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INDIA: Communist Party of India (Maoist) - Condemn and protest the new anti-revolutionary military campaign "Operation Kagar".

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INDIA: Communist Party of India (Maoist) - Condemn and protest the new anti-revolutionary military campaign "Operation Kagar".


Communist Party of India (Maoist)

Central Regional Bureau (CRB) Central Committee

Press Release Date: 16-1-2024

Condemn and protest the new anti-revolutionary military campaign "Operation Kagar"
Protest the corporatization and militarization of the forests.

CPI (Maoist) is strongly fighting for the democracy of Indian people, our party strongly condemns the ongoing anti-revolutionary military campaign in central India, especially in "Abuj Maad". In huge number military forces have been deployed and a new military operation named as Operation Kagar has been launched, Central Regional Bureau (CRB) of CPI (Maoist) vehemently condemn this new military offensive "Operation Kagar". By creating terror among Maadiya tribal community who are residing on the hills of Maad, around 10 thousand Central police force and para-military forces have been deployed. Already there are thousands of police forces deployed in Maad region, and this fresh consignment of police force has transformed the mountains of Maad into a highly militarized zone. In between
35 thousand people living in Maad, by establishing 6 base camps continuously thousands of forces are being sent on those from 1 Jan, 2024. "Operation Kagar" is the climax of the past one-year anti-revolutionary campaigns of Hindutva regime of the central government. Central Regional Bureau of CPI (Maoist) by strongly condemning and by giving stiff resistance to "Operation Kagar" appeals to all people of India, intellectuals, Human Rights Activists,democrats, writers, lawyers, journalists, and tribal well-wishers to condemn and protest "Operation Kagar". It gives call to stand with the people of Maad in this time when they are being terrorized and facing existential crisis due to"Operation Kagar".
After our new party CPI (Maoist) was formed, the predatory ruling classes of India declared our party as the "biggest threat to the internal security" and initiated several protracted policies one after another, and their reality is before people itself. First Central government in alliance with the state government of Jharkhand and Chhattisgarh commenced Sendra and Salwa Judum between 2005-09 and slaughter above 2000 indigenous people. Just after this,a new fascist protracted program was undertaken in the name of "Operation Green- Hunt" (2009-17) to annihilate our Party from the entire country. Through invaluable sacrifices and by getting ready for any more sacrifices, the people resisted bravely against Sendra, Salwa Judum and Operation Green-Hunt. 

In the guidance of our Party, PLGA stood every time along with the people and gave invaluable contributions for protection of their forest, property, and life.
By not accomplishing the desired results of their military campaigns, the predatory ruling classes reviewed all their offensive policies and in the guidance of the hindutva forces in the center initiated a new offensive named Operation Samadhan on 2017 May for five years with more use of sophisticated weapons and technologies of war. With this, the ruling classes also conducted severe military campaign in the name of operation prahar between 2020-21. But this also failed miserably to fulfil their dreams. After that in the end month of October 2022 under the leadership of central Home Minister Amit Shah special meetings was organized with Chief Ministers of Maoist affected states and Ministers of states, Police Director Generals of all states and other police and Para military officers, officers from intelligence department, in which Prime Minister Narendra Modi also participated. In this meeting a blue print for the establishment of "New India" by 2047 was made. The meaning of New India was stated as Maoist free India. 

Forthat they increased severe military offensives on people in the Maoist movement areas. Aerial bombardments and drone attacks have increased tremendously. Those who are raising their voices against the anti-people policies of the Hindutva rulers are being branded as "pen-yielding" Maoist and are being repressed. For that purpose, National Investigation Agency (NIA) is been perfectly as a weapon and is been misused. Despite of this, those people are protesting the anti-people policies of hindutva regime. The people of the country are getting involved in several protests more than earlier. By getting United they are resisting the hindutva forces and fighting for the perseverance of their democratic rights.
In the above-mentioned circumstances to win the upcoming Lok Sabha election, the central government has floated "Modi guarantee", "Vikshit Bharat Sankalp Yatra", "Jan Man" programs on the one hand, an on the other hand to eradicate our party which continuously exposing BJP government, it has begun operation Kagar. The people are facing great difficulty in fulfilling their necessities of life and their life is becoming more precarious with the passing of each day. 

As the Hindutva central government is unable to solve the basic problems of people, it is using religion
as a powerful weapon to divert the people from the real issues, and create divisiveness in society. In that respect it using the festival of Ram Mandir inauguration to immerse people in the religious addiction and in the interest of Imperialism it is changing the country's economy and Staking forward its hindutva agenda. 

Our party appeals to all conscious intellectuals, Patriots, democrats, students, secularists, journalists and Human Rights Activists to expose this hidden agenda of hindutva forces.
Unable to solve the problems of the oppressed people, the marauding ruling classes governments are suppressing those voices that are questioning the failures and wrong doings of the government are being sent to jail or threatened with severe consequences. This we are seeing for the last the last 10 years. Those who are resisting anti-people policies are being severely suppressed. From the last 5 years the tribal people of the fifth schedule areas are bravely putting the fight for the protection of land-water-forest and for their dignity and political power. 

Our Party isgiving leadership to those struggles. Over the entire country our Party is supporting the just movements. Our Partyis also standing in solidarity with all those activists who are being harassed for raising their voices against anti-people policies of the government. In the guidance of our Party, PLGA for the protection of people has given brave guerrilla actions from Tadmetla to Jagurgunda. To fulfill the interest of the Imperialist and Comprador bourgeoisies' classes, the ruling classes are eager to eradicate our party. But the history of India from Naxalbari till present says that Revolutionary movements cannot be annihilated by military repression.

Dear people and lovers of democracy.
Defeat Operation Kagar. United the people against Operation Kagar and expose the hypocritic ruling class
government. Make aware about the agenda of the Hindutva forces to immerse people in the morass of religion. We will strongly face the fascist hindutva forces which denying the functioning of any nominal democracy and has suspended oppositions leaders. We will protect our forest for our country from corporatization. Raise your voice for the removal of police camps being deployed in thousands in tribal areas. We resist the military and authoritarian attacks on the tribal people. We will protect theRevolutionary movement of the people and carry it forward. 

We will fight for People's democratic India not for Hindutva Forces New India.
Police and Para-military forces should not try shed more blood in already blood- soaked forests. You are been made scapegoat to protect the assets of Comprador capitalist like Adani and Ambani and foreign corporates. 

For the marauders of the nation, you are slaughtering indigenous people. And helping in the destruction of environment. Accept our appeal and please GO BACK.

With Revolutionary Greetings,
Central Regional Bureau
Communist Party of India(Maoist)