Wednesday, November 2, 2022

Unitary Campaign for the Liberation of Georges Abdallah: There is no other possible alternative !


There is no other possible alternative !

Dear friends, dear comrades,

"Countless battles were fought, some were lost, others were won, but on the whole and in spite of all the losses and in spite of all the mistakes, the popular masses were able to consolidate certain achievements whose strategic significance no one can dispute today. The Palestinian people are still here and the Palestinian cause is more alive than ever."

These words, all of us gathered here, recognize them immediately as being those of George Abdallah. We recognize them by this unwavering affirmation that punctuates each of our comrade's statements: this famous "We shall overcome!" We recognize them by this historical optimism that underlies each of his analyses: an optimism that is not that of a sweet dreamer or a hardened idealist disconnected from reality who, at 70 years old, continues to delude himself about his youthful dreams; but which, on the contrary, is that which animates every fighter of the resistance, every revolutionary.

But we know it intrinsically and intimately, Georges Abdallah is correct!

Georges Abdallah is correct when he emphasizes that the Palestinian people are still there and that the Palestinian cause is more alive than ever! The Palestinian people are still there after more than 100 years of colonization; the Palestinians are still there in spite of this relentless will to reduce this people, this land to nothing. The Palestinian people are still there and face their executioners, the Zionist entity and the imperialists: they resist again and again, stone by stone and wall by wall to the occupier succeeding in hitting them everywhere, at every moment and in the heart of East Jerusalem. The whole history of Palestine is resistance and struggle, and the heroic actions of these last months and days are only the visible aspect of a more global reality: resistance has never ceased because it is the very law of the existence of the Palestinian people, but today it is assumed by a new generation of "unconquered lions" fighters who by their armed struggle take up the torch of the national liberation struggle, hit the enemy wherever he is and demonstrate even in their blood that "Palestine will live "and that certainly, surely, undeniably, inescapably," Palestine will win !".

Palestine will live! Palestine will win! Free George Abdallah!

Dear comrades, we know it! George Abdallah is indeed correct when he says that the Palestinian cause is alive! It has been, it is and it will remain so, because the Palestinian people and their glorious resistance have no other way out

than to struggle, to fight and to free themselves from the settler in order to continue being. Let's repeat it here, once again: there is no other possible alternative! The Zionist entity cannot be reformed! Nothing can be expected from the settler - neither an end to its apartheid system, nor a so-called progressive democratization of its government. One has to be naive, to say the least, to believe that a negotiation of power, land and interests could ever be possible between the colonist and the colonized, between the dominant and the oppressed in this relationship of annihilation that is the colonial system.

All the political and military choices of the Zionist occupier since its establishment in the land of Palestine until today leave no doubt as to the objective aimed at: not only to reduce to nothing the struggle of the Palestinian people but "above all to finish with the Palestinian people as such". This killing is consubstantial with the colonial system and the very existence of the Zionist entity. And in this system, apartheid is not a simple adjustment variable which we should just demand in our slogans to be stopped: apartheid is inscribed in the genetic code of this system of oppression and it is a delusion to think that a single democratic "Israel-Palestine" state, free of apartheid, is possible or else it has a name: Palestine and all of Palestine!

From the river to the sea, Palestine to the Palestinians!

So yes dear comrades, we know! Georges Abdallah is also correct when he says that "the Palestinian people know better than anyone that compromises and all the capitulatory options only lead to their loss". In this protracted war in which the Palestinian people are engaged for their survival, support for Palestine, all our support and active solidarity must go first and foremost, without hesitation, to the heroic resistance of the Palestinian people, to this young and not so young Palestinian fighting vanguard that is fighting in the front line with its weapons against the occupier to regain its land, that of historic Palestine. The victory of these torches of resistance and with it of all the Palestinian people can alone guarantee the return of a state of law in Palestine; it alone can guarantee the return of a state of peace in Palestine - for here too let us not deceive ourselves and remember "No justice, no peace!" - just as it is the only guarantee of the implementation of the just and legitimate right of return for all Palestinians. There is no other possible so-called alternative process to build outside this resistance from within, outside this resistance from occupied Palestine and nothing else to expect in the imperialist centers from those who arm, normalize, negotiate or resume privileged relations with the enemy! "Faced with the occupation and the barbarity of the occupier, the first legitimate response that must be shown before anything else is solidarity, all solidarity, with those who with their blood face the soldiers of the occupation." Solidarity, all solidarity, therefore, with the march of return, yes, but with that of Gaza!

Long live the armed struggle of the Palestinian people!

Dear friends, dear comrades, we know it! Georges Abdallah is correct! In his lifelong struggle for Palestine, but also in all the other fronts where he is part of our struggles: anti-imperialist, anti- capitalist, anti-Zionist and anti-fascist. On all these fronts, Georges Abdallah is still there and his cause is more alive than ever! This political identity never denied - that of an Arab, communist, revolutionary fighter that we are not afraid to display on our posters everywhere we are because Georges Abdallah is our comrade and we are of his political identity - it is indeed what brings him today into his 39th year of detention behind these walls and barbed wire.

For his liberation, since that first day when some of our comrades here present - honor to them! - have initiated this struggle, countless battles have been fought, some have been lost, others have been won, and on the whole and in spite of these last years, it is necessary to note that the solidarity supports on the local, national and international level have only increased, national and international level has only expanded and consolidated to demand his release but also to carry loudly his ideas and his revolutionary struggle because "it is precisely on the ground of the anti-imperialist and anti- capitalist struggle that we can, that we must bring the most significant support to our imprisoned comrades".

But here again, we know intrinsically and intimately, Georges Abdallah is also correct when he states himself the key to his liberation by recalling that undeniably it is not a matter of judicial argumentation since "it is always at the level of political authorities that the place and the judicial ritual are decided when it is a question of political prisoners"; but that it is rather conditioned to a power struggle to be won in order to make the representatives of French imperialism understand that his incarceration begins to weigh more heavily than his liberation.

Like the unconquerable lions, we still have to intensify this power struggle in order to strike with a single united hand more and more, quicker and stronger so that every month, every week, a thousand initiatives flourish for Georges Abdallah in front of all the authorities of the French state, in all the public places and even in the stadiums! Because it is urgent and we know that too: just as in Palestine the victory is at the end of the gun, time has come in France to make our solidarity a weapon for the liberation of our comrade, for the victory or the victory!

Georges Abdallah, your comrades are here!

Resistance is a right! Freedom for Georges Abdallah!

"May a thousand solidarity initiatives flourish in favor of Palestine and its promising Resistance!

Solidarity, all solidarity with the resistance fighters in the Zionist jails and elsewhere in the world!

Honor to the popular masses in struggle!

Down with imperialism and its Zionist watchdogs and other Arab reactionaries!

"Capitalism is nothing but barbarism, honor to all those who oppose it in the diversity of their expressions" (Georges Abdallah)

Paris, October 22, 2022

Unitary Campaign for the Liberation of Georges Abdallah