Since the last half of last year self-made miners have carried out different actions, most of which were sabotage actions. The latest attack reported was on the mining company Poderosa, against which 16 electricity towers have been blown up by miners using dynamite, two of the towers were attacked in this latest attack.

The mining company Poderosa is a company that with 49% of the stocks in the hands of imperialist capital and 51% in the hands of their lackeys. Among these you find companies like South America Mining or Xelor Shipping Limited.

Moreover, in this attack it is informed that a high-level functionary of the company was eliminated and two others were injured. Apparently these armed groups of miners are organizing in many parts of Peru. In this case the attack was located in the city of Pataz, in the department of la Libertad, in the north of Peru. Following the attack a part of the power plant was left without power. In another attack against this same company in December of 2023, nine others, who were accused of being mercenaries of the State-owned mining company, were eliminated, and thirteen were injured.

Because of this, the state of emergency was declared in the region. Currently the province has several hundreds police officers and military troops deployed. Since this the police has increased its anti-people war, destroying a total of 27 “illegal mining operations” between the 11th and the 29th of March if this year. It was the old State which declared these mines illegal, and it was the mining companies which robed these mines from the people in favor of imperialism and bureaucratic capitalism.

The struggle of these mine workers is of special importance for the development and the experience of the Peruvian revolution: to attack the mining companies is to directly attack the old Peruvian State because it is economic activity of the State and in consequence the counterrevolutionary armed action itself is weakened.

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