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NewEpoch Media: PPM (RC) - Statement on the judgements and condemnation against Chairman Gonzalo

September 18, 2018
The fascist Peruvian State, the marionette of the US-Imperialism execute a new assault on the People's War in Peru and its great Leader Chairman Gonzalo. Since 26 years he is in isolation imprisonment, now on the September 11, there are new judgements against him. 
These assaults are directed against the greatest Marxist alive, against the World Proletarian Revolution.
In the following we document an unofficial translation (found on of an statement by the Peru People's Movement (Reorganization Committee). A very important statement for every revolutionary to read, it's an expression of the invincibility of People's War. 

Here is the link to the original statement in Spanish, which is publish on Nuevo Peru:

Proletarians of all countries, unite!



The media monopolies in the country have announced that the Collegiate "A" of the National Criminal Chamber sentenced Chairman Gonzalo along with 9 other defendants to life imprisonment this Tuesday (September 11), for the command responsibility of the attack on Tarata street, in Miraflores, on July 16, 1992.

As neither the public prosecutor (Prosecutor), nor the State Prosecutor, nor the judges could at any time prove their famous "command responsibility" in the sham trial that was mounted against Chairman Gonzalo and others, they have condemned Chairman Gonzalo and the " co-accused ", not for specific facts of the complaint, matter of the farce and expressly violating the commandment of the" individualization "of the so-called criminal responsibility, as stated in the legal system of the old landlord-bureaucratic state, at the service of imperialism principally Yankee and the rules of the international order of imperialism, but they have condemned him for being Chairman of the PCP, Great Leader of the Party and the Peruvian revolution, that is to say they have condemned him not for what he has supposedly done, according to the supposed charges of the "criminal accusation", but for what he is, for belonging to the party of the class, the PCP. As reported by the press:

"The court argued that 'it is accredited' that the accused were members of the Central Committee of Sendero Luminoso , 'the decision-making body that ordered and approved the car bomb attack.'"
Moreover, they condemned two "defendants" who were unable to act directly or indirectly (material impossibility) at the time of the acts that were the subject of the trial.

They have taken the trial farce against Chairman Gonzalo without being able to use his right to defend himself directly, through the "disciplinary measures" imposed against him when he has tried to denounce the farce of the process and has revealed himself against the alleged judges. Neither has he been able to count on a defense lawyer of his choice, but with a lawyer imposed by the court of exception. Against all this ignominy Chairman Gonzalo has shown the fortitude, the steel value of a communist great leader. Chairman Gonzalo has shown that he has not acknowledged the authority of that court, the judges, his laws and the old State to judge him. Chairman Gonzalo is the eagle of the party and he is fighting in the highest combat trench of the People's War in the Naval Base of the enemy.

The judges are lacking any independence, not even the formal one, according to the norms of the constitutional law and criminal procedure. They are members of a court of exception, since they do not correspond to the natural judge of the alleged cases. The judging room is an ad hoc room, that is, appointed by finger to judge him as "Collegiate" A "of the National Criminal Chamber".

The "defendant" was subjected to an illegitimate judge, deviated from his natural jurisdiction. They are special judges to judge special defendants, that is to say "defendants", who are denied the procedural guarantees of "equality before the law", condemned from the outset as "terrorists", subject to cruel measures and inhuman treatment (absolute isolation for about 26 years, deprivation of visits from family and friends, indefinite detention without a valid trial resolution, without a sentence, without pre-existing criminal laws) and condemned by the political and military authorities, etc. and by the media lynching. They do not have the status of innocent during the process (indubio pro reo) but are considered guilty before the arrest (the indubio pro societate - fascist law applies in these processes).

The judges who have "condemned" him receive extra pay from the imperialist master (UN development program), pay extra out of judicial ranks, as well as the judges of the so-called "anti-corruption system". In addition to the booty (bribe) receive extras to fulfill their expressed role without "class justice" clothes (landlord-bureaucratic, at the service of imperialism). Special prosecutors and the anti-terrorist police, as well as the special anti-terrorist judges, receive monitoring, indoctrination, training and equipment from the US Department of Justice. See the "Constellation" team in the newspapers.

They are judges who have not been validly named because their appointments come from usurpers of the authority according to the constitutional norms of the old State. His authority comes from the so-called self-coup of Fujimori on April 4, 1992, which suppressed the 1979 Constitution. Thus, the so-called "Fujimori's Constitution" of 1993, which they say is in force; the fascist constitution to fight the People's War, has no validity according to its own legal order. They are illegitimate.

Not only we say this but also their own legal doctrine and the reactionary jurists themselves, and was even unknown by one of its presidents to swear the office, who put it aside and putting his hand on the Bible said: "I swear by the 1979 Constitution" It was Captain Carlos (Humala) at the time of swearing oath to become president on July 28, 2011, although he later forgot this recognition by the unconstitutionality of his own mandate.

This State that has had a genocide as president, Captain Carlos of Madre Mía (a Military Base where poor peasants suspected of being part of the guerrilla were tortured, violated and disappeared), as it is proven to the point of satiety, dares to condemn the just rebellion and its Great Leader, Chairman Gonzalo, through its corrupt prosecutors and judges.

Not only is it a farcical condemnation, it is juridically irreversible but also ridiculous. Even more so for the moment when they express it to try to divert the attention and the anger of the masses of the Peruvian people against the rottenness of the old State, of the whole system, of all its institutions and characters, from top to bottom. Where the finger is placed the pus leaps. There is no one to be saved, they are condemned by history, their days are numbered, the old State and the old society will be totally swept away by the roaring branches of the people's war.

As soon as the court and its judges had finished declaring that they had condemned the Great Leader of the Rebellion of our people without political interference of any kind, President Vizcarra, the pawn of Yankee imperialism and head of the "white-collar mafia", the one who never knows nothing that he has done or ordered to do, said:

"The enemies of Peru must remain in prison", which was repeated by his prime minister César Villanueva and his defense minister, the genocidal general declared, that the sentence was very useful to continue fighting the people's war in the VRAE.

But whatever the reactionaries do under the command of Yankee imperialism and their "low intensity" war, with the help of revisionist and ROD revisionist and capitulationist or LOL  rats, nothing can legitimize their farce of trials and new condemnation. to Chairman Gonzalo and the PCP.

 We denounce, condemn and reject once again the farce of a new trial and the new sentence. They have no power to condemn the most important revolutionary prisoner of war in the world.

The People's War that started on May 17, 1980, which takes place in our homeland, as part of and at the service of the world revolution, is just and correct, it is a rebellion that is absolutely led by the PCP and its Great Leadership, Chairman Gonzalo, against centuries of oppression to end the three mountains that oppress our people: imperialism, semi-feudality and bureaucratic capitalism.
Finally we reaffirm that the People's War has not stopped for a moment because the life of the party can never be stopped. Long live the Communist Party of Peru! Long live the leadership of the party that has been fulfilling the task of the general reorganization of the party.

We reaffirm ourselves in what was established by Chairman Gonzalo in his speech of September 24, 1992, masterful synthesis of the Third Plenary Session of the Central Committee, Historical and Transcendent Plenary, where the Chairman calls on the communists, combatants and masses to continue with the tasks and to persist in the People's War until triumph, until the democratic revolution is achieved with the seizure of power in the whole country, for what we are, communists in formation. Long live the invincibility of the People's War!

Long live Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, Gonzalo Thought!

Long live Chairman Gonzalo and his almighty gonzalo thought!

Defend the health and life of Chairman Gonzalo with more People's War!

Long live the 26th anniversary of the speech of our Great Leadership!

Honor and glory to the Peruvian people!

Yankees go home!

Peru People's Movement (Reorganization Committee)

September 2018