Friday, June 26, 2020

Comite Nacional De Lucha Sutep: I Assembly of Regional Classistic Bases of the Single Sutep July 04, 2020

We firmly salute the teachers and our beloved people in times of general crisis of Imperialism, which is also reflected in the country; where the Great Burgeoisie and Terratenientes loot Natural Resources and sailings take money from the people: PBI, like Reactiva's economic funds or the 30 000 billion Soles given to the companies of the Great Bourgeoisie. Moreover, the former SUNEDU official, current Minister of Education, corrupt to the core has arranged for the reboot of school classes in rural and Andean areas, due to the absence of Covid-19. cases. It would be a serious lethality for the people. So it's for us to organize and start union demands immediately. Even more so with an opportunism in the service of the employer with reaction agent Pedro Castillo Terrones and the MINEDU SUTEP of Red Homeland; owners of the now loan shark Magisterial Spill. For what is said, this I Assembly of Regional Classistic Bases of the Single Sutep is convened, this Saturday July 04, 2020, at 4:00 pm. Let's not expect to be thrown into mass graves lethally affected by the Covid-19 pandemic; let's organize to start fair claims.