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Report on the Situation in Peru

The need to have a correct understanding of the situation is of the utmost importance in the present political situation, of the most aggravated political crisis of the old Peruvian State as a concentrated expression of the general crisis of Peruvian society, since 1980, which began with the start of the people’s war by the PCP, even more so, when the collusion and inter-reactionary struggle has worsened, with the attempted “self-coup” of the president, the counterrevolutionary rondero Pedro Castillo, yesterday, followed by the “parliamentary” “counter-coup” given by the forces of both fractions represented in parliament with the participation of the reactionary and genocidal armed forces.

This clear understanding is necessary to lead, to orient the struggle of the masses, so that they do not allow themselves to be tied to the cart of reaction and revisionism, which want to tie them behind the program of the big comprador bourgeoisie or the bureaucratic bourgeoisie to carry out their failed three reactionary tasks.

Reaction and revisionism, especially the revisionist and capitulationist ROL, try to hide the true class character of the inter-reactionary contradictions, calling it in different ways, to drag the masses after a reactionary exit to the crisis of all orders that corrodes their agonizing system mortally wounded. Reactionary solutions such as those witnessed, the “self-coup” of the reactionary government headed by Castillo who has been left alone with the support of the Modavef or “teachers’ bloc”, i.e. the ROL, in parliament and in the streets, and those of the so-called parliamentary “counter-coup” by a conjunction of forces of both factions where there are Fujimorists, Peru Libre with the Cerróns at the head and also the ex-premier Bellido, etc.

Since 1980, the semi-feudal and semi-colonial Peruvian society on which bureaucratic capitalism develops, is in its third moment, of general crisis of bureaucratic capitalism and its final destruction, a moment that begins with the people’s war led by the Communist Party of Peru. As a dying beast it will defend itself seeking to crush the revolution. This old society is sustained and defended by the old reactionary state, whose class character is that of a joint dictatorship of landowners and big bourgeoisie, bureaucrats or compradors who in collusion and struggle for the leadership of the State; the historical tendency in Peru being for the bureaucratic bourgeoisie to impose itself, which will necessarily imply a very sharp and long struggle.

This could been seen throughout the last century and so far this century, as expressed in the recent political struggle, which has led to the replacement of the reactionary government, the government of the counterrevolutionary Pedro Castillo Terrones, executioner of Chairman Gonzalo, by the counterrevolutionary government of Dina Boluarte that expresses in the midst of the struggle the collusion of the two reactionary factions, represented in parliament (that of the big comprador bourgeoisie and of the big bureaucratic bourgeoisie).

“Boluarte called for a truce and announced a government of national unity with the participation of “all political forces”. Minutes before her swearing in, the Congress had dismissed Castillo with 101 votes in favor, only 6 against and 10 abstentions, for having attempted the unconstitutional closing of the Congress, which was qualified as an attempted coup d’état. While Boluarte was sworn in as president in Congress, Castillo was detained in a police station. There were demonstrations, not very well attended, for and against Castillo. There were clashes between the two groups. Demonstrators demanded that the Congress and the newly sworn-in president leave and that early general elections be called.”

All this dispute, what does it lead to? To a situation of ever greater conflict between Castillo and the Parliament, to a situation in which Castillo wants to close the parliament and the parliament wants to dismiss Castillo. Who is going to decide? The armed forces through the manifestation of its Joint Command.

Both sides were knocking on the doors of the barracks. This has been consummated. Days before, Castillo’s failure to get the backing of the armed forces became known, which was evidenced by the resignation of his Minister of Defense. This had already been decided in the previous days, but the three hours of waiting on both sides shows that they were waiting for what they call “the reaction of the street”. As this was quite scarce on both sides, due to the discredit of all institutions and representatives of the old State, the military spoke out, that is to say, they openly participated in the “parliamentary” coup, which is demonstrated by the forces that detained the counterrevolutionary ex-president Castillo, the presidential security forces themselves detained him when he was on his way to the Mexican embassy.

Bare in mind: This is the social system that the ruling classes and their Yankee imperialist master, through their landlord-bureaucratic state sustained by their reactionary armed force, constantly exercise their class dictatorship (of the big bourgeoisie and landlords), either through a de facto military government or by means of governments arising from the military dictatorship or by means of governments arising from elections and so-called constitutional governments. The outdated system of dominant exploitation destroys and stifles the powerful creative forces of the people, the only forces capable of the deepest revolutionary transformation.

And differentiate between the system of state and the system of government, which are parts of a unity; the first being the place occupied by the classes within the State and the second the form in which the Power is organized, as Chairman Mao teaches. The main thing is to define the class character of a State since the forms of government they introduce can be civil or military, with elections or de facto, demo-liberal or fascist, and they will always represent the dictatorship of the reactionary classes. Not seeing the old State in this way, one falls into the error of identifying dictatorship with military regime and thinking that a civilian government is not a dictatorship, putting oneself on the tail of one of the factions of the big bourgeoisie, behind the story of “defending democracy” or “guarding against military coups” or “struggling against fascism” positions that instead of destroying the old State sustain and defend it, such is the case of various revisionists and opportunists.

Now, there will be a reactionary government of Dina Boluarte – Boluarte was, together with Roberto Sánchez, the only minister who maintained her position in the five cabinets of the Castillo “era” – that has been held captive by the armed forces and the majority parliament of the comprador faction. Once again it will be a weak government, with similar conditions and characteristics of a deposed one, condemned to fail in its three reactionary tasks: to restructure the old state, to re-impulse bureaucratic capitalism and to annihilate the people’s war. Therefore, the deep political crisis of the old state will be accentuated.

Keep in mind that what has facilitated the coup d’état is the fact that the masses are beginning to move strongly, as in the past in the face of high prices and ever rising prices. The masses are therefore entering into effervescence, all this under a weak, failed government like that of Castillo, which did not fulfill, nor could it fulfill its electoral promises. But, the situation does not change much for reaction, its difficulties will increase. This is good for the revolution, it is good to advance in the task of the general reorganization of the party in and for the people’s war. In situations like this, with a change of government, knowing that the new government will be much worse for the masses, it is necessary to mobilize them for the struggle for the defense of their rights, liberties and benefits won with blood to raise it to a political struggle, that is to fulfill the pending task and continue developing the revolution of new democracy with people’s war.

The political analysts of the reactionary media, summarise: Boluarte begins her presidential administration in a complicated situation. She and the Executive as well as the Parliament are totally discredited.

We must not forget how reaction used the rats of the ROL to center the teachers in the elections and bring to the government, “Professor Castillo”, “a teacher like you”, wanting to drag the progressives and revolutionaries behind the reactionary elections, with the mandate of Yankee-imperialism and reaction to finally annihilate Chairman Gonzalo.

What the reactionaries, opportunists and revisionists want are elections. Any of the reactionary exits, which are chanted in the demonstrations, belong to the bureaucratic road, it is up to the communists to persist in the democratic road, i.e. in the road of the people’s war.

With his attempted “self-coup” the counterrevolutionary rondero was looking for a way out, a reactionary way out, with the sponsorship and intervention of Yankee imperialism, to become the “Evo Morales of Peru”. Morales, agreed with him being kicked out of the government, after the scandalous attempt of re-election with tremendous electoral fraud, and his exile in Mexico, in order to be able to return to Bolivia with a new government, after the necessary interrengo of the government of the Anez coup.

Many have commented that Castillo’s message was very like the message that Fujimori read during his self-coup on April 5, 1992. Among them was Gustavo Gorriti, the notorious agent of Yankee imperialism; but although that is true, we cannot allow this to serve as a cover to hide the hand of Yankee imperialism, which develops a greater intervention in the internal affairs of Peru at the request of its lackey Pedro Castillo Terrones with the support of the rats of the ROL.

What Yankee-imperialism, its embassy in Lima, and its agent Gorriti are trying to hide is that the latter, in October, announced the position of Yankee imperialism on the political crisis in Peru and its solution to it, through an article published in ‘IDL-Reportero’, where each of the proposed measures is based. Therein is what has been offered to Castillo to get out of his desperate situation, in exchange for the greatest surrender of the country to the main imperialism that oppresses and exploits it, the very same exit as Morales, guaranteeing his integrity and abandonment of the country towards Mexico, paving the way for the Yankee-plan of “political reforms”, which encompasses “all forces” with new elections and a possible call for a constituent assembly for the restructuring of the old Peruvian state.

The genocidal Dina Boluarte already having bloody hands, the new president of the old State, the new opportunist head of the fascist, genocidal and country-selling regime, is also in the pillory. Yankee-imperialism uses the rulers when they suit, once they have reached such a degree of discredit, it simply gets rid of them. As we have seen, it is the same lackey of Yankee imperialism who cried out in despair for imperialist intervention through the OAS.

Report worked out based on the latest declarations of the MPP until the 16th of december.

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