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CURRENT SITUATION: NOTES ON THE WORLD CRISIS (11)Iran Responded to the Zionist State of Israel’s Provocation)

 Iran Responded to the Zionist State of Israel’s Provocation

We must bury imperialism and world reaction!
We must end them!

Iran responded to the Zionist State of Israel's provocation on Saturday night to last Sunday.

Earlier, on April 1st, the Zionist State of Israel attacked the embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Damascus (Syria), killing two generals and 5 other commanders of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard of the Islamic Republic of Iran (IRGC) and 5 other people, hitting in its attack with two bombs the residence of the ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

We asked ourselves on that occasion: What is the strategic importance of such a daring attack by the Zionist state against a diplomatic legation in a foreign country, which is not at war with Israel? What is the political and military result of such an action, which can only be rejected by anyone with a brain?

In reality that attack, as we can see from subsequent events such as yesterday's, was a provocation directly targeted against the Iranian regime, against the Iranian people and against the Arab peoples, who are bleeding to death from their most painful wound and which summons them to unite against imperialism and its lackeys, the cause of the Palestinian people, subjected to the cruelest genocide with the complicity of imperialists, reactionary Arab regimes and world reaction.

This is what we were thinking about, rehearsing different answers, because, in war you have to move your head, not your feet. Undoubtedly, we thought, it was a provocation against the Islamic Republic of Iran, what did it want. With it, the Zionist State of Israel and its government presided by Benjamin Netanyahu with the support of Yankee imperialism and the government of the genocidal Biden?

Provoking an exaggerated reaction of the Islamic Republic of Iran to try to change the internal and world public opinion against the barbaric genocide against the Palestinian people and to serve as a maneuver of war distraction to carry out its "final" assault against the Palestinian resistance justifying the death of the prisoners of war ("hostages"), those were and are its dreams of a hyena wounded to death.

This previously stated, because neither the government of Benjamin Netanyahu, nor the Zionist State could affect its prestige more than it is, after the horrors committed against the Palestinian people and the peoples of the region, not only in this war but since its establishment as an imperialist protectorate to colonize Palestine; nothing else could affect its majestic image of imperialist aircraft carrie anchored in the middle of the ocean of the Arab peoples. Moreover, it is well known that there are regional contradictions between the Sunni and Shiite Muslim-oriented political regimes. The Shiite regime of Iran has been portrayed by imperialist propaganda for decades as an enemy that forms the axis of evil along with Russia, China, North Korea, etc.

The regime of Israel, headed by Netanyahu, was, prior to the attack on the Iranian embassy in Damascus, besieged by domestic and world public opinion for its continued failure in its offers to forcibly release Israeli prisoners held by the Palestinian resistance, the issue of prisoners of war ("hostages") was growing as the rejection of the government of Israel was growing.

As we said a few months ago, the particularity of this Israeli war against the Palestinian people is the existence of Israeli prisoners of war (POW) in the hands of the Palestinian national resistance.

The pressure of the POWs' relatives against the Israeli government, with the support of internal and external opinion; the growth of internal opposition to the failure to exterminate the Palestinian resistance and to solve the problem of the Israeli prisoners ("hostages"); and, above all, the unwavering heroic decision to fight and resist of the Palestinian liberation movement, which will exist as long as there is a single living Palestinian; Palestinian resistance, which conquers political, military and moral victories by inflicting shameful military setbacks to the imperialist-Zionist enemy, despite its bloody, relentless and barbaric genocide.

For all the above: the government of Israel, its armed forces and the Zionist State have reaped worldwide the rejection, repudiation and condemnation of all the peoples of the world, leading it to international isolation, forcing the governments of the U.S. and other imperialist countries, reactionary governments and the reactionary Arab governments to hide their unconditional support to the current war of extermination of the Zionists of Israel against the Palestinian people. The heroic struggle of the Palestinian resistance against the genocide of extermination and forced displacement has aroused the solidarity of the international proletariat and the peoples of the world and even of important figures in politics, intellectuals and the arts. For this reason, the genocidal Biden, the UN Secretary General and other imperialist leaders have made statements calling on the Israeli government to allow aid to the Gassaities, to reach a truce, a post-conflict policy of reconciliation with the "two-state solution", etc.

For all these reasons, we believe that the provocation with the military attack on the Iranian embassy abroad is an act of war by the Zionist Israeli government:

      · Which sought an exaggerated military reaction or response from Iran, with the aim of trying to get out of international isolation and manipulate public opinion with imperialist help to try to counteract the worldwide rejection and condemnation, calling for solidarity "in the face of the fundamentalist action";

      · And the main thing in the military campaign of the ongoing genocide against the Palestinian people was to distract the internal and external public opinion with provocation and response to the problem of sacrificing the prisoners ("hostages"), in what they have called the "final assault" to defeat Hamas definitively, to annihilate the armed Palestinian resistance;

       · The above, as a condition, as expressed by the Zionists themselves, to pursue their post-conflict political and military objectives in Palestine; 

       · In addition to the above, to seek a new alignment of forces in the region and worldwide, knowing that Russia and China, apart from diplomatic declarations and gestures, will not intervene against the Zionist State, managing the complex relations that these powers maintain with the countries of the region and with Israel, in particular; in addition, managing the collusion and imperialist struggle.

All the above, on the basis, at the international level, of changing the world perception and rejection of the imperialist-Zionist war of aggression against the Palestinian people and the Arab peoples of the region in order to implement their plans. They need to win international solidarity (i.e. to develop favorable public opinion) in favor of the Zionist state, "attacked by the barbaric" Muslim fundamentalists, with the response of an unprecedented Iranian attack against the territory of Israel.

The Iranian government of Ayatollah Khamenei was challenged, as it is not stupid, it has given the most appropriate response to avoid an escalation that it does not want, since it would have to deal directly with the US, but it seeks to maintain what it has won in domestic opinion and to continue to be considered as the bulwark of the Islamic and Palestinian cause before the Muslim world of both political-religious orientations. It is a problem of survival for the regime, because as long as it keeps the internal front united and the external front, the peoples of the region and the world, it will be able to resist the onslaught of the imperialists who seek to change the political regime in that country for another more favorable to their domination.

The United States, Yankee imperialism, has put considerable force in the waters of the region, to support the war efforts of its protectorate, the Zionist state of Israel, sees the opportunity for its "ally" to not only proceed to wipe out Palestinian resistance in the Gaza Strip, especially from its current leadership Hamas, but also to force the Palestinian administration in the West Bank to come closer to negotiating with Israel; Moreover, as has happened in the other wars in the region, it sees a great opportunity to weaken Iran and its growing influence in the Middle East, hence its maneuvers at the UN to give Israel time to destroy the Palestinian resistance, especially in the Strip. and then proceed to an agreement of the Zionist government of Israel with the Palestinian faction of Abbas (the West Bank Autonomous Authority) to proceed to establish its administrative authority over the Gaza Strip with a territory and population diminished by genocide (mass murder and forced displacement).

As for Iran, as we are seeing, nothing that Yankee imperialism does with the Zionists of Israel seems to affect it, mainly in its objective of isolating it in order to be able to strike it.

With the analysis of the facts, we have arrived at the above synthesis, now again the facts in relation to the Iranian response, after that, what corresponds to the revolutionaries:

Biden of the US, Guterres of the UN, the G7 imperialists, e. German Chancellor Olaf Scholz express support for Israel and call for restraint.

Iran says that its attack on Israel is an act of legitimate self-defense according to Article 51 of the UN Charter, in response to the Zionist attack on its embassy in Damascus (Syria), on April 1st where two generals of this country and 12 other people were killed .

Iran attacked with drones and Marshall rockets, but first warned the US on Sunday morning. According to the Iranian Foreign Minister, Hossein Amir-Abdollahian in a press conference, early Sunday he informed the White House that he would attack, that it would be limited and minimal, in self-defense and punishment, because of the line of communication they have for these cases. But, three days earlier he informed Iran's neighboring countries, so the Turkish government of Erdogan informed the Yankee government. Therefore, Biden was able to let his audience know that from Friday to Sunday there would be an Iranian attack on Israel, using his knowledge as a great scoop for electoral advantage.

President Biden declared himself unwilling to participate in an Israeli attack against Iran.

The U.S., France, England, Jordan supported Israel to stop the 99.9 of the attack.

Scholz declared in China that Iran will not go far down this road and warned against escalation.

For us, what does the above mean?

We can interpret that the Yankee imperialists will not participate directly in an attack on Iran; but, as we know, they will give full support to an attack on Israel on the grounds that they are committed to its defense, as has happened many times before, in order for it to succeed, if necessary. They hide their hand and use the Zionists to strike. Or, it could also be that the Zionists in Israel take the opportunity to strike in Lebanon against Israel and at the same time carry out their long-announced "final" attack on the Gaza Strip.

Iran declared through its foreign minister that it had ended its attack and would not continue and warned Israel not to respond because the response would be worse.

Israel's national security meeting ended without announcing any determination or immediate response measures.

The Yankee imperialist newspaper NYT, reported as follows:

The New York Times.Morning Briefing: Europe Edition

April 15, 2024By Daniel E. SlotnikGood morning.

We are covering Israel's response to Iran's attack.

Israel considered its options after Iran’s attackIsrael showed signs that it would not immediately retaliate for the hundreds of exploding drones and missiles that Iran fired at it over the weekend, nearly all of which Israel and its allies intercepted.

Israel’s war cabinet met yesterday without deciding when or how to respond to the assault. But officials said they would relax restrictions on large gatherings and educational activities, a possible indication that they did not expect an immediate escalation.

Iran’s attack, in retaliation for an Israeli strike that killed seven Iranian military commanders in Syria, represented a moment of great risk, because it was the first time it had directly struck Israel in the two nations’ long shadow war. But it caused little damage, largely because Iran had telegraphed its intentions well in advance.

‘The matter can be deemed concluded,’

Iran’s mission to the U.N. said in a statement yesterday. ‘However, should the Israeli regime make another mistake, Iran’s response will be considerably more severe.

’International response: President Biden reached out to Israel to discourage further escalation, fearing a wider war in the Middle East; Group of 7 leaders condemned Iran’s attack, but also urged restraint.

In Gaza, three people said Israeli troops fired at a crowd of people trying to return to their homes in the enclave’s north.

The Palestinian Authority’s news agency said five people were killed, but the circumstances of the deaths could not be confirmed independently, and the Israeli military did not immediately respond to questions about the incident“.

We must bury imperialism and world reaction!

We must end them!

Finally, listen to this. As we see in the world, Maoism is marching relentlessly forward to lead the new wave of the world proletarian revolution. Listen well and understand. Those who have ears, use them. Those who have understanding –and we all have it– use it! Enough nonsense! Enough confusion! Understand this! What is unfolding in the world? What do we need! We need Maoism to be a living force, and this is happening. We need Maoism to generate Communist Parties to lead this new great wave of the world proletarian revolution that is coming.

From everything they told us, where is the famous, empty and silly chatter of ‘new age of peace?’ That is a lie. What about Yugoslavia? What about the other places? Everything has been politicized. Today there is one reality, the same contenders of the First and Second World War are preparing a Third World War. We should know this and we, as the sons of an oppressed nation, are part of the booty. We cannot consent to this! Enough imperialist exploitation! We must finish with them! We are of the third world and the third world is the base of the world proletarian revolution, with one condition, that the Communist parties brandish and lead! That is what we must do!

(Chairman Gonzalo, Speech of September 24, 1992, Lima, 1992, Red Flag Editions)

It is necessary to see the development of the objective situation at the world level, focusing on the further maturation of the conditions for revolution. The greater development of the revolutionary situation, in unequal development in the world, which is manifested in the development of the new great wave of the world proletarian revolution and, therefore, as Maoism is marching to lead it, the only guarantee of its victorious development; And it is doing so, incarnating itself in the peoples of the world, generating Communist Parties of a new type, militarized Marxist-Leninist-Maoist Communist Parties, to initiate and develop new people's wars, on the march to the world people's war to bury imperialism and world reaction, inseparable from the irreconcilable struggle against revisionism.

The process of the world revolution is developing in a deadly struggle between Marxism and revisionism, between left and right. This is used by revisionists, rightists and agents of reaction to deny everything, to deny the advance of Maoism and the new great wave of the proletarian revolution itself, in a word to try to deny the march of the matter.

It is necessary to crush all those positions that try to deny the existence and sharpening of the three fundamental contradictions at the international level and, mainly, the main contradiction, that is, the one between the imperialist countries and the oppressed countries as expressed once again in the current war of the Zionist State of Israel and Yankee imperialism against the Palestinian people.

The development of the world revolution is a process of twists and turns but victorious, the future of humanity is bright!


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