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INDIA: Fight against the Imperialist design to escalate the ongoing war on Palestine and to expand the war horizon in West Asia.

 viernes, 26 de enero de 2024

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INDIA: Fight against the Imperialist design to escalate the ongoing war on Palestine and to expand the war horizon in West Asia. Protest and build Militant mass movements for immediate peace in Palestine and in West Asia. CPI(MAOIST)


International Affairs

Central Committee

Fight against the Imperialist design to escalate the ongoing

war on Palestine and to expand the war horizon in West Asia.

Protest and build Militant mass movements for immediate

peace in Palestine and in West Asia.

Press Release

Dt: 26th Jan, 2024

Dear Comrades,

Red Salutes!

Central Committee of CPI (Maoist) vehemently condemns the nefarious design of the Zionist-Israel colonizer state and Western Imperialist powers mainly US-UK imperialists to escalate the war on Palestine and expand the horizon of war in the West Asia. Recent developments in the West Asian regions are signaling a sign of an upcoming more deadly war that in the end will lead to enormous loss of lives and properties including environment. US imperialism is leaving no stone unturned to re-hegemonize its dominance in the world and particularly in the oil rich West Asia region.

US has utilized its veto power in the Security Council to block any peace initiative measures in the war-torn Palestine since the outbreak of the war. In fact, it has proved it self as a reliable ally and guide of the Zionist colonial power Israeli state. The acts of US imperialism which is full of malice and animosity have disturbed the semblance of peace over the West Asia. Western powers have been absolute supportive to the moves that can be said to be pervasive of the fascist- apartheid Israeli state which has proved to be adding fuel to the fire. Imperialist countries have been tight-lipped about the genocides been carried out by Israel on Palestinian people from more than 100 days.

On 3rd of January the Israel- Palestinian war completed its 100 days. In this 3 month long genocidal war, orchestrated by the Israel with the help of US imperialism, above 25 thousand Palestinians from which majority are children and women including old people have perished in this imperialist proxy war on the oppressed nation and oppressed people. The apartheid state has not limited itself only in killings of all Palestinians by dropping from sky white phosphorus bombs, but it has mastered itself in the genocidal art of eliminating people by denying the supply of necessities to live on the globe. All these acts by the Israel amounts to genocide as per the International Convention law.

CPI (Maoist) welcomes and supports the action of the South Africa in the International Court of Justice against the genocidal war of the Israel state on Palestinian people and for peace in the region. Our Party stand is that there should be an immediate peace and all Israeli troops must vacate Gaza and West Bank. Further, US and other Western imperialist powers must abjure from proxy military actions in the region and retract all its military forces from the region. Our Party reiterates its demand that US must withdraw its military support to Israel which it has armed to teeth with all kinds of sophisticated modern weapons and other logistic and intelligence support to Israel. Recently, US House of Representatives has approved the allocation of $14.5 billion in military aid for Israel besides supporting Ukraine. All these common people's tax- money of US are been used to fund the cycle of genocide that in the ends benefits Weapons Giant Industries of the Military-Industrial complex.

Today, West Asia has turned more into a laboratory for global weapon industry. US must stop provoking Iran and other West Asian countries for a hot war. US has already weaponized the Mediterranean Sea where it has deployed its several nuclear armed aircraft carriers which has to a large scale played a pivotal role in the escalation of war in the West Asia. Our party demand withdrawal of all these Mediterranean waters with immediate effect. To regain its withered hegemony in the Mediterranean region, US has crafted a coalition of 20 odd countries in the name of Operation Prosperity Guardian. Under the umbrella of this rainbow coalition of allies of US Imperialism, US is launching airstrikes in Yemen, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Egypt, Jordan. Such actions by the US have no standard in the International Convention and stands in a total violation of the sovereignty of those nations. Our Party stands with all those oppressed nations and their people and their organizations who are putting brave resistance to US-UK imperialists provocative actions and resisting with strong will against the imperialists sponsored war on Palestinian people.

India under Brahmanical hindutva forces BJP-RSS rule has totally tilted towards Israel and went far away to display an ideological unity between Zionism and Hindutva Fascism. At the international level Indian state under the leadership of Narendra Modi has abstained from voting in UN General Assembly on a resolution drafted by 22 Arab Nations that called for an immediate humantarian truce. Indian state which has presumed to be a self-styled voice of the "Global South" and self-proclaimed 'Vishwa Guru' has only put lip service to the demand for peace and humantarian support in Palestine. CPI (Maoist) condemns this hypocritical stand of the Indian state under the leadership of Narendra Modi and gives a call to the people of the country to fight against the double standard game of the Indian state.

More recently, in the context of the war on Gaza the Indian state has agreed to supply 10,000 workers from India to Israel as a replacement to the low-wage paid Palestine workers. Trade Unions of India has registered their protest against such measure of the Indian state. CPI(Maoist) stands with the trade Unions demand to scrap such immoral labour swap which exposes the Indian workers lives to grave threats in the war zones. Indian state under RSS-BJP regime is strongly emulating Israel and has established an unbreakable bond with it. Indian state through Israeli technologies and weapons has unleashed severe repressions on the democratic voices and on the revolutionary movements of India. The Indian state is imitating Zionist Israeli methods of repression on the oppressed nationalities and Oppressed masses in India. CC of CPI (Maoist) gives a call to all mass organizations, democratic forces, human right activists and all progressive sections to protest against the evil alliance between India and Zionist Israel.

CC or CPI(Maoist) appeals to all friends and comrades of Indian Revolution and all other revolutiontary Maoist forces of the world to built militant mass movement against the Zionist Israeli state genocidal war on Palestine and to built movements for immediate peace and unconditional humanitarian support to Palestinian people. CC of our Party gives call to organize and built militant mass movements in the support of the liberation struggle of Palestine and punish the Zionist war criminals.

Down with Zionist-Apartheid Israeli state and Imperialism!

Say No to Imperialist wars on Oppressed Nations!

Workers and Oppressed people of all countries, Unite!

Long live Proletarian Internationalism!


i/c, International Affairs

Central Committee

CPI (Maoist