4. We have to publish the life histories of martyrs in the Special Area/Special Zone/States and Zone/Division/District. We have to release pamphlets, posters, brochures and banners highlighting the ideals, sacrifices and the good habits of martyrs, write poems, stories and plays on them and make wide propaganda. We have to use print, electronic and social media with necessary precautions. We have to build and inaugurate martyrs’ columns in various places.

5. We have to prepare the life histories, song, group songs, group dances, playlets and various art forms through revolutionary cultural organisations and perform. We have to also propagate through digital media.

6. We have to take up these programs in view of the particularity of the respective areas. We have to take up the program as a campaign to politically educate the people so as to defeat the enemy’s ‘SAMADHAN’-Prahar attacks with the spirit of the great sacrifices of our beloved martyrs.


• Red Salutes to the founder leaders and teachers of our party Comrade Charu Mazumdar and Comrade Kanhai Chatterjee! Red Salutes to all the martyrs!

• Let us continue the ideals of martyrs! Let us uphold the sacrifices of martyrs!

• Let us defeat the counter-revolutionary strategic repressive scheme ‘SAMADHAN’-Prahar offensive!

• Fight the imperialist proxy war in Ukraine!

• Let us oppose the drone attacks on the people of Dandakaranya!

• Let us oppose the deployment of Indian Armies in areas of revolutionary movement!

• Let us strictly implement the rules of Maoist guerilla war! Let us prevent unnecessary losses!

• Let us work with the objective to develop Dandakaranya, Bihar-Jharkhand, East Bihar-North East Jharkhand as base areas!

• Let us intensify-expand anti-imperialist, anti-comprador bureaucratic capitalist, anti-feudal class struggle!

• Let us intensify-expand guerilla war-people’s war!

• Let us defeat Brahmanic Hindutva fascism!

• Long live New Democratic Revolution in India! Long live World Socialist Revolution!

• Down with imperialism, comprador bureaucratic capitalism and feudalism!

• Long live Communist Party of India (Maoist)

• Long live Marxism-Leninism-Maoism!

2022 May 27

Central Committee Communist Party of India (Maoist)