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INDIA: We stand with Palestine! CPI (MAOIST)

 lunes, 20 de noviembre de 2023

INDIA: We stand with Palestine! CPI (MAOIST)


Central Committee 

Press Release 

13 November, 2023 

We stand with Palestine! 

Let us observe PLGA foundation week from December 2nd to 8th 

As Action Week of Propaganda-Agitation 

In support of Palestine liberation struggle 

Demanding immediate stop to war on Gaza by fascist Israel! 

The Central Committee of the CPI (Maoist) calls upon the Party ranks, PLGA Guerrillas, Revolutionary Mass Organisations, Revolutionary People’s Committees and the entire ranks of United Front, people and democrats to observe the foundation week of People’s Liberation Guerrilla Army (PLGA) from the 2nd to the 8th December, 2023, in protest to the unjust war of the puppet of US imperialism the fascist Israel on Gaza, in protest to the massacre of Palestine people and in support to the Palestine liberation struggle being made by Hamas. 

The CC of our party affirmatively puts forth its opinion that Palestine belongs to Palestine and that the concept of two nations is against the basic rights of Palestine people. The CC strongly states that Hamas is not a terrorist organisation. The attack made by Hamas on 7th October is the resistance to the terrorist Israel that had been aggressing Palestine for the past above 7 decades. Israel is responsible for the attack. 

Israel is making war on Gaza since 7th October with the aid of imperialist US and Britain. It indulged in lots of massacres in which above ten thousand people died by now. Thousands have been injured. Most of the residents of Gaza became homeless. Most of the dead are children and women. Medical personnel, aid activists and few journalists also died in Israel military attacks. Half a lakh of Palestine pregnant women are deprived of medical facility. Due to lack of water and minimum hygienic facilities, the women are taking norethisterone pills to delay menstruation, that would show ill effects on their menstrual cycle. 

Air and military attacks of Israel are on the rise on Gaza. Israel is making intense bombing day and night on Gaza irrespective of residential places, hospitals, relief centres, educational institutions and so on. The people of Palestine are losing each and everything of their life. Those who sustained bombing are like aliens in their own land striving to live. Gaza is being crushed to mounts of ashes. 

Israel is grossly violating all international rules and human rights in the war. It is indulging in countless war crimes. As usual the United Nations is acting ‘formally’ in the interests of imperialists. The situation demands to consider the Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu who is most adamant to talks with Hamas, the main leaders of the Likud party, the Military Generals and other main officers as war criminals and be given the most severe punishments. The US, Britain, France, Germany supporting Israel must also be brought to international court of law. 

The CC appeals to the people of the world to widely propagate that Hamasis not a terrorist organisation but an organisation working for the liberation of the people of Palestine. It appeals to hold aloft and support all kinds of resistance struggles of the people of Palestine, including the just resistance of Hamas. 

The CC calls upon the people of Israel who are opposing their government’s anti-people reform policies to unite with the people of Palestine, to uphold their just struggle and to oppose the chauvinism of their government. 

The people of India are facing the worst in the rule of BJP under the leadership Prime Minister Narendra Modi that resembles the Likud Party. The censoring of the statement of our party hailing the Palestine liberation 2 movement and the attack made by Hamas is an example to be remembered in this context. The BJP and its Hindutva organisations are instigating nationalist chauvinism and indulging in divisive policies among the youth. 

It calls upon that in this situation the democrats, progressive forces, rights activists and organisations, students, youth, workers, farmers, women, artists, writers and all left forces along with the people of India to stand with the people of the world who stood in support of the people of Palestine against the war, to intrude upon the ban of the central government and hold pro-Palestine, anti-war demonstrations, rallies and meetings. We must demand the Indian government to immediately pressurise Israel to halt war on Palestine. 

The CC appeals to raise voice to bring the Israel state established in the territory of Palestine through the US and Britain imperialists in its economic, political and military interests in Central Asia into pieces and establish a secular, democratic, single Palestine country where Palestine, Jew and Christian people live together. 

Abhay Spokesperson 

Central Committee