Featured image: An event celebrating the contributions of Chairman Mao to Marxism was held in Belo Horizonte, Brazil. Source: AND

We publish here more reports of actions done on the 26th of December to celebrate the 130th anniversary of the birth of Chairman Mao.

From Ecuador, a video was published by Sol Rojo.

In Belo Horizonte, Brazil, a celebration took place. FRDDP, League of Poor Peasants (LCP), Popular Women’s Movement (MFP), Union of Construction Workers of of Belo Horizonte – Marreta (STIC-BH/Marreta), Workers League, People’s Revolutionary Student Movement (MEPR) and Red Unity – Revolutionary Youth League (UV-LJR) took part to the celebration, along with other progressive organizations and individuals. In the event, multiple speeches and presentations highlighting the importance of the occasion and the contributions made by Chairman Mao were held. In the end of the celebration, cultural contributions were presented.

In New York, USA, a banner saying “Long live the People!” in Chinese was put up.

Banner in New York, USA. Source: Reader’s photo

In Portland, USA, multiple actions have been done.

In an event in Portland, On Practice was read. Source: Reader’s photo

In Issaquah, USA, a political-cultural event was held, in which a presentation about Chairman Mao’s contributions to Marxism was given and arts and crafts were made. Source: Reader’s photo

In Mexico, posters have been put up.

Posters were put up in the city of Oaxaca and in front of the heroic XXII section of SNTE-CNTE. Source: Periódico Mural

In Chile, actions have been done in the regions of Maule and Ñuble.

An event for Chairman Mao was held in the fields of the Ñuble region, teaching the workers and seasonal workers about the life and work of Chairman Mao. With revolutionary songs, raising the poster of the ICL and showing solidarity to the Palestinian national resistance, as well as with other contributions, a firm dedication for the World Revolution and the Agrarian Revolution was expressed. Source: Prensa Chiripilko

In Austria, posters of the ICL and dazibaos have been put up.

Dazibao in Linz. Source: Rote Fahne
Dazibao in St. Pölten. Source: Rote Fahne

In Sweden, actions were made.

In Venice, Italy, the ICL posters have been put up.