Saturday, August 29, 2020



The interguist government, vendepatria of Martin Vizcarra, continuing the process of privatization of education, job flexibility, ignorance and barrier of fundamental rights, labor of workers, teachers, people, and the application of the criminal law of the enemy ; In the middle of the pandemic caused by COVID-19, which has undressed the failure of the neoliberal plan implemented in the country and Latin America, in oppressed nations since the 80 s; which means abandonment of health education, regression in recognition of fundamental rights (Rights: Economic, social, cultural, labor, customary). Through the MINEDU, they issue Ministerial Resolution No. 326-2020-MINEDU, which establishes. ′′ Provisions regulating and guiding ′′ agreements ′′ for the management of basic education educational institutions ′′ by non-profit entities "."

Emulating their privatist predecessors Fujimori, Garcia Perez Toledo, Ollanta, PPK, exempting from their State social responsibility to provide free education at all levels, to guarantee the fundamental right to free education, reduce the state apparatus, dismiss workers , aim via agreements to deliver public educational institutions of basic education to ′′ nonprofit ′′ entities, whether domestic private entities or foreign private entities. On the pretext of ′′ managing free educational service ", "... regarding institutional, pedagogical and administrative management ", ′′ success and effectiveness ", ′′ improving educational quality ", ′′ pedagogical innovation ", by four years, renewable; will serve political clientele, dismissal and hostilization of teachers by empowering ′′ nonprofit entities to propose ′′ staff in educational sector places ′′ that the state pay, finance ′′ according to budget availability ".

Since the promulgation of the privatist and neoliberal Constitution of 1993 of Fuji-montesinism-aprismo, education has become a public service, into a commodity, therefore it is priced, bought and sold, so the norm we reject is a step, it is a link in the process of privatisation of public education, free and quality. And what's the state for? your inept officials, bureaucrats, MINEDU technocrats, Regional Directorates of Education, Ugeles what are they for? The legal scaffolding implemented since the validity of the 1993 Constitution serves the process of privatization of education, the barrier of labour rights of teachers such as job stability in the square, in the office, in the level; denial to students children of the people of the fundamental right to free education.

To continue with their privatist plan they have divided the National Teacher by resorting to pseudo unions, hatching, divorced from the bases that have abandoned the principles of classical unionism, the interests of the masses, to replace class struggles with class reconciliation, for coexistence, for betrayal and prioritize individual, group issues, leaving aside the interests of public education, teachers, students and parents of the family. These pseudo unions, pro-employers raise flags of yellow unionism, reformist, opportunist, electorate and pro-employers; the old cuño (Red homeland), new cuño (Fenateperu), in the face of the attack of the state, it is appropriate to continue with the Reconstitution of the SUTEP ( II Reconstitution), the defense of the classist union line, its principles, foundational statutes and conjure up the fractionation, division, destruction of the valuable instrument of fight to reconquer rights, and conquer new rights. It is also appropriate to continue with the implementation of the Defense Front of Public Education and the fundamental right to free education, which includes teachers parents and students.

Defending Free Public Education and not privatization!

School isn't sold, School is defending itself!

Defending job stability and right to work!

repeal of Mass Firing Act No. 29944 and its complementary rules.!

Repeal of Ministerial Resolution No. 326-2020-MINEDU, serves the process of privatization of public education!

Urgent National Mobilization and awareness campaign against the privatization of Education, cutting job stability, defending the right to work!

Huancayo, August 27, 2020.