German imperialism, which is trialed at the International Court of Justice due to its collaboration in the Israeli genocide in Gaza, ruthlessly attacked the planned three-day-long Palestine Congress in Berlin, Germany.

It has been reported that on Friday German police broke up the Palestine Congress in the Tempelhof area of Berlin and kicked some 250 participants out the hall just two hours after the event began.

The supposed reason given by the authorities was a video broadcast of a speech. When the man spoke, the police intervened with several officers, cut the transmission and temporarily switched off the power. The authorities pretended a supposed danger that “anti-Semitic, violence-glorifying and Holocaust-denying speeches could be repeated at the event.”

Not satisfied by the denial of the freedom of opinion and freedom of speech for one the police decided to crack down the whole event. The decision therefore applies not only to Friday, but also to Saturday and Sunday. German Interior Minister, Nancy Faeser, praised the police’s attack, calling the obviously unlawful violation of basic bourgeois ‘human rights’ of those who support the people of Palestine and oppose the Israeli genocide, “right and necessary”.

Police were out in the German capital in large numbers to monitor the situation, close to one thousand, and with high numbers of reinforcements.

Even before the Palestine Congress the authorities pushed the limits by denying Ghassan Abu Sitta, a surgeon who should have participated in the Congress, to enter Germany and to record any videos after being questioned for three hours at Berlin’s airport. There was a demonstration at the German embassy in London after he arrived back in England, where he stated: “Accomplices in a crime try to hide the evidence and silence the witnesses.”