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Document of the PCP: Long live the 91st Anniversary of the heroic combatant, the Communist Party of Peru!

On occassion of the 91th Anniversary of the constitution of the Communist Party of Peru we document the first part of an (unofficial) translation of their statement for this occassion:

Proletarians of all countries, unite!

To the international proletariat and the peoples of the world!

To the proletariat and the heroic people of Peru!

Long live the 91st Anniversary of the heroic combatant, the Communist Party of Peru!

The Communist Party of Peru, armed with the allpowerful ideology of the international proletariat and the peoples of the world, Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, principally Maoism and the contributions of creative, scientifically and truthful application, Gonzalo Thought, expresses  it full, willing and conscious subjection to Chairman Gonzalo, recognizing his condition as Great Leader of the Party and the revolution, continuator of Marx, Lenin and Chairman Mao Tse-Tung, proven Great Leadership of proletarian leadership.

We salute the international proletariat, the oppressed peoples and nations of the world and in the same way ferociously salute the proletariat and the Peruvian people, heroic people that is the extinguishable creative force in the field of class struggle that gives an impulse its fierce combatant against the sinister plans that are being unfolded by this obsolete landlord-bureaucratic State, that falls apart.

We salute the Communist Parties and Revolutionary Organization that, against all odds, have been fulfilling the historic task of the reunification of the Communist in the International Communist Movement (ICM) and that establish the sole, just and correct base of joint unity general politics of the ICM. It is definitive, the task of the reunification of the communists is pending, today it corresponds to assume it, because it is a work of Maoism, of Chairman Gonzalo, and as such it is the work of the highest summit as third, new and superior stage of Marxism, and, in consequence, the current command and guide of the Proletarian World Revolution.

Comrades and Maoist revolutionaries of the world, our unbeaten and red banner flies defiantly before the black plans and shameful objectives of imperialism, reaction and revisionism. It are these unbeaten banners that are waved in unison by Marxism-Leninism-Maoism and this is today, for today the ideological and political unity base is an indestructible weapon for combat and to wipe away implacably imperialism, reaction and revisionism from the face of the earth.

The Communist Party of Peru, organized vanguard of the Peruvian proletariat finds, in its process of constitution, reconstitution and initiation and development of the People’s War, its objective manifestation of ideological and political leaps, that have as a source the all powerful weapon of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, principally Maoism, that applied to our reality gave us Gonzalo Thought for which we firmly reaffirm to continue to hold high, defend and principally apply it to solve the problems that occurred in the bend and inflection of the People's War. This process has been immersed in the history of contemporary Peruvian society and the world revolution. José Carlos Mariátegui on October 7, 1928 founded the Communist Party of Peru and did so on solid Marxist-Leninist bases as he himself declared; A Marxist-Leninist convicted and confessed. As a communist, Mariatégui has had ideological and political significance giving history a weight throughout Latin America, it was he who established the General Political Line that served for the constitution of the Party and the path for the communists, as we can see in his work History of the World Crisis; "Power is taken with violence and defended by dictatorship," Mariátegui was that clear and forceful, we reiterate, of great strategic content because he outline the path of democratic revolution.

The character of Peruvian society was defined by him, as semi-feudal and semi-colonial with a beginning capitalism that emerged tied to the dying and outdated character of imperialism and feudalism, furthermore determined the problem of the land as principal and of the nation as fundamental. He consecrated the Party's affiliation to the Communist International by raising communist principles as a standard of struggle against the shameful attacks of opportunism and revisionism and those today have taken the name "Mariatéguists." Mariatégui died within a few years leaving the tasks pending that had be continued. But leaving the path laid by him, the rotten revisionism jumped and assaulted the leadership of the Party raising sinister revisionist theses of "peaceful way" and the "electoral front as a way to take power”. Nothing is more false. These rotten revisionists structured their black line against the General Political Line and the Communist Program of the Party, dressed as "left", to place the Party at the tail of the plans and interests of the Peruvian State of exploitation, hunger and misery. There were several decades of profiting and selling constitutional illusions of “legality”, pure “parliamentary cretinism”, but communists and revolutionaries put up a strong resistance defending the path laid down by Mariatégui as well as the very existence of the revolutionary party and the constitution of the same, against those that wanted to make it explode. Once again it is proven that clinging to our ideological and political source, Marxist-Leninist in the 50s, the communists hold high together and reimpulse the great work of our founder that initiate the development of this just and correct path. Reconstitute it, to initiate and develop the People's War.

How did the Chinese Revolution influence the Party? We see the decade of the 60’s, the new wave of the world revolution was rising defiantly, the Chinese Revolution also had a great socialist weight, the international proletarian movement with the national liberation movement expressed their inextinguishable revolutionary forces that would scourge the world. The fight against contemporary revisionism is sharpening and the shameless Khrushchevists promoted "the three peacefuls" and "the two wholes" were expelled in an intense and hard two-line struggle against their trafficing and black vomit of capitulation and betrayal. In the struggle against these revisionists we raised the need to raise the struggle for Mao Tse Tung thought, today Maoism. Chairman Gonzalo drove the Red Fraction in this decade with great handling to defend the principles of Marxism-Leninism, Mao Tse Tung thought, develop the path Mariátegui outlined for what was appropriate to develop to reconstitute the Party, was a fair and correct strategy. So far we can summarize; the decade of the 60s was a burning struggle of the Fraction to retake the shining path of Mariatégui and reconstitute the heroic fighter, the Party (Central Committee defined and approved it 1969.) It had a National Construction Plan and next to the masses and the Peruvian people merge to serve their sacred interests with all their heart. That is key and transcendental.

We reconstituted the party, began the armed struggle on May 17, 1980, developing the People's War as a military theory of the international proletariat and the peoples of the world, the People's War proved invincible, Chairman Gonzalo was proven in the language of bullets, with the Maoist roar and the new Power, with the true and imperishable milestones of victory what only the people's war could give us, it was possible due to our full and complete subjection in our only ideological and political source, Marxism-Leninism-Thought Mao Tse Tung , it was correct to define it as the first guiding thought and moved on to a second one; the reconstitution of the Party and the historic initiation of the armed struggle (IAS), creating the new, destroying the foundations of this old Peruvian state, expired and rotten to its marrows, we learned that construction is and will always be the principal and will take place in midst of difficulties because it is the new that emerges in the melting pot of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism.

In what context does the people's war begin and develop? 1949 there is the triumph of the Chinese Revolution led by the Communist Party under the direction of Chairman Mao Tse Tung, Asia and throughout the world there were thunderous and vibrant agitations with red flags under the slogan "its right to rebel", Yankee-imperialism suffers defeat after defeat thus demonstrating that socialism had a great weight in the history of the world revolution and also demonstrating that we were living new times of revolutionary forces and favorable to the proletarian revolution, a new great wave of the world proletarian revolution. The restoration in the USSR took place in 1956 by the work of the sinister Khrushchev and his gang, but the international proletariat did not stop fighting, learning from its defeats, placed its fierce resistance and raised the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution in 1966 led by Chairman Mao Tse Tung, until he dies and revisionism as well as in Russia assaulted the leadership of the party and the revolution, there was restoration but again the spectre continued to travel the world, the revolution as the main political trend. Four great plans and VI military plans we have developed, Chairman Gonzalo, inspired by Marx, Lenin and Chairman Mao Tse Tung who through the Communist Party of Peru, the red soldiers of the Popular Guerrilla Army, today the People's Liberation Army, and the Front - New State, has shaped it from spark to inextinguishable fire, has taught us to combat and resist, has shown us the way to give a new impulse and build the conquest of Power. The detention suffered by our great leadership and the central leadership is an objective fact, so objective was then the sly and sinister capitulation of that Right Opportunist Line that structured in the prisons, with its policy of revision and smudging our General Political Line, the Party Unity Basis, the Program and all the events, plenary sessions, and agreements that emanated from the 1st Congress, a Marxist, a Marxist-Leninist-Maoist, Gonzalo Thought Congress. It is just as revisionist as the reluctance of some leaders and the filthy mercenary of José and company. What ideological and political foundations have they developed? None. They have only raised a ragged flag of the Left Opportunist Line (LOL), anti-Maoist, anti-party and anti-Gonzalo Thought.

The Communist Party of Peru, expresses its greetings to the leaders, cadres, militants, combatants and heroic masses close to the party and proposes not only to be the spark but to join the burning flame, growing clamor of our people and in the task of: GENERAL REORGANIZATION OF THE PARTY IN AND FOR THE PEOPLE'S WAR IN PERU!

Regarding the current political situation and events that demonstrate the serious crisis of imperialism, principally Yankee imperialism, and the decay of bureaucratic capitalism, we establish the following:

Comrade Stalin masterfully established that the contradictions in the ruling classes are a reflection of the inter-imperialist contradictions and the principal are the reserve forces of the revolution. Imperialism and all the reactionaries are paper tigers, we strategically despise them, but tactically we take them into account, that's how we have been taught, so that to repel the people's war is to boost the democratic path of the people through the people's war to build the conquest of Power for a true People's Republic of Peru.

The general counterrevolutionary offensive that is led by imperialism, principally Yankee imperialism, in the early 1990s in light of the facts, and once again is being defeated by the Marxist-Leninist-Maoist revolutionary counteroffensive and is in the field of the initiated peoples wars and developed with struggles of national liberation and of the proletariat, oppressed people and nations of the world. India, Turkey and the Philippines, armed liberation struggles in Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Libya among other nations in the intermediate zones and inter-imperialist struggle.

The sharp struggles of the great bourgeoisie that are expressed within the fascist, genocidal and country-selling pro-Yankee regime that today is headed by the pawn and servile Vizcarra, comrade Stalin tells us; It is a reflection of the inter-imperialist struggles, basically of Yankee imperialism (which is in a frank process of decline) and which seeks to consolidate its “base” in Latin America as part of its hegemonic plans in the region. What worries them? Headache causes them the increasing penetration of the Russian superpower and the Chinese social-imperialist power, imperialism, mainly Yankee imperialism persists does not cease or cease with its striving and foracious appetite to consolidate its status as a unique hegemonist "for centuries" but this black Yankee dream is becoming a very serious nightmare, getting more fierce and rapacious, it has not been able to achieve strategic superiority over the Russian atomic superpower, even more so if it transits in acute struggles inside its imperialist entrails, the so-called "Democrats" try to block its step by sharpening his political crisis permanently under their administration. They use their well-known "coup d'etat" for the official investigation that the US House of Representatives has opened against the interference with the retention of financial aid to Ukraine, to Kiev and to exert pressure on his closest political contender in the next elections of the 2020.

We reaffirm that imperialism, principally Yankee imperialism, has entered its declining phase and has imperialist contenders ahead of its heels. In immediate perspective a catastrophic financial and economic crisis like never seen before, undergoing fascist Trump's and will have its highest point in 2020, election year for his re-election, the elections of Vizcarra in Peru are not accidental, they have "hope" in this re-election and we will soon see the application of a new hegemony plan until 2036.

Chairman Gonzalo has argued that in the second half of each decade the crisis of bureaucratic capitalism in Peru deepens, says; "Acute economic crisis on which the current political crisis arises ...". Clear and crisp and how is it expressed? We see a process of growing struggle between groups of the faction of the comprador bourgeoisie (Fuerza Popular and the Apra) of great support from the mining, hydrocarbons, agro-exporter sectors and Confiep with whom they have raised the “coup d'etat” as a workhorse in against the representatives of the fascist trend (PPK and Vizcarra) more linked to the global financial sector, international economic organizations, WB, IMF, OECD faithful representatives of the demoliberal trend, it is collision and collusion between these groups of the comprador faction for the conduction of the fascist, genocidal and country-selling regime of this old bureaucratic landowner State. These sharp contradictions also have to be framed in the plans and the continuation of the application of the three counterrevolutionary tasks that need to be developed and that in essence has not changed (give bureaucratic capitalism a new impulse, restructure its state apparatus and definitively annihilate the people's war) once more we say; Keep dreaming.

In the electoral process of 2016 in Peru and under the direct intervention of his master, Yankee imperialism, the genocidal administration of Obama imposed on his “winning horse” the agent and faithful servant of Kuczynski (currently vacated by this spurious and parasitic congress, currently under house arrest), this election took place in sharp contention against this sinister character of Keiko Fujimori, as sinister as was the fascist, genocidal and country-selling Alberto Fujimori (currently imprisoned with pretrial detention), both characters along with his cronies they always pursued the control of the estates of this old reactionary state, they pointed to the executive, parliament at the first place, to go on filling not only electoral, judicial institutions, the Public Ministry, the magistracy, Sunat, Central Reserve Bank, ministries and even the constitutional court as a contest entity to align with the interests of these two factions of the big bourgeoisie, etc. For example, this Mr. Pedro Olaechea, owner of Tacama vineyard, former director of mining companies, Confiep, Adex, National Society of Industries, business solutions against poverty, and with an American company and the Credit Bank (Banco de Crédito – BCP) he was charging a bond for agrarian reform for several billion soles, and it was the constitutional court who would solve it. Other pearls of this contest by the constitutional court are the denunciations against the 200 thousand sterilizations against women made by the genocidal Fujimori and several ministers, as well as the issue of “pardon, lawsuits against abuse mentioned by the Armed Forces and the National Police in areas declared as emergency (growing protest against mining, environmental, farmers, etc.), agreements between mining extractors and the reactionary National Police to take care of their interests among other facts. These institutions today, are sunk to the marrow in shameless and flagrant corruption, once again demonstrating that all their state bureaucracy is in obvious decomposition, they are forgiving a debt of 4 thousand 610 million tax debt to more than 07 mining companies, financial, telecommunications, department stores, gas stations etc. Agony is accelerated along with the bankruptcy of the "traditional", "independent" political parties and organizations and representatives of the big bourgeoisie and bureaucratic landowners, servants of their master, imperialism, mainly Yankee imperialism which sinks and falls apart. Permanent political crisis and serious delegitimization of a regime that makes its plans and objectives against the people. Heroic Peruvian people..

The faction of the bureaucratic bourgeoisie is not far behind, it intends to gain positions (Frente Amplio – New Peru and allies) by proposing “new forms for the new times” driving the restructuring of the old bureaucratic landowner state to “overcome the generalized crisis” saviors from sinking state through its talk about "constituent assembly" and "new constitution" How would it benefit the people and the nation? Obviously in no way, or, once again, with the application of these "famous democratic proposals", did the proletariat, the mainly poor peasantry and the people in general have obtained benefits? To this request, are not the opportunists and revisionists of every rally sowing rotten constitutional illusions? In these heads of ballot boxes and sinister language of votes, the capitulators of the Right Opportunist Line the (revisionist and capitulationist ROL) with their spawn MOVADEF and FUDEPP and in the VRAE those of the opportunist line of “left” (LOL) of the mercenary of "José" and company, also lined themselves up in single file, the latter are seeking their enlistment through negotiations with spokespersons called "reservists" agents of the army and the Dircote (sacha) for the sake of an alleged "national reconciliation." These “democratic proposals” of “new constitution with the people and for the people” and “constituent assembly” place the masses in line of the bureaucratic faction for their desire to gain positions in the handling and control of this old reactionary state, but and mainly, these "proposals" serve the infamous claims of the comprador faction in its demo liberal wing linked to the world financial system, because they raised; "An end to a stage or a regime that has been dragging since 1992 with a constitution from 1993 that does not serve the development of Peruvian society." Such hyenas, thirsty for blood and power disguise themselves as lambs, imperialism, mainly Yankee imperialism does not want that, they will not allow it or, maybe, will a new constitution that "serves the people" resolve inter-imperialist struggles? In the next congressional elections of 2020 this wing of the comprador faction with Vizcarra in the lead will succeed, accommodate and possess better, they will have greater control and their “new constitutional court” will resolve legal political disputes, in better conditions of “reliability” for their bureaucratic path, then the struggle for 2021 will become more acute.

The current dissolution of the congress is another step in the process of absolute centralization specified in presidential absolutism as an imperative need for the conduction of the fascist, genocidal and country selling regime making it a more pro-yankee servant and, the call for congressional elections for January 26, 2020 is, as we say, an urgent need to give the regime an air of legitimacy for the pursuit of its mainly counterrevolutionary, anti-popular, and reactionary plans and objectives, as we see in the aggravating legal and criminal offenses of criminalizing the right to strike, to protest, to expressions, rights, benefits and conquests etc., etc.

Presidential absolutism obligates greater dominance on the part of imperialism (intervention, interference and advice etc.), principally Yankee imperialism, its spearhead is ultimately the control of the executive and they do so through the Yankee "ambassadors" in Peru and the counterrevolutionaries roles played by its various intelligence and control agencies in the different levels of the old landlord-bureaucratic state (CIA, FBI, DEA, NSA, USAID etc.) with their eavesdropping and intelligence operations within the “white collars of the Judiciary and the Public Ministry”, the “criminal organizations of officials, businessmen and political parties”, etc., dismounting the “old, tired and discredited horses” in order to mount “new horses” in accordance with the measures. What corresponds? We unmask them and fight them by reimpulsing People’s War and by strengthening the people’s liberation movement so that the People’s Liberation Path expresses itself in a clear form. We persist in strengthening anti-imperialism. How do we do it? General Reorganization of the Party in and for the People’s War in Peru

Imperialism, principally Yankee imperialism, points towards a new plan (2021 – 2036) and through the genocidal fascist and pro-Yankee country-selling pawn Vizcarra, uses the “bicentennial” moving patriots, “national reconciliation”, “all bloods” until the “new constitution” to serve, therefore, among others, the old landlord-bureaucratic State. For it, it is important to give legitimacy to the regime and “legitimacy” is an essential component of the counter-subversive strategy of the Low Intensity Warfare (LIW). We should not entertain ourselves with another scenario while they continue to apply their LIW and with it intend to divert the democratic course that the people, the heroic Peruvian people, have. Let us open our eyes because there is open militarization, criminalization and over-criminalization, together with “ballot boxes and votes”, “referendum” and “consultations, pure electoral circus. The struggle of the masses against mining, for wages, rights, working and labor conditions, the struggle against the decrees of dismissals, dispossessions, over-exploitation in the various public and private sector with laws of productivity, flexibility and competitiveness, etc. Over-exploitation that will bring greater hunger and misery.

Chairman Gonzalo has taught us that fascism has never worked and in the country the objectives and plans that they intended to continue applying are cornered, their famous green plan (1990 - 2010) ended in failure and disaster, forcing it to expand (2010 - 2021) and we are already seeing how it is ending, always generating greater disturbances and failure because that is the inexorable law of total destruction. We say to this fascist, genocidal and fatherland selling and pro-Yankee with the pawn Vizcarra at the head. Although some question and negate the fascist character of the regime, Chairman Gonzalo in the II Plenum made us understand how fascism unfolds and under what new conditions the particularities further sharpen; with the comprador bourgeoisie this is expressed as "presidential absolutism" and with the bureaucratic bourgeoisie this is expressed as "corporatism". The necessity for imperialism, principally Yankee imperialism, and the Peruvian reaction is to continue in the faithful fulfillment of its three counterrevolutionary tasks (united and indelible to reimpulse, restructure and definitively annihilate the People’s War) and it is imperative to continue with the fascist, genocidal and country selling regime of the pro-Yankee and to give legitimacy to this regime in the development of its LIW by applying every time greater repression against the just and growing people’s protest.

Chairman Gonzalo, when he develops the General Program of the Democratic Revolution in the I Congress of the Party in 1988-1989, in the first point highlights to us that, what corresponds is to demolish the Peruvian State, for being the dictatorship of the exploiters and oppressors directed for the big bourgeoisie (in its two factions, comprador and bureaucratic, which is not say that one is better and the other is worse or that with one it can be dealt with and with the other not) with the armed and repressive forces and all their bureaucratic apparatus that maintains it. In that part, Chairman Gonzalo points out that we are lifeguards of this old reactionary state? He did not say, bring the masses to the tail of the plans of imperialism and the Peruvian reaction promoting "a new constitution with and for the people". There are those who said in '93 and they still maintain it; "We are in new times" and talk about the "new general political line" or worse, the "II congress for the II reconstitution". The new revisionism not only negates Marxism - it echoes the imperialists and reactionaries about the "expiration of Marxism" to openly oppose the constitution or reconstitution of Maoist Communist Parties, which is against socialism and against the dictatorship of the proletariat - but negates the leap of the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution to prevent restoration. This revisionism today, directs its fierce attack against the People's War and, principally, against Maoism. Those of the ROL, and the LOL in Peru and the Avakianists or Prachandists in the world are part of this revisionist breed.

The great Lenin teaches us that we must educate the masses in revolutionary violence, uniting, mobilizing and fighting alongside these heroic masses, unfolding the relentless struggle against opportunism and revisionism as the principal danger. It is the rotten crust of the colossal heap of garbage that rides in the just struggles. Let us apply the tactics established by the Party: UNITE THE PEOPLE AGAINST THE FASCIST, GENOCIDAL AND COUNTRY SELLING REGIME REIMPULSING THE PEOPLE'S WAR! LONG LIVE THE 30TH ANNIVERSARY OF THE FIRST CONGRESS OF THE PARTY, A MARXIST CONGRESS, AMARXIST-LENINIST-MAOIST GONZALO THOUGHT CONGRESS!

“The congress is the product of People’s War, a great milestone and already expressed its law, its contradiction: the proletarian line as the principal aspect, and as counterpart: Revisionism as the principal danger. Moment of that law: development of the great milestone, that is, the Congress specifies a great leap and every leap takes place in intense struggle.

Content: Evaluation and sanctioning of what has been done. Sanctioning of the Party Unity Base and bases for the conquest of Power in all of the country in order to serve the world revolution. Today it is to prepare a great leap, a great milestone, the sanctioning of the very same and to lay solid foundations for the conquest of power in all of the country. So, the dirt unites, the cronies jump and join to opposed the leap, the convergence is their norm and they unite to contain the leap. But as the congress is going to be fulfilled in the agreed manner and we see all the venomous herbs, the weeds that have been generated by the concrete fact of the leap and as the consequence of this deep removing this venomous herbs can generate a revisionist right opportunist line; we have to repeat, we do not say that that it necessarily will, as Chairman Mao Tse Tung says, transformation is needed.

But as Congress is going to be fulfilled in the agreed manner and if you see all the poisonous herbs, the weeds that have been generated by the concrete fact of the jump and as a consequence of that deep removal these poisonous herbs can generate an opportunistic line of revisionist right , you can repeat, we do not say that it will necessarily happen because President Mao Tse Tung says transform the need. Until today we are fighting the two-line fight against right-wing danger, even with points of antagonism, but for this we require two conditions: 1st that the left fulfill its role and 2nd that the right comply with transforming the need, if they persist in rightism and they go into revisionism they fall into fractional logic and lose their heads and there Lenin said, they lose even the best men. The left must be aware and carefully fulfill its role. If an opportunistic line of the right is formed, we are first against it and secondly we are not afraid of it, the right must also fulfill its role, no one is lost, if he has a will and a solid class spirit, he can conjure up his structure ”.

Until today we are fighting the two-line struggle against the principal danger of rightism including points of antagonisation, but for this we require to conditions: 1st that the left fulfills its role and 2nd  that the right fulfills the necessity with transformation. If they persist in rightism and they go into revisionism they fall into fractional logic and lose their heads and there Lenin said, they lose even the best men. The left must be conscious and carefully fulfill its role. If a ROL is formed, we are first against it and secondly we are not afraid of it, but the right must also fulfill its role, no one is lost, if one has the will and a solid class spirit, one can prevent that this structures”.

Chairman Gonzalo: I Congress, Marxist congress, marxist-leninist-maoist, Gonzalo thought congress 1988 – 1989

"On this 30th anniversary of the imperishable milestone of victory, Chairman Gonzalo has endowed us with the most indestructible weapon, Marxism-Leninism-Maoism and with its highest peak, Maoism, and not only the soul but also the of undeniable communist spirit with Gonzalo thought. The Communist Party of Peru, subjecting itself to our Party Unity Base, solid as the purest steel, inexhaustible source of wisdom and indestructible weapon to face the general reorganization of the party and to give a new impulse to the people's war, assumes the firm commitment to celebrate our First Congress reaffirming what Chairman Gonzalo said in its preparatory session: “… this Congress burns our souls more, lifts them up, catapults and enthusiasm can only be a red flag raised to the sky, a waving flag, a flag full of light that must signify for decades the process of the Peruvian revolution and thus serve the world revolution and thus put to the top the unfading flags of Marx, Lenin and Chairman Mao, three victorious flags that will always remain firmly in the hands of the international proletariat of which we are part”.

The heroic fighter, the Party, from the inextinguishable stake of the people's war, from the spark and flame of May 17, 1980, since the celebration of the 30th anniversary of our First Congress; calls on the Marxist-Leninist-Maoist Communist Parties and Revolutionary Organizations, to constitute and reconstitute Maoist communist parties to initiate and develop peoples wars, doing so resolutely serves the triumph of the democratic revolution with an uninterrupted leap to socialism and with great proletarian cultural revolution to reach the desired and golden communism. The events that shape the initiated and developed peoples wars and the struggles of national liberation and the proletariat, the oppressed people and nations of the world such as in India, Turkey and the Philippines, armed liberation struggles in Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Libya among other nations of inter-imperialist struggle, they confirm that Maoism is being increasingly embodied and that the universally valid contributions of Chairman Gonzalo serve the world revolution. We live the New Great Wave of the World Proletarian Revolution















Communist Party of Peru October 7, 2019

Written by jofu
14 October 2019