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 Proletarians of all countries, unite!


Chairman Gonzalo, reaffirming himself on the universal law of revolutionary violence, follows the military theory of the proletariat established by Chairman Mao: The people’s war has universal validity and is applicable in all types of countries, in accordance with the conditions of each revolution. The World People’s War is the principal form of struggle that the proletariat and the oppressed peoples of the world should launch to oppose imperialist world war.”

(Military Line, First Congress of the Communist Party of Peru, 1988)

We begin by expressing our salutation and subjection to our beloved and respected Chairman Gonzalo, head of the party and of the revolution, our leadership, center of party unity, the greatest Marxist-Leninist-Maoist of the present epoch. We express our greeting, conscious and voluntary subjection to our basis of party unity, the foundation that guides our action, with its triple content: 1) to our ideology, Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, Gonzalo Thought; 2) the communist program and statute; 3) the general political line with its center, the military line. We express our greetings and submission to the Communist Party of Peru, the heroic combatant that leads the revolution, to its leadership system, to the party events: to the First Congress, a Marxist Congress, a Marxist-Leninist-Maoist, Gonzalo Thought Congress. Likewise to the First and Second and mainly to the Third Plenum whose masterly synthesis is the speech of September 24, 1992. Onto the task of the general reorganization of the party (GRP).

We salute the militants and combatants of the PLA, as well as masses of the new Power, forged by Chairman Gonzalo in his image and likeness, who have given their blood in these 44 years of development of the people's war, crossing all the genocides, crushing all the imperialist, reactionary and revisionist action, mainly of the right opportunist line, revisionist and capitulationist (ROL), passing through inflections, facing the bend and even the twists and turns in all the complex and difficult situations arising from the detention, absolute isolation and annihilation of Chairman Gonzalo; keep in mind how much it has cost our people to maintain our incessant and victorious people's war, because the people are the source from which we drink strength and the burning energy that allows us to fulfill what history disposes, transforming the need. Honor and glory to the proletariat and heroic Peruvian people, the inexhaustible source that sustains our people's war!

The people's war can never be ceased, because the life of the party cannot be ceased even for a second. Because as long as there is a single communist left alive it can and must do it all over again and continue the victorious road to communism.

To salute our apparatus, the Peru People’s Movement (PPM), for the tenacious struggle to serve the GRP and fulfill the political task of the CPP to develop as a red fraction in the international communist movement (ICM), serving to forge the Communist International by wielding Maoism and people's war, which is presently serving the International Communist League.

To express our fervent communist greetings to the international proletariat and the oppressed peoples and nations, to the International Communist League (ICL), to the communist parties and organizations that compose it, to the other parties and organizations that are within the ICM and, most especially, to the people's wars in India, the Philippines and Turkey, to the heroic and victorious war of national resistance of the Palestinian people. Palestine will win!

We reaffirm ourselves in our all-powerful scientific and universal ideology Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, principally Maoism, and the decisive and universal contribution of Chairman Gonzalo, our Leadership, for having defined it as the third, new and superior stage of Marxism, applying it masterfully to the Peruvian revolution, contributing decisively to the new development of Marxism. With the beginning of the People's War in Peru, on May 17, 1980, its full validity and universal validity was proven.

A greeting full of enthusiasm to the 44th anniversary of our invincible and victorious people's war that sets our souls on fire, elevates them, catapults them, and the enthusiasm can only be the red flag raised to the sky, the red trembling flag with the hammer and sickle planted on the highest summit on May 17, 1980 to develop the democratic revolution until the end, to develop immediately and uninterruptedly the socialist revolution and through cultural revolutions, as many as necessary, to pass the revolution through to communism, without ever putting down arms until reaching the common goal of all humanity.

Raise high the red flag of the people's war to serve the Peruvian revolution, thereby serving the world revolution, placing at the top the unfading flags of Marx, Lenin, and Chairman Mao, three flags of victory that will always remain firmly in the hands of the international proletariat of which we are a vibrant part.

If we appreciate the world situation as a whole we see how the cyclical economic crises of capitalism, in its last and highest stage, imperialism or monopoly capitalism, occur in shorter and shorter periods and are deeper and deeper, so they have to start from the bottom and before they have fully recovered they fall again, which shows even more clearly that its imperialist world system, is getting closer and closer to its inevitable end, which corresponds to the period of “50 to 100 years” in which it will be swept off the face of the earth by the world revolution.

The economic sanctions of the sole hegemonic superpower and main enemy of the peoples of the world, Yankee imperialism, against its Russian imperialist and Chinese social-imperialist rivals, are also directed against its imperialist “allies,” just as the “economic aid packages” of the U.S. are subsidies that affect its competitors (all the other imperialists), against its own rules of world trade. The latest customs measures against social-imperialist China directly affect the German, French, British, Japanese, etc. imperialists. All of the above is part of how Yankee imperialism takes away markets and spheres of influence from these imperialists; while, as a consolation prize, it gives them a share in the distribution of the spheres of influence of the countries of Eastern Europe which is made in the agreements on the displacement of NATO troops from the European imperialist countries. All this shows that the contest and collusion between the imperialists for markets and spheres of influence is more acute.

As Chairman Gonzalo stated in his speech of September 24, 1992, the same contenders of the two World Wars are preparing the third one and the spoils to be distributed are us, the oppressed countries or countries of the Third World. The imperialist countries, headed by the United States, continue with their wars of aggression against our countries, which expresses the principal contradiction, the contradiction between oppressed nations and imperialist countries, and the third contradiction, the inter-imperialist contradiction.

The imperialist countries, led by the United States, have relentlessly pushed ahead with arms expansion and war preparations, which is opposed by their imperialist rivals, in a veritable arms race; sharp conflicts between the imperialist countries have been aggravated, a contradiction that is clearly expressed in the imperialist wars of aggression in Ukraine and the GME, as well as directly in the encirclement of the U.S. and its imperialist “allies” against social-imperialist China and the growing tensions over the question of Taiwan.

The contradictions among the imperialists are developing amidst collusion and strife. The imperialists let rumors circulate and make statements about the necessity of “a political agreement on the Ukrainian war,” collusion among the imperialists against the Ukrainian nation. It is notorious that the influence of the United States as the sole hegemonic superpower is diminishing. In them “only a period of decadence like that of ancient Rome is observed.” But it is the one with the greatest military power at present, which can only be compared to the military power of Russian imperialism in strategic weapons, in the other areas of the military they are behind, the military power of the Chinese social-imperialists, in spite of having advanced, has not been able to shorten the distance that separates them from the first two, the other imperialists do not have a military power comparable to that of the Yankee superpower.

All that we have stated above is not a demonstration of its strength, but of its weakness, and it is also evidence of the unprecedented insecurity of the imperialist world system, and with each passing day its decomposition is greater.

But, the system of world imperialism does not collapse at all by itself, it will be swept away by the world proletarian revolution through the world people's war.

Marxist-Leninist-Maoists have always considered that in world history the fate of humanity is not decided by technology, but by man, by the masses of the people.

The conscious people can always find a new means to confront the superiority of reaction in armaments and achieve victory. So was history in the past, so it is today and so it will be in the future.

Faced with the danger of the imperialists unleashing war, we work to raise the peoples in all countries against imperialism, to be prepared for all circumstances, making revolution through people's war.

The world people's war is the main form of struggle that the proletariat and the oppressed peoples of the world must wage in order to counterpose the imperialist world war.

If the imperialists ever dare to wage war using atomic and nuclear weapons “facing the wrath of the whole world,” the only result will be the rapid destruction of these beasts, encircled by the peoples of the world, and in no case the annihilation of mankind.

The victorious peoples will create with the greatest speed, on the ruins of overthrown imperialism, a civilization a thousand times superior to that existing under capitalism and will build a truly marvelous future.

On our hill, the proletariat and the masses of the imperialist countries themselves and of social-imperialist China reactivate their struggles, not only because of the economic crises and the growth of the exploitation of the bourgeoisie of the proletariat, but also, because of how the two contradictions referred to above act on the development of the class struggle in the imperialist countries;  because, precisely, as the imperialists become mired in their wars of aggression against the oppressed countries and as the inter-imperialist contradictions intensify, the struggle of the working class itself and in those very peoples is being strengthened; on that basis a significant advance is taking place in the task of the reconstitution of the communist parties in the imperialist countries, as communist parties of a new Marxist-Leninist-Maoist, militarized type. All in a more complex situation than in the oppressed countries, because the bombardment with bourgeois ideas and the action of opportunism is systematic, they try to cover the chains with which they oppress the class with those crumbs that they throw from the imperialist superprofits of the exploitation of the world.

Hence the need to fight imperialism, reaction and revisionism indissolubly and irreconcilably.

As Chairman Gonzalo teaches us:

“Lenin said that the revolution must combine two movements: the national liberation movement, which is already clear, it is led by the proletariat, as Chairman Mao Zedong has demonstrated ad nauseam, and the revolution in the imperialist countries; it is necessary to combine the two, because otherwise there will be no revolution, this goes back to Engels in the 1890s.”

But the base of the world revolution are the oppressed nations, the countries of Asia, Africa and Latin America are the zones of revolutionary storms since the beginning of the 1960s, to which is added the oppressed countries of Europe itself. This corresponds to the principal contradiction in the world and to the fact that the majority of the world's population is there, the poorest and most oppressed. Moreover, together with the armed struggles taking place there, the people's wars in Peru, India, the Philippines and Turkey serve as a shining beacon, to which new ones will soon be added. And in the present situation the victorious war of resistance of the Palestinian people.

The objective situation is raising the possibility of an important change in the Greater Middle East, where is one of the hottest points of the current situation, of the international class struggle, which as we have defined in previous pronouncement, shows the tendency, “that the military aggression of Yankee-Zionist imperialism against Iran will in fact lead to a war of resistance and the present regime headed by Khamenei would go on to lead a just war, to defend his country from an imperialist aggression, mainly Yankee imperialist. This, together with the Palestinian war of national resistance, would raise the peoples of the region against Yankee imperialism and its Arab lackeys.

Consequently, the issue of Palestine and the Gulf has wide projections, it allows us to see the principal contradiction today and in perspective, its relation with local, regional and even world wars as a risk; therefore to see the characteristics of anti-imperialist wars, wars of resistance, wars of national liberation or the revolutions themselves in the oppressed nations. All of this further emphasizes the principal contradiction and leads us to reaffirm that the oppressed nations are the basis of the revolution as the main tendency in the world. All of which raises the need for a militarized Marxist-Leninist-Maoist Communist Party to lead the democratic revolution to the end through the people’s war and to pass immediately to the development of socialist revolution. Long live the International Communist League!

As long as there is exploitation on earth there will not be a new world, therefore the issue is to destroy imperialism, revisionism, and reaction, all systems of exploitation, and socialism will necessarily be erected.”

At the national level, the fascist, genocidal and sell-out regime under the hegemony and leadership of the comprador-bourgeoisie in these decades of the present 21st century deepened and accentuated the semi-feudal character (megalatinfundios at the expense of the dispossession of the land of the mainly poor and semi-colonial peasantry (greater interference, intervention and imperialist domination, mainly Yankee) where a rotten bureaucratic capitalism develops as it was with the signing of the FTA with the U.S. by Toledo and its implementation in blood and fire with more than 120 legislative decrees with the genocidal Alan García and then Captain Carlos or Ollanta Humala.

Since 2016, the struggle within the reaction became more acute, which continues to this day through the comprador and bureaucrat factions, with their representatives of the Fujimorist party (Keiko Fujimori) and those grouped behind the P.P. Kuczynski tendency, which dragged along the various parties and groups that had been behind the election of Ollanta Humala, which is currently expressed with a certain rearrangement of forces behind Fujimorism and its consort, the current President Boluarte. The struggle for the control of the executive of the fascist, genocidal and pro-Nicaraguan fatherland-selling regime has intensified between both reactionary factions, with the replacement of authorities in sight, which due to the political crisis could be brought forward to 2026.

With an Executive very much undermined during the last 6 governments, as everybody recognizes, there is a “weak government,” lacking all “legitimacy.” The struggle has become more acute to take over the other powers and institutions of the old State for the control of: the Judiciary, the Public Prosecutor's Office, the Constitutional Court, etc., using the police and the media and “social networks” for the coups and counter-coups. Thus, from the Executive, passing through the Parliament, the Judiciary, the Prosecutor's Office, the Armed Forces and the police, etc., a regime of reactionary cliques has been established, which succeed each other in the control of these apparatuses. And behind the factions, groups are stoking one or the other of the two factions of Yankee imperialism, one commanded by the CIA agent Gorriti (PD) and the other by the neo-Fujimorist..., the carrerist Fernando Rospigliosi linked to Trump's faction of Yankee imperialism of PR. Clearly following their reactionary path, continuing with a fascist, genocidal and pro-Yankee sellout regime.

It is in this context of crisis and decadence of the fascist, genocidal and sell-out regime (within the third moment of general crisis and destruction of contemporary Peruvian society) that the general elections of 2021 are called, crucial elections for imperialism and reaction in terms of continuing the fulfillment of its three counter-revolutionary tasks, but very particularly for the fascist tendency (Fujimorism) of the comprador faction that at all costs needed total control of the State, mainly of the executive. Thus, the restructuring of the old Peruvian State is on the table again and the bureaucrat-bourgeoisie is the one promoting the constitutional illusions of a constituent assembly for a new constitution, there are even those who add “for the people,” this proposal of the bureaucrat faction and its cronies serves mainly to recover positions and go on to command the leadership of the old and rotten Peruvian State, sell itself to the highest bidder and change masters (they promote sinister imperialist positions or “plurinational” “multiethnic” “ethnicity” “ethnocacerism,” “nationalism,” etc.).

On the other hand, the comprador-bourgeoisie has gone on to carry out a closed defense (with blood and fire) of the pro-Yankee Constitution of 1993, formally they could change it but not in essence, the readjustments they have been carrying out in this bourgeois parliamentary sewer aim at having greater power and control: bicameralism, reelection of congressmen and all kinds of difficulties to the detriment of the executive, thus sharpening their contradiction and struggles.

Being a necessity of Yankee imperialism and reaction, the defense and continuity of their regime on December 7, 2022, they propitiated and executed the so-called counter-coup of State in favor of a greater intervention of Yankee imperialism, the CIA and the development of their low intensity war and that the fascist, genocidal and traitorous armed forces and police forces, as a clique and pro-Yankee agents, have been executing: Dina Boluarte and her cronies dream of crushing the proletariat and its vanguard, the CPP, and dream that the complicity of revisionism of all kinds and the opportunists of always will save their outdated system of hunger and misery. We say; keep dreaming.

The government of Dina Boluarte and her supporters in the pigsty of Bolívar (parliament) is a fascist, genocidal and pro-Yankee sell-out government that in its eagerness to maintain itself, perpetuate itself and carry out to the letter the mandates of its Yankee master has been strengthening the genocidal political line of the Peruvian State against the just and growing people’s movement, and has been developing its Yankee anti-subversive strategy of low intensity warfare: militarization of the country through states of emergency, curfews, criminalizing the struggles and popular demands, massive operations of mobilization of their forces, psychological actions against the people through the big reactionary and monopolized media of propaganda and mass communication.

The Armed Forces and Police Forces clearly show that the essence of being the backbone and defender of the old and outdated Peruvian landlord-bureaucrat State at the service of imperialism is falling apart; fascist genocidal pro-Yankee sellouts who will sooner, rather than later, receive the just punishment of the party and the people. There is not a single place in the country where they do not show their essence of repression and genocide, what they started in the south of the country today is spreading throughout the national territory.

The current genocidal fascist and sell-out fascist government headed by the genocidal Dina Boluarte is moving forward in setting up the Yankee imperialist plan for greater intervention as a “plan to fight organized crime and illegal mining” with the declaration of a state of emergency and placing under military control one of the most important regions of the country, the region of La Libertad, and placing the province of Pataz under the command of the Joint Command of the genocidal Armed Forces.

So, there is an imperialist plan being set up by the government of the genocidal Dina Boluarte for greater imperialist intervention in our country. Imperialist plan of her "LIC" that aims to annihilate the people's war (third reactionary task), which is covered as a fight against “organized crime,” In the past imperialism and reaction used for their campaigns the fight against “narco-terrorism,” now, they resort to the fight against “illegal mining and organized crime from the government of the genocidal ‘Captain Carlos’ (Ollanta Humala).”

The artisanal miners, fighting against the great plunder of imperialism and its lackeys of the big bourgeoisie and the landowners (sustained on the bayonets of their armed forces, police and genocidal auxiliaries) have continued with their activity and have organized and armed themselves, exercising with weapons in their hands, in many cases, as is the case in northern, southern, central, etc. of Peru, their activity, applying combatance and resistance. In Pataz, in the north of Peru (La Libertad) they have carried out armed actions that correspond to the forms of struggle of people's war, which show the leap to struggle for power. Actions that correspond to the three forms of struggle of the people's war: sabotage, selective annihilations and guerrilla combats.

The peasant masses, the artisanal mining workers and other sectors of the classes that form the united front of the revolution, are armedly applying what the Communist Party of Peru (CPP) has taught them in more than 43 years of people's war. The CPP firmly subject to the great leadership of Chairman Gonzalo and his all-powerful thought is the heroic fighter leading the revolution.

Furthermore, let us ask ourselves, what actions of the People's War have been developed, or better yet, for those who deny them because they do not want to see the reality as it is, let us ask ourselves, what has been the highest action of the People's War in these 44 years of its development?

We respond: The highest action in these 44 years of victorious development of the people's war is the heroic surrender of the very life of the Leadership of the Party and the revolution, Chairman Gonzalo, in the highest shining trench of combat of the people's war of the annihilation camp of the Chorrillos Naval Base. A great political, military, and moral victory won by Chairman Gonzalo, crushing the plan of Yankee imperialism and Peruvian reaction with the service of the rats of the revisionist and capitulationist ROL to deal a definitive blow to the Party, the People's War, Marxism-Leninism-Maoism and specifically to Gonzalo Thought. Thus, we see Chairman Gonzalo defying his executioners with his fist raised, his body tall and his head raised waving the slogans “Long live the CPP! Long live the people's war! Long live Maoism! Honor and glory to the proletariat and the Peruvian people!”

And abroad there have also been not only agitprop actions of the People's War but also against an institution of the old Peruvian State.

We also emphasize the role played by the Party in the founding of the League, recognized in a declaration of the founding conference of the ICL.

The masses are the ones who have made it possible not only to maintain but to develop the People's War, in the new complex and difficult circumstances that have presented themselves to the Party leading the People's War, after the arrest of the leader of the Party and the Revolution, Chairman Gonzalo, and the consequent structuring of the ROL.

Persist against all odds on a road with leaps of different magnitudes to prepare a new great leap in the people's war and the incorporation of the masses in accordance with the development of the objective situation in the country and in the world. An armed struggle at the margin of the masses would be inexplicable, our people's war that is already 44 years old would be nothing without the masses, not only the peasantry but also our glorious proletariat that has never stopped fighting.

As shown in the actions in Pataz (La Libertad) and many other places in our country, that the workers of Peru, that the Peruvian people have already learned to fight forcefully for their only great demand, power. They are demonstrating this with the actions referred to above, as the people, the class is doing it firmly, uprooting opportunism, tearing revisionism to pieces.

A review can be made of what has happened in Peru throughout this century up to the present time, it shows new forms of struggle, principally of wielding weapons that are opening up in the masses and that is part of the work of the Party that is bringing class consciousness, proletarian consciousness in the leadership.

This deserves our celebration, our immense revolutionary satisfaction that spurs us to boldly advance the steps that the class and people are taking in awareness and in struggle with weapons in hand, elevating their struggle to political struggle for the seizure of Power. Everything has an axis, a center because we apply the criterion of concentric building, that center, that axis is the Party, our Party that always palpitates in the communists, whatever the problems or difficulties that have to be faced. To see what is new in Peru and what is new is first and foremost the Party, this Marxist-Leninist-Maoist Party that is guided by Gonzalo Thought, is the victorious people's war that is being waged uncontainably, that has already passed through bloodbaths, there let those who do not know about revolution be terrified, this is how revolution is shaped, it is made concrete, based on Marxism-Leninism-Maoism because we will never move away from it one iota.

Eternal glory to Chairman Gonzalo, leader of the Party and of the revolution!

Hoist, defend, and apply Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, Gonzalo Thought, principally Gonzalo Thought!

Long live the Communist Party of Peru!

The People’s War will inevitably win!

Unite the people against the fascist, genocidal, and pro-Yankee sell-out dictatorship!

Against the repression and the genocide! For the rights of the people and the People’s War!

Develop the people’s path of liberation with People’s War!

Long live Maoism, down with revisionism!

Honor and glory to the proletariat and to the heroic Peruvian people!

Peru People’s Movement

May 17, 2024

Translated by the comrades of RedLibrary