Monday, July 17, 2017

From Dem Volke Dienen. Some first Notes regarding the activities of the anti-imperialist alliance for the G20-Meeting in Hamburg

Wir dokumentieren diese englische Übersetzung des uns zugeschickten Berichtes:

In line with the resistance against the G20-Meeting in Hamburg the anti-imperialist alliance formed itself out of various organisations. Declared goal of the alliance was “In the middle of the diverse forms of resistance we will fight in order to send a clear internationalist and revolutionary message to those, fighting imperialism all over the world: We stand at your side, your struggle is our struggle! We send this message among others to the poor peasants in Brazil, who give their lives to unfold a great revolution; we send this message to all, who fight the imperialist aggression in Kurdistan, Syria and Iraq;
we send it to the comrades giving their lives in the people’s wars in Peru, Turkey, India and on the Philippines in order to lead the revolution to its end; we send this message to everyone, who holds up the banner of resistance against genocide and the draconian repression of the Erdogan regime in Turkey; we send this message to those who hold up the flag of rebellion in the dungeons of counter-revolutionary everywhere in the world, we send this message to the communists and revolutionaries, who despite all differences fight together in the imperialist countries to destroy the imperialist beast.“
Therefore the alliance undertook various activities that – in a moment in which other friends were occupied mainly to solve camps, routes of demonstrations etcetera – brought the campaign against the G20-Summit into the proletarian neighbourhoods in Hamburg, to the deepest and broadest masses; through a certain handling the conditions got created so we could fight the whole week where, how and when we wanted to, meaning it was possible for us to make powerful initiatives and serve and develop the militant attitude in the protests against the G20. The propaganda was done for example amongst others, in bright day in working class neighbourhoods slogans were written on walls while leaflets were spread. The masses did not complain about „smudged walls“, in the contrary, these actions got the support of the residents. With an initiative of the comrades the first action of this campaign was dedicated to the Mexican comrade Meztli Sarabia Reyna from Oaxaca, who got killed by mercenaries of the Mexican state not long ago.
The willingness to unite with all forces that want to fight against the meeting of the G20, like it is said in the call of the anti-imperialist alliance, got implemented in praxis. Comrades took part in various struggles and demonstrations within the week, to be able to let the storms of mass struggles breeze in their faces and to be able to be part of this gigantic storm, something that just can’t happen in a quiet back room. Therefore a contingent of the anti-imperialist alliance took part at the “Welcome to Hell“-demonstration, even though the resistance of the masses was used in parts by forces that did not break with the bourgeois state and were ready to sit on a table with him to bargain, and forces that more than once played the games of the defendants of the genocidal Israel, the so called “Antideutsche“, to tear down the bridges connecting different alignments within the revolutionary movement in the FRG.
The question has to be put, why of all things the International Centre B5 got target of a brutal assault and a search of the police, even though compared to e.g. the Rote Flora it was rather small, unknown and rather little observed by the bourgeois media in context of the protests. Here we wish all comrades of the B5, that they will be able to use this unexpected medial presence and furthermore win new people for their valuable cultural, internationalist and anti-imperialist work based on solidarity against repression and violence of the bourgeois state. To unite with many to convert this malicious attack of the enemy into his fierce defeat!
On the mass rally on Saturday together with the Hamburg alliance against imperialist aggression an anti-imperialist block got organised, that appeared with a militant front block in which the red banner with hammer and sickle waved in large numbers. It contained comrades from various countries of Europe. The expression of the block got hold of by the bourgeois media as well, like the deputy chief editor of the Hamburger Abendblatt expressed: “This many Hammer-and-Sickle-Flags you did not see since the fall of the Berlin Wall.“ (see Hamburger Abendblatt, “Die Schwarzen und die Linken“, 10. July 2017) Out of the masses of the anti-imperialist block propaganda units acted to spread leaflets, put up stickers and write the slogans of the block on walls. In this block comrades of several and totally different organisations stood shoulder to shoulder and defended against the massive and prepared attack of police. This fighting spirit impressed the police enough to compose a press release: “Sporadic disguise got registered on participants. Out of this group more crimes were committed, so in the area Herrengraben police units tried to separate a group of circa 120 persons. The officers got kicked massively and smashed with Flagstaffs. The disguised participants of the demonstration were able to escape in all directions without detection.“ (Press release of the Police, “Versammlungen am 08.07.2017 in Hamburg – Ergänzung Stand 16:40 Uhr“) The bourgeois Newspapers also repeatedly reported massive attacks on the police with (Flag-)staffs. In the mean attack of the reactionaries, two comrades got hurt so bad, they had to get brought to a hospital. But we also got reports that police could not execute their ambush without paying a certain bloodshed. After the attack the comrades of the anti-imperialist bock that have not been in the first lines before took up the red flag with hammer and sickle in large numbers with revolutionary spirit and reorganised the front block to finish the demonstration militantly. We hope that comrades of other countries that did not take the opportunity to fight with the comrades in the block shoulder to shoulder, were able to take a good memory back home on this day. We are also thankful for the solidarity that various comrades expressed after the attack of the police, but we want to make clear that we weren't defenceless victims, but all comrades were in this fight with a clear consciousness.
After the demonstration on Saturday it was clear, that it basically had a separation on two demonstrations. It should have a fighting demonstration with the “Welcome to Hell“-demonstration, where everybody should go that was ready do fight the police, but this fight should happen isolated from the masses. The demonstration on Saturday should be the “peaceful anti-pole”. That shows that the control of revisionism of the protest was underrated in advance, especially the control of the left party, which also called for the attack on the anti-imperialist block on the mass rally, because this crossed the plan of revisionism. This shows, that the left party are not “Friends on a wrong path”, but close and irrevocable fused with the imperialist state machinery, regarding the repression in Germany as well and not only regarding the foreign affairs of the bourgeoisie. This brings us to the meaning of Lenin's teachings, that revolutionaries have to be taught in revolutionary violence and the ruthless fight against revisionism. For the comrades, every hit they got was a reminder for what is revisionism and its role.
Concluding we want to make clear, since all the opportunists and revisionists buckle in the storm of bourgeois outrage and distance themselves: A “German left“ that condemns, when comrades from Greece and Spain and other countries of the EU, that are under the thumb of German Imperialism, discharge their just class hate here on the streets, is and stays a social patriot and therefore a sworn enemy of the working class. Not without reason Lenin pointed out, in his insistent warnings of those tendencies and his struggle against chauvinism in general, the “German chauvinism” as outstandingly bad example of this kind.
We salute the young revolutionaries, daughters and sons of the class, that stood up to the ironclad storm troops of the murderous FRG Imperialism without fear, without doubt, without regard of their own well-being. Some comrades survived the struggle by chance, the pigs wanted to break their skulls, but the comrades did not complain, they were glad, they all were happy, conscious, they stood on the right side, on the side of the oppressed and exploited, on the side of our class on the world, on the side of the future of humanity.
There is a lot more to analyse and we also need a little bit time. Patience comrades, we will report again. But, something we felt, as we stood together, as our blood and the blood of the enemy ran; we felt a birth – like a birth normally is, bloody – a birth of something New. Something that many thought it would never appear in this rotten state: struggling communists, soldiers of the class, ready to pay the price. In the end, whatever happens to us, with this an important victory and development is achieved.