Demonstration in solidarity with the struggle of the Palestinian people, held in Bergen, Norway. Source: Kamp Komiteen

In recent days, opposite to the more or less all governments, which actively support Israel or remain passive, the peoples masses, progressives, revolutionaries and communists all over the world have carried out numerous actions in solidarity with the national liberation struggle of the Palestinian people. They have also denounced the role of the genocidal policies of the State of Israel and its repression together with the repression from the imperialists, against the Palestinian people since the operation “Al-Aqsa Flood”. We have reported on this earlier.

Protesters rallied in SydneyAustralia in solidarity with the Palestinian resistance.

An Israeli flag is destroyed in a protest in Sydney. Source: Sky News Australia
Thousands gathered in front of the Sydney Opera House. Source: BNN Breaking

In Dhaka, Bangladesh, protesters showed solidarity to the Palestinian people and demanded end to the Israeli aggression.

Protesters in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Source: Houston Chronicle

In Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, democratic organizations have held a protest in solidarity with the Palestinian resistance, being present the Brazilian Center for Solidarity to the Peoples (Cebraspo), Popular Revolutionary Student Movement (MEPR) and the Brazilian Association of the People’s Advocates (Abrapo). They put a banner with the slogan “Long live the heroic resistance of the Palestinian people!”

Banner in Rio de Jaineiro, in support of the Palestinian resistance. Source: A Nova Democracia.

In SantiagoChile on the 11th of October, several hundreds of people gathered outside of the offices of a regional UN organization to protest against the bombing of Gaza.

In BogotaColombia on the 11th of October, dozens of people demonstrated outside of the Israeli embassy against the occupation of Palestine.

Demonstration outside of the Israeli embassy in Bogota. Source: El universal.

In Copenhagen, Denmark there was a large demonstration in support of the struggle of the Palestinian people’s struggle.

Demonstration in support of Palestine in Copenhagen. Source:

Also in Copenhagen, Denmark, several graffiti were made in solidarity with the Palestinian struggle, in the proletarian neighborhood of Tingbjerg:

Graffiti which says “Long Live Palestine!”. Source: Socialistisk Revolution.
Graffiti which says: “Solidarity with the struggle of the Palestinian people!”. Source: Socialistisk Revolution.

In Aarhus, Denmark, on the evening of the 9th of October, several hundreds of people took to the street in support of Palestine.

Protests in support of Palestine in the streets of Aarhus, Denmark. Source: tv2ostjylland.

In Cairo, Egypt, university students organized a protest at the campus of American University of Cairo. Football fans are reported to have turned matches into solidarity protests, as Egypt officially bans unauthorised protests.

Students protest in New Cairo. Source:

In Duisburg, Germany, the Red League participated in a demonstration conveyed by “Solidarity with Palestine Duisburg”, which generated a big scandal in the bourgeois press. Previously another event conveyed by Samidoun was canceled, due to the offensive which is being held in Germany against the Palestinian people. The demonstration was strongly harassed by police. The German State strongly represses the freedom of speech for all those who are at the people’s camp by banning several demonstration and threatening with “terror”-accusations.

In Baghdad, Iraq, protesters showed solidarity with the Palestinian people and burned US and Israeli flags.

Protest in Baghdad, Iraq. Source:

In Dublin, Ireland, on the 10th of October, there was a march to the Israeli embassy.

Protest outside of the Israeli embassy in Dublin. Source: AIA.

On the evening a republican activist threw red paint at the Israeli embassy in Dublin.

Activist arrested for throwing red paint at Israeli embassy in Ireland. Source: AIA.

In Jordan, protests were held at a border crossing to Palestine in Karameh, and in the capital Amman.

Protesters at the border crossing of Karameh. Source:
Thousands gathered to protest in Amman, the capital of Jordan. Source:

Hundreds showed solidarity with Palestine in Beirut, Lebanon.

Israeli flag is burned in Beirut. Source: Daily Mail

In Bergen, Norway, activists from the Kamp Komiteen actively participated in a torchlight march, in which 400 people participated, and which gathered Norwegian and Palestinian families. Slogans were shouted during more than one hour, and some of them were: “Boycott Israel, free Palestine!”, “From the river, to the sea, Palestine will be free”, “No peace without freedom, no freedom without struggle, free Palestine!”. Also there were slogans in Arabic.

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In Karachi, Pakistan, protesters burned Israeli and US flags in a demonstration for Palestine. In Islamabad, students carried a 200-feet Palestinian flag.

US and Israeli flags burning. Source: BNN

In LisbonPortugal on the 9th of October, more than a hundred people demonstrated for the freedom of the Palestinian People and the end of the occupation.

Demonstration in Lisbon in support of Palestine. Source: EFE Agency

In SeoulSouth Korea on the 11th of October, there was demonstration in support of Palestine.

Demonstration in Seoul in support of Palestine. Source: Yonhap

Hundreds gathered in Damascus, Syria, to show solidarity with the Palestinian people.

Protesters in Damascus, Syria. Source:

In Turkey, large protests gathered in Istanbul and Ankara.

In London, England, thousands gathered, marched in front of the Israeli embassy to demand end to the occupation of Palestine.

Protesters took the streets in London. Source: BNN Breaking

In New York, USA there has been large rallies in support of Palestine on the 8th and 9th of October. Both days there have been reports of clashes between the pro-Palestinian protesters and reactionaries in rallies in support of Israel.

Pro-Palestine rally in New York on the 8th of October. Source: Politico

Pro-Palestine rally in New York on the 9th of October. Source: abc 7

In Dearborn, Detroit, USA on the 10th of October, 1,200 people gathered in a rally against the occupation of Palestine.

In San Francisco, California, USA on the 7th of October, hundreds of people demonstrated in support of the Palestinian people.

A crowd waves Palestinian flags during the San Francisco protest against Israeli occupation of Gaza. Source: Brontë Wittpenn, The Chronicle

In Anaheim, California, USA on the 8th of October, there was a march in support of Palestine

March in support of Palestine in Anaheim, California. Source: storyful.

In Atlanta, Georgia, USA on the 8th of October, it is reported that more than 75 people demonstrated outside of the Israeli consulate.

Pro-Palestine rally outside of the Israeli consulate in Atlanta. Source: Atlanta News First.

In Chicago, Illinois, USA on the 8th of October, hundreds of demonstrators gathered outside of the Israeli consulate.

In Yemen protesters burned the flags of US imperialism and Israel in the capital Sana’a.

Also there were several statements published in other countries:

In Ecuador, the Front for the Defense of the People’s Struggles has published an statement supporting the resistance of the Palestinian people:

In Italy, New Hegemony wrote a statement in solidarity with the national liberation movement in Palestine condemning the sinister actions of the Italian authorities.

In Norway, the Kamp Komiteen, besides to carrying out the actions we previously mentioned, has also published a statement denouncing the repression of Yankee imperialism and the Israeli State against the Palestinian people, and encouraging to support solidarity with the Palestinian struggle and people:

In the Philippines both the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) and the National Democratic Front of the Philippines (NDFP) have issued statements in support of the armed resistance of the Palestinian people and their struggle against the State of Israel and U.S. imperialism: