Wednesday, April 26, 2017

The Maoist Communist Party Manipur greeting on the 50th Anniversary of Naxal Movemen

Commemorating the 50th anniversary of the Naxal movement, the Indian Maoist killed 25 reactionary personals, propagating & enhancing to the world a Proletarian Revolution, drawing the attention of the world as a force to reckon with. The Maoist Communist Party Manipur salutes all the comrades who took part in this skirmish and all the other higher commands who planned the operation. The courage and the grit shown by the Indian Maoist will be an exemplary act not only to the Manipur Maoist but also to all the Maoist Revolutionaries worldwide.

This and other such heroic acts of the Indian Maoist not only strengthens Marxism-Leninism-Maoism but also serve a lesson to all Manipuris that a National & People's class liberation can be fought together, instead of the present ethnic policy which erodes our Nation tolling the bell of division.

In fact ethnic or identity politics originated in the United States and it played havoc & brought down the civil rights movement of the 60s.The sole purpose of the ethnic or identity politics was introduced then, to bring and to sow disharmony among the civil right movement activists. On the other hand National Liberation Movement is a people's movement regardless of caste, creed, color or faith and it also stands for the poor working class opposing the Imperialist and their cronies. So a National Liberation Movement closely intertwines with the Socialist Revolution and a mention may also be made that all notable civil rights movements in both the developing and developed world in fact drew their inspiration & aspiration from the National Liberation movements.

Following the great wars most social upheavals were based on common interest and ethnic/identity politics were used to counter all such social movements. The Revolutionary movements of Manipur dating back from the 40s and the resurgence in the 60s were based on common interest but in the last two decades it is very evident that the enemy cunningly started playing this treacherous identity politics thereby fragmenting the common movement into Naga.Kuki.Meetei or Pangal ethnic movements weakening the common movement.

The irony is that we the people also allow the vested Politicians(Politrickians) to play the same game-Ethnic Politics, polarizing us from each other & shredding the age old common social fabric of our society. So in order to root out this ethnic policy which is being continued by our own local poodles at the behest of their master, the occupiers, we should very seriously & urgently prepare ourselves for a class struggle at a war footing urgently, the sooner the better. The poors, the peasants or the landless are not an identity nor an ethnic entity but a class of the society. There is no hard and a fast rule that a poor will remain poor throughout his life or from generation to generation but an(the) ethnic or identity politics will remain as such throughout the history of mankind.
Manipur is mainly an Agriculture dependent place where majority of the Manipuris depends on farming as a livelihood. Only a mass movement based on a common people's platform will bring an end to the nefarious design of the enemy's Identity/Ethnic Politics. We also earnestly request other revolutionary fronts not to mislead or portray other Revolutionary groups in a negative manner which can erode the trust of the people, for whom the Revolutionaries exist, as this may lead to a total anarchy and which can make them turn or train their guns against all revolutionaries of all sundry.Let us all instead join our hands together to wage a National and Class Liberation War based on Marxism-Leninism-Maoism.

Only such a movement will unite all the Petty Bourgeois, the toiling masses, the positive patriots & the progressive people during the struggle against the minuscule Comprador, Bureaucrat Bourgeoisies (CBB) who however has been exploiting us. A struggle based on class can easily defeat the occupiers and can bring us back our lost sovereignty and so it is time for all of us to turn our attention to a Maoist Revolution in Manipur.

The Maoist Communist Party Manipur on behalf of the people of Manipur once more extends a warm greeting on the 50th Anniversary of Naxal Movemen