Saturday, May 27, 2023



Proletarians of all countries, unite!


We start by expressing our greeting and subjection to our beloved and respected Chairman Gonzalo, great leader of the Party and the Revolution, our great leadership, center of the Party unification, the greatest Marxism-Leninist-Maoist of our epoch. We express our greeting and conscious and voluntary subjection to our Party Unity Base, the foundation that guides our action, with its three parts: 1) our ideology, Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, Gonzalo’s Though; 2) the communist program; 3) the general political line with the military line as its center. We express our greeting and subjection to the Communist Party of Peru, the heroic combatant that leads the revolution, to its system of leadership, to the Party events: to the I Congress, a Marxist Congress, Marxist-Leninist-Maoist Gonzalo’s Though Congress. Also, to the I and II and mainly to the III Plenary Session of the Central Committee, which masterful synthesis is the Speech of the 24th September 1992. To the task of the general reorganization of the Party (GRP).

We salute all the leaders, cadres and party members that stay firm in the red line of Chairman Gonzalo, persisting and concreting the general reorganization (GRP); to our apparatus, the Peru People’s Movement (MPP), to the strong struggle of serving the GRP and to fulfill the political tasks of the PCP to develop itself as red fraction in the International Communist Movement (ICM) and serve to forge the Communist International with Maoism and people’s war, serving the International Communist League in the present. We greet the heroic combatant red soldiers of Gonzalo. The People’s Liberation Army (PLA) [Ejército Popular de Liberación – EPL], backbone of the new State, we greet the masses of the New Power that combat and resist to keep flaming the red banner of the people’s war. To the heroic Peruvian people, the never fading source that sustains our people’s war.

On the occasion of this 43rd anniversary we give our firm plage to not give up our weapons until communism is imposed on the whole earth and, today, to smash the counter-revolutionary general offensive and the monster of new revisionism, lead worldwide by the one that arose in our country, the sinister Right Opportunist Line, revisionist and capitulationist, with its two heads: on one side, the rat “Miriam” with her rotten creatures of MOVADEF and the so-called “Front” or “Teacher’s block”, that are filthy due to directly serving, with their own minister (Marabí), to the plan of the CIA-Yankee to murder Chairman Gonzalo, executed by the counter-revolutionary rondero, the genocidal and corrupt Pedro Castillo, and, on the other side, the gang of the rat “Jose”, that from VRAE claimed that he wanted to execute Chairman Gonzalo, both nursed by the CIA.

We express our fervent communist greeting to the international proletariat to the Oppressed Peoples and Nations, to the International Communist League (ICL), to the Communist Parties and Organizations that made it up, the other Parties and Organizations of the ICM, and, especially, to the people’s war in India, the Philippines and Turkey.

We reaffirm ourselves in our all-mighty scientific and universal ideology, Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, principally Maoism, and the decisive and universal contributions of Chairman Gonzalo, our great leadership who defined it as the third, new and higher stage of Marxism and masterly applied it to the Peruvian revolution, decisively contributing to the new development of Marxism. Proving, with the initiation of the people’s war in Peru, on the 17th May, its full and universal validity.

We declare our full commitment and we assume to do everything to celebrate, as it should be, the 130th Anniversary of the Birth of Chairman Mao Tse Tung, to accomplish the tasks that the Call of the ICL statement for the last May Day, that says:

This year has a special significance for the communists. In it we celebrate the 130 years of the birth of Chairman Mao. In this year the ICL and all the communists of the world have the obligation to unfold an extended campaign for the 130th birthday of Chairman Mao, spreading massively his theoretical and practical work among the broadest masses. That is why we call all communists, the proletariat and the oppressed peoples of the world to celebrate his great and most vivid legacy, raising the Marxist-Leninist-Maoist banner to the highest summit, to sweep away imperialism and reaction from the face of the earth in struggle to death against revisionism and all opportunism.”

In this special occasion we greet the campaign of the TKP/ML called “the only Solution is the Democratic People’s Revolution”, that started the last week of January 2023 with the week of action “Commemoration of the Martyrs of the Party and the Revolution” and that ends in the end of this month, and, moreover, we greet the current celebration of the 50th anniversary of comrade İbrahim Kaypakkaya’s murder, a great communist Leader that took up Maoism against revisionism, reformism and parliamentarianism. Comrade İbrahim Kaypakkaya defined the TKP/ML as the product of the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution (GPCR). This also means that the communist line of comrade İbrahim Kaypakkaya has been marked as a product of the GPCR. He applied and proposed his basic thesis about the national question in Turkey, he understood the necessity of the Communist Party, its defense of communism and the revolution, and he payed the cost giving his own life.

We greet and express our sorrow to the Communist Party of Philippines (CPP), to the combatants of the New People’s Army (NPA), to the revolutionaries and the whole people of Philippines due to the death of the founder of the CPP, comrade José María Sisón, who had and outstanding actuation in the ICM. In addition, our deep class hate for the brutal murder committed by the dominant classes and its fascist servants against the comrades Ka Laan and Ka Bagong-tao, great leaders of the Party, the NPA and the Front. Who where abhorrently and brutally murdered by the fascist monsters of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) on the 21st August 2022, after they have become prisoners of war. We extend our communist greetings to all who makes up on the National Democratic Front of the Philippines in the historical and glorious occasion of its 50th anniversary. We support their struggle for the unity of the Nation against the foreign intervention, for sovereignty and against the fascist regime of US-Marcos.

Also we want to comment on the current political situation:

International: all the contradictions are sharpening. Imperialism is monopolistic capitalism, parasitic/in decomposing. Its is in a major process of decomposition as part of its general and last crisis since 1980s, and its destruction by the world revolution through the people’s war. It shows that its sinking process is getting deeper, as the result of all types of contradictions that affects it. Today the world is submitted by inflation and recession. It is developed inside the middle of major economical and recurrent crisis, in crisis of all types it sinks in the middle of complex series of war all over the world.

The inter-imperialist contradiction is developing in the midst of ever more acute collusion and dispute.

Yankee imperialism, the sole hegemonic superpower, to maintain its condition, applies its strategical plans with its protectionist packages of economical measures, sanctions that affects its rivals and “allies” and it deploys its military forces all over the world. Relaunching its system of imperialist “alliances” as NATO and the Asian-Pacific. But it only collects failure and increasingly is relying on war and atomic blackmail to intimidate or generate fear in oppressed nations; wars of aggression and plunder.

The Russian imperialist power, atomic superpower, encounters all the time more and more internal and external problems, it has become an imperialist economy of second order, behind Italy; the war of aggression against the Ukrainian nation, instead of being a way out from the encirclement of U.S. imperialism, has plunged it into problems that threaten its very existence. But, likewise, this imperialist war of aggression has plunged all the imperialist countries into greater crisis, has aggravated the rise in the cost of living for the class, inflation, recession and the bourgeoisie-proletariat class struggle is being stirred up by the nation-imperialism contradiction, the main contradiction, and by the greater collusion and dispute among the imperialists. The imperialist countries are experiencing a hot spring of the class struggle and it will become more heated. The slogan to be raised is: Against the aggression of Russian imperialism against the Ukrainian nation! Oppose the imperialist war with People’s War!

About the bankruptcy and the decomposition of the Chinese revisionism:

The revisionists dreams of becoming a superpower in order to struggle at the world hegemony at the middle of this century, proves to be impossible in the historical and political sense. For the Chinese social-imperialists, the fact of having a backward capitalist economy in comparison with their imperialist rivals, leads them to focus on the armament and develop their plans to become a superpower, using their population (more than a billion) as cannon fodder. As Germany, they expect a direct confrontation between the US and Russia to enable them to struggle for world hegemony.

The Chinese social-imperialists with their revisionist leader Xi Jinping, follower of the sinister Ten Xaoping, are being defeated again and again in the development of their plans, which is showed by the difficulties that they have to face the new challenges of their own path of development of capitalism, and of the global economy since the global crisis of 2007-2009. Their economical policy of “internal growth” and “made in China” to develop their economy and stop being “exports champions” and the “global workshop” is to adapt to the changes of the global economy. When the imperialist rivals applies relocation, regionalization of the organization of their monopolies and organize native companies for the production in the country itself according to contracts so to dispute the “great emergent marked of China and India”. The prohibitions of Yankee imperialism regarding their own companies and those from other countries to export high level technology, such as semiconductors, reveals the dependence of the Chinese social-imperialism of the financial capital of other imperialist countries. Of course, China shows advances in these areas, but doesn’t accomplish to reach the same level as their imperialist rivals. This advance demands to develop more the private monopolist investment (of the opposite fraction) and the so-called private company, and open more the doors to the monopolist financial capital to their rivals. Both, very needed in order to progress in their plans, searching materialize the “dream” of social-imperialism.

Revisionism in Power, is the bearer of restoration. The bureaucratic faction applies fascism and begin to develop the capitalist economy based in the investment and State monopoly, applying fascism not just against the proletariat and the revolution, but also to keep off their rival, the bourgeois-democratic faction, also revisionist, which is born linked with the bourgeois State, and it is developing by the restoration, wish to expel the bureaucratic faction and take their seat.

The bureaucratic faction has a role, it impulses its enemy. The bureaucratic faction, in order to develop capitalism, and to develop itself as a capitalist country of first order and overcome the capitalist backwardness, need to put forward “openness and economical freedom”, for the private monopolies of the country, as well of the monopolies of the imperialist rival countries. It needs investment from the international financial capital, as “technological transference”. After this, it can see the dangers to keep maintaining its dominance, as happened with the Soviet revisionists. Then, it takes measures and then countermeasures. But, it need to open more and more the country to the investment and the private monopolies. These ones demand “juridic security”, “respect of the human rights” and “liberties”. Also, as Chairman Gonzalo pointed out, the best conditions to the development of capitalism are in a democratic-bourgeois regime. This condemns the Chinese revisionism to bankruptcy.

All express the objective development of the revolutionary situation in unequal development in the world.

As the Declaration for the 1st of May of 2023 points out:

The world situation is complex, all the fundamental contradictions are sharpening, particularly the contradiction between imperialism and the oppressed Peoples and Nations. The chaos increases day by day, there is great disorder. In Asia, Africa and Latin America, the revolutionary storm-centers, and also in Europe and North-America, the masses combat and resist in hard struggle to defend their rights, for their land, against reactionary measures, they topple governments and face the cruel repression spilling their generous blood. The situation is magnificent and the perspective is brilliant. From the chaos and disorder a new great order will rise. The international proletariat will lead the oppressed peoples and nations in the democratic and socialist revolutions, establishing the Dictatorship of the Proletariat on the whole Globe. With cultural revolutions we will march under the flaming red banners with the hammer and sickle to our final goal, the classless society, without States and armies, where there is no oppression nor exploitation, Communism.”

What corresponds is to make the revolution with people's war led by the Communist Party.

On the national situation we want to be brief:

Since 1980 with the beginning and development of the People's War contemporary Peruvian society has entered its third moment of general crisis and mainly has entered its destruction and sweeping away of the three great mountains that exploit and oppress the people; imperialism, bureaucratic capitalism and semi-feudalism.

Faced with the development of the people's war and having reached the strategic balance as the second political and military stage of the people's war, in 1991 imperialism, mainly Yankee imperialism and reaction "to maintain its system and recover positions" in defense and safeguard of the bureaucratic landlord state carried out the self-coup of April 5, 1992 (development of the Yankee counter-subversive strategy: development of the low intensity war) to impose a fascist, genocidal and pro-Yankee sell-out regime for decades to come with long-term plans.

Currently, this regime, inaugurated in April 1992 with its fascist constitution of 1993, is going through a permanent political crisis (5 Presidents in the last 5 years) fueled by the international economic and financial crisis (2018 and 2019) and by the deep crisis of bureaucratic capitalism which cannot continue as it is, facts that they have tried to cover up and postpone through their so called “state of emergency and health militarization” allegedly to combat the pandemic (Covid – 19) and in the midst of an insulting shameless corruption of large businesses at the expense of the death and life of the people.

It is in this context of crisis and decadence of the fascist, genocidal and country-selling regime (within the third moment of general crisis and destruction of contemporary Peruvian society) that the 2021 general elections were called. The opportunist rondero Pedro Castillo, a faithful representative and defender of the interests of the bureaucratic bourgeoisie, was elected. He was a candidate of Perú Libre (a family reign of its leader, Cerron), with the support of a whole bunch of revisionists and opportunists. The shameless dreams of amnesty, capitulation and enlistment of these revisionists, MOVADEF and those of VRAEM, become accomplices to those who mandate of Yankee imperialism became the executing henchmen (Castillo Terrones – Anibal Torres, Marabí and others lackeys of the CIA) in the horrendous and vile assassination of Chairman Gonzalo.

Since the beginning of the Castillo government, the struggle between the two reactionary factions over the control of the Executive Branch has intensified. The bureaucratic faction headed by Castillo as the head of the old landowner bureaucratic State, at the service of imperialism, mainly Yankee, proposes a new restructuring of the old State, by calling a Constituent Assembly for a new constitution. The other faction argues for maintaining Fujimori’s 1993 constitution, with some patches. There is an intense struggle of these pro-imperialist reactionaries that is part of a growing wave of protest, mainly from the poor peasantry. In this situation, since imperialism and reaction needed to give a reactionary solution to the crisis of the regime, the coup d’état of December 7, 2022 took place with the intervention of Yankee imperialism, which declared through senior officials that it was monitoring the situation in Peru. The Coup was carried out by the genocidal Armed Forces and the lackeys of Yankee imperialism: Dina Boluarte, Otarola, Williams Zapata, Gómez de la Torre, in collusion with the opportunist and revisionist parties represented in Parliament. These, along with others, are the responsible ones who apply the fascist and genocidal Yankee plan against Peru and the Peruvian people. The dream of dividing Peru and contain and divert the revolutionary rise of the peasantry (mainly the poor), the proletariat and the masses. They dream of crushing the proletariat and its vanguard, the PCP, and they dream that the complicity of revisionism of all kinds and the usual opportunists will save their lives and their rotten system of hunger and misery. We say: keep dreaming.

A fascist, genocidal and country-selling pro-Yankee government, which wants to maintain itself and accomplish strictly the commands of its Yankee master. These commands are enforcing the genocidal political line of the Peruvian State against the just and increasing popular movement, they are developing its counterrevolutionary Yankee strategy of war of low intensity: militarization of the country through the State of Emergency, curfew, criminalizing the struggles and popular demands, massive mobilization of its forces, violent entering in the universities, infiltration of the social and popular organizations, in the marches in order to identify and detain their leaders or representatives, psychological actions against the people through the big reactionary and monopolized mass media.

Its showed their essence of repression and genocide all over the country. What they initiate on the south of the country, now it is on the whole national territory. The spilled blood will never be forget! If there is more blood, more repression and more genocide, there will be more revolution! Only the people will judge and punish the genocidal ones! Against repression and genocide, for the rights of the people and the People’s War!

The fascist, genocidal and country-selling government with its genocidal Armed Forces and Police, aims at destroying all the popular organizations, unions, Party organizations, etc., but, mainly, they dream about impeding the advance of the Party, that today is moving forward (in laying solid foundation) in its process of general reorganization and reordering of its army, today, the People’s Liberation Army.

Their counterrevolutionary campaign of accusing the people of being “terrorists” is being defeated. They are trying without any success to separate the guerrilla from the masses, they are dreaming about the people not having a proletarian, just and correct leadership. They are promoting revisionists and opportunists to join the just struggles of the heroic people in order to negotiate in “negotiation tables”, and sell the spilled blood in exchange for seats in this rotten system. They are detaining, killing, kidnapping and disappearing the true leaders of the people that actually are taking this political and social responsibility.

The Peruvian people has a wealthy experience in New Power and People’s War because its People’s War guided by Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, Gonzalo Thought and its based in the class and the people, and this puts fear in reaction and revisionism.

What Chairman Gonzalo said is fully valid: “the class, the people, the masses want, demand, need to develop the People’s War”, and the communists and revolutionaries, we have the big responsibility of fulfill it.

We live in historical times and this needs to be clear. Our homeland its part of the imperialist booty, and they are plunging the Peruvian people in the worst crisis in its whole history! And we will not allow it!

Chairman Gonzalo warned us: “the nation is in danger again, this time the republic is in risk, the territory is again in risk, it can be easily lost due to interests. This is the situation that they have brought us (…)

Lets us think about the danger: the nation, the country, can be divided, that the nation can be in risk, they want to slot it, they want divide it. Who wants this? The imperialists, those who exploit, those who rule”

The old Peruvian State is falling down, and will fall down with repression and genocide, which its reactionary violence to maintain their rotten system and maintain the interests of exploiters and imperialism. But, on the opposite side, is the revolutionary violence which is part of history and which very soon will make true the desires of the Peruvian people for a New People’s Republic of Peru.

For the proletariat and Peruvian people, the problem will be to eliminate this or any other “new constitution” of the exploiters or any other expression of the old ruling system, because none of these represents the supreme interests of the class and the people. This will be done by the action of the Protracted People’s War that the Communist Party of Peru leads, under Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, Gonzalo Thought, in order to finish the Democratic Revolution by taking the power in the whole country, and then, immediately go on to develop the Socialist Revolution. We will establish the People’s Republic of Peru, under the leadership of the Communist Party of Peru, and then there will be a new constitution that corresponds to the New Order.

Eternal glory to Chairman Gonzalo, great leadership of the Party and the Revolution!

Uphold, defend and apply Marxism-Leninism-Maoism Gonzalo Thought, mainly Gonzalo Thought!

Long live the Communist Party of Peru!

The People’s War will unavoidably win!

Unite the people against the fascist, genocidal and pro-Yankee country-selling dictatorship!

Against repression and genocide! For the Rights of the People and for the People’s War!

Down with the Yankee imperialist, fascist and genocidal plan of destroying Peru!

Defend the fatherland with People’s War!

Develop the People’s path of liberation with People’s War!

Long live Maoism, down with revisionism!

Honor and glory to the heroic people of Peru!

Peru People’s Movement

17th of May of 2023