In several media there were reports on a mass-demonstration in Chairman Mao’s hometown, Shaoshan, on the eve of the 130th anniversary of his birth. A huge crowd, locals and people from other parts of the country, gathered for a commemoration.

In footage published on social media one can see people raising the portrait of Chairman Mao, waving banners with the images of Marx, Engels, Lenin, Stalin and Chairman Mao, demanding a return to socialism and rejecting revisionism in speeches, chants and slogans from the time of the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution.

Newspapers report as follows: In recent years, amid escalating social conflicts, more and more young people have been joining the ranks of Mao’s followers as a result of high levels of unemployment, poor welfare programmes, and a lack of workers’ protection. At the same time, the authorities are wary of Mao’s cult of personality, especially in relation to activities by young Maoists. This had included cracking down without hesitation against their protests and support for workers’ rights movements.