Wednesday, June 10, 2020


Proletarians off all countries, unite!


The Central Committee of the Communist Party of Peru fervently greets our beloved, heroic and magisterial leader, Chairman Gonzalo; the greatest living Marxist-Leninist-Maoist, great political and military strategist, philosopher, teacher of communists, center of party unification, who creatively applying Marxism-Leninism-Maoism to the concrete conditions of the Peruvian revolution has generated Gonzalo Thought, guarantee of the revolutions triumph.

The Central Committee of the PCP reaffirms itself in its plain, conscious and unconditional subjection to the sole leadership of Chairman Gonzalo and to the entire system of party leadership.

The Central Committee of the PCP reaffirms itself in the historic recognition of the 1st Party Congress:

"We, the members of the Congress express our recognition of Chairman Gonzalo as the continuator of Marx, Lenin and Chairman Mao Tsetung, who has guaranteed the cohesion of the main, historic party meeting. Just as our jubilant communist greeting for having initiated and led the Marxist-Leninist-Maoist, Gonzalo Thought counter offensive which will crush the new counterrevolutionary offensive headed by Gorbachev and Deng, and in developing it will impose Maoism as a new, third and higher level of Marxism aiming at a new development of Marxism in service of the world proletarian revolution until communism is reached."

(June, 1989)

Today, now that our beloved leader faces difficult situations, deriving from an unfortunate work accident, we firmly assume his brave and decisive call of September 24, 1992, from prison:

"We are living in historic times, each one must be clear that that is so. We must not fool ourselves. In these moments we must put in tension all the forces, to confront difficulties and continue meeting our tasks and conquer the goals, successes and victory! That is what we must do!"

And that is what our Party is doing, leading the unstoppable peoples war to conquer power throughout the country, developing a strategic equilibrium, creating more New Power, today organizing the Popular Liberation Front; resolutely applying the accords of the glorious, historic and transcendental III Plenum of the Central Committee. We find ourselves in full application of the IV Plan of Strategic Development of the Peoples War to Conquer Power and the VI Military Plan: "Build the Conquest of Power!" , with its first campaign "In Defense of the Great Leadership [Jefatura], Against the Genocidal Dictatorship!" pulling together numerous armed actions which will fill imperialism, the big bourgeoisie and landowners with terror, as well as their revisionist and opportunist lackeys, and all their paid scribes; who in vain try to hide plain reality.

We energetically repudiate the unfounded lies of the genocidal traitor and the whole horde of carnivorous dogs defenders of the old order who try to smear the leader of the Party and the revolution. Chairman Gonzalo is the greatest example of what a communist is and since he himself initiated the invincible peoples war he entered clandestinity and remained there for more than 12 years in heroic, tenacious and secret existence, leading the revolution step by step. It was in those circumstances that his detention of September 12, 1992, by the snitches of "dincote" came about. But our people must know that that detention came about with the advice and direction of yanqui imperialism through the sinister CIA. The imperialism which is openly leading the so called "low intensity war" in our country.

We resolutely warn the genocidal sell out Fujimori and the cowardly and genocidal armed forces who instruct him, specialists in defeat and experts in hiding behind the unarmed masses; the ecclesiastical hierarchy, judges and bureaucrats who support the genocide; and its grand puppetmaster: principally yanqui imperialism, that they are responsible for the life and health of our leader and, to the contrary, should anything happen to him they will pay with their lives and that of all their cohorts, cost whatever it may cost. And we demand respect for the rights which attach to prisoners of war; demanding vigilance by the international organisms whose duty it supposedly is to ensure the meeting of elemental agreements and judicial norms which the reaction itself has established and claims to respect.

We alert our heroic people so that they will not let themselves be confused by the black lies put forth by the genocidal dictatorship which applies its "low intensity war" dictated by its master yanqui imperialism. That is why we condemn the so called "Law of Regret" decreed by the genocides and based on which they have mounted that ridiculous farce which they falsely call "the surrender of hundreds of subversives" as well as so called "massive arrests of Senderistas" or "the bombing and razing of Senderista strongholds in Ayacucho (Vizcatan, Waripata),Huallaga, etc.". We reaffirm that the Marxist Leninist Maoist, Gonzalo Thought peoples war is invincible and will inexorably conquer victory. And that does not depend on the will of a fortune telling puppet who is not even sure of finishing his "mandate", nor does it depend on the will of the genocidal armed forces nor of yanqui imperialism which has so many times been defeated by the same peoples war. But what they want to hide with their lies is the grave situation in which the old state finds itself which has no exit; what they seek to hide is the desertion of dozens of soldiers who are used as cannon fodder and the hundreds of casualties which are being inflicted on them by the Peoples Liberation Army; what they try to hide are the sharp contradictions which today splits between the two factions of the big bourgeoisie and which reflects itself in the heart of its rotten armed forces.

We recognize and are grateful for the solidarity and support of the international proletariat, Revolutionary International Movement, the Communist parties, the Peoples Organizations, the peoples of the world, who have raised their voice and fists in vigorous protest for the defense of Chairman Gonzalo through declarations, demonstrations, mobilizations and armed actions. We make a call to continue developing these tasks but linked to the campaign "Long Live Maoism".

In the III Plenum of the Central Committee Chairman Gonzalo said:

Maoism incarnating itself in the peoples of the world marches to command the new great wave of proletarian world revolution." And in his speech of September 24, 1992, he told us: "What do we need? We need for Maoism to be incarnated and it is being, and that it continue generating communist parties to lead, to direct that big wave of World Proletarian revolution which is coming upon us." "In the next year it will be 100 years since the birth of Chairman Mao. We must celebrate those 100 years! And we are organizing it with the communist parties." We have begun to do that because Maoism is the third, newest and superior level of the international proletariats ideology and that is decisive.

Finally, we reaffirm ourselves in the unmovable decision to give our lives for Chairman Gonzalo, for the Party and for the Revolution. We reaffirm ourselves in our firm resolution to develop the peoples war to conquer power throughout the country, loyally, tenaciously and vigorously applying our unstoppable and all powerful ideology, Marxism-Leninisn-Maoism, Gonzalo Thought.






December, 1992