We hereby share the statement of the MPP that was published on Nuevo Peru website.

Proletarians of all countries, unite!



“It is true that we live in difficult times, but the main tendency of history in today’s world is revolution, it is incontrovertible and will impose itself. Communism will impose itself and shine throughout the world. We must keep in mind the words of Chairman Mao that the road is difficult but the future is bright. Thus, Comrades, the revolution will triumph throughout the entire world, and whether it takes more or less time depends mainly on the actions of Communists.”

(Document, Second Plenum of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Peru)

In the Greater Middle East (GME), the flames of war are flaming everywhere, rising higher and higher and threatening to spread, today it has again its hottest point in the Persian Gulf and Palestine, where, since October 2023, the Israel-Palestine has entered a new moment with the counter-offensive of the Palestinian National Resistance, long fighting, supporting the Arab world to the Palestinian people.

Since the beginning of this new phase of the Israel-Palestine war, with the Palestinian counter-offensive launched in October 2023, the offensive of the Zionist State of Israel unleashed the most barbaric genocide to force the Palestinian national resistance to capitulate. At the same time, it sought to isolate its cause in order to deliver a devastating “final blow” to the resistance in the Gaza Strip and to subjugate the Palestinian national movement as a whole and impose its objectives as a colonial occupying power.

The genocidal government of Benjamin Netanyahu as well as other civilian and military authorities that try to counter the repudiation, rejection and condemnation of the Arab peoples and the whole world for the barbaric genocide in progress – with the annihilation of tens of thousands of masses of all ages and conditions and the displacement of the population (one and a half million) from the north of Gaza to the south of the Strip to push them to Egypt through terror; Moreover, in order to empower itself with imperialist and regional lackey support, it has carried out all kinds of military attacks against different countries, forces and targets in the region; it has sought to extend the war by striking beyond its borders at Arab armed organizations that support the Palestinian cause; mainly those of Shiite political-religious orientation; which Israel accuses of being supported and directed by Iran. While in chorus, in unison, imperialists, Arab reactionaries, and the whole world shouted “do not escalate the war.”

Israel has also directly attacked interests of the Islamic Republic of Iran (IRI), its highest point being the attack against the headquarters of the diplomatic representation of that country in Damascus (Syria) in early April, resulting in the death of high-ranking Iranian military and others.

The character of this action in Syria, in violation of international and diplomatic law (war crime), is clearly a provocation aimed at extending the war in the Persian Gulf region. Provocation to refine its position in the war against the Palestinian people, in collusion and struggle with the Arab lackey governments of the region; to weaken Iranian influence in the GME; to serve as a pretext for Israel for ever greater attacks on Iran’s own territory. At every opportunity it targets Iran’s political, military, and economic objectives of greater value and scope, which together with tougher imperialist economic sanctions, are aimed at weakening Iran militarily, politically and economically, both internally and externally. Seeking to stifle it economically. The imperialist-Zionist plan is to weaken it so that when the time comes they can strike quickly. The US is interested in a quick decisive action, a protracted war does not suit it.

The Zionists, with their provocation, seek to regain the political, diplomatic and military initiative. See how the Netanyahu government and its military leaders as well as the Zionist and imperialist media present things regarding Israel’s provocation and Iran’s response; see how the imperialist leaders and their foreign ministers have moved, after Iran’s measured response, who while speaking, addressing Israel, of not “escalating” the war and measuring themselves in their attacks, have unleashed new political, military, and economic measures against Iran and how they have coordinated and supported with all military means Israel’s “response” of the 18th of this month.

The Zionists monitored and supported mainly by the U.S., by its head, the genocidal Biden, will not miss the opportunity in service of the plans of major U.S. imperialist intervention against Iran, to weaken it and, when the time comes, to strike quickly and overthrow the Iranian regime and impose an American puppet government there.

The Zionists of Israel do everything they can to isolate the Palestinian resistance, divide the support of the Arab peoples and the proletariat and the peoples of the world to this cause, focusing their attacks against the movements of Shiite orientation. Everything, taking the genocide of the population of the Gaza Strip beyond the previous genocides, reducing its population and territory through mass murder, terror and forced displacement in violation of its duties as an occupying power to protect, provide assistance, food, care, and protection to the population of the occupied country.

The Zionist Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu himself, on different occasions, has said: “we are going to end Hamas, we are going to take the Gaza Strip, but after the military occupation, it will not have the same size or population,” “we do not intend to establish an Israeli administration there, but one of our own,” that is to say an administration of collaborators with the occupier. And yet, for the so-called International Criminal Court, there is no intention to commit genocide.

As for Iran, since the Palestinian question cannot be isolated from the situation of the whole region, for the imperialist-Zionist plan, their main task is to prevent by all means the growth of Iran’s influence as an ally to the Palestinian cause; to cut off the aid and support that may come from this side to the Palestinian resistance; to consummate the front with the Arab reactionaries of the Gulf and Egypt to obtain not only their complicity in the genocide against the Palestinian people but their recognition by these as a State on an equal footing in the region.

The Yankees use the opportunity to try to advance their control of this part of the GME for their plans to control the region, and in collusion and struggle with the other imperialist powers, to isolate Iran from Russia and China. The latter two also have political, economic and military interests in the region. The new sanctions on Iranian oil point to this, Russia benefits like the Gulf monarchies from these sanctions; like Saudi Arabia, where the Chinese revisionists have their biggest investments in the Gulf. In addition, any major success of Iran and the Palestinians in an area close to their borders may have repercussions in Russia and China’s own Muslim areas.

The Iranian issue is a matter to be resolved for the plans of the sole hegemonic superpower, Yankee imperialism, as Chairman Gonzalo says:

“Iran, subjugated by the Shah, was a bastion of the U.S.; he was overthrown and a retrograde theocratic system was imposed, managed by Shiite Mohammedanism, Islamism, thus clashing with the USA and USSR superpowers and with the so-called ‘third Satan,’ Hussein of Iraq. The U.S. has lost its bastion in the Middle East, Israel is very small no matter how small a wedge it is; for this reason it backed Iraq in its war against Iran (…) For the imperialists, the control of the Middle East is at stake.”

Thus, there is a set of highly complex interests, a single hegemonic superpower, the U.S., imperialist powers, oppressed nations, rotten regimes that may fall and the interests of the Arab people exploited by imperialism and by the native regimes themselves. But the Yankee imperialist superpower, the powers and their lackeys are calling the shots, the people are postponed, even in Iran.

The U.S. has put a strong military presence in the area, with the assistance of other imperialist “allies” such as England, France, Germany, etc. to deter any effective third party intervention in favor of the Palestinian cause and against the ongoing genocide; to repress any intention of a major Iranian response to the provocations of the Zionist State of Israel.

We have seen that Iran has had to moderate its response, if it were to strike a blow at the level of the Zionist provocation in Damascus, against targets in Israeli territory, it would be in danger of receiving a very strong blow from the imperialist forces deployed in the waters of the Gulf region and surrounding areas. If it did not threaten Israel, its influence in the region would be weakened. In this situation, it has to moderate itself and seek the most measured and intelligent responses to the provocation, so as not to lose its influence among the forces fighting directly in Palestine and those supporting this cause, but it has to avoid clashing directly with Israel, because they would be challenging Yankee imperialism. Knowing the experience of Saddam Hussein, the U.S. is playing with time; the Yankees want to drown Iraq economically, leading the collusion of the superpowers and powers to avoid the risk of war, since at the moment they are not in the best conditions to face it and, most seriously, the Arab people would rise up against imperialism in a long struggle; that is why they seek to weaken and then see what is most convenient for them.

The objective situation is raising the possibility of an important change in Iran, that the military aggression of Yankee-Zionist imperialism against Iran will in fact lead to a war of resistance and the present regime headed by Khamenei would go on to lead a just war, to defend his country from an imperialist aggression, mainly Yankee imperialist. This, together with the Palestinian war of national resistance, would raise the peoples of the region against Yankee imperialism and its Arab lackeys.

Consequently, the issue of Palestine and the Gulf has wide projections, it allows us to see the main contradiction today and in perspective, its relation with local, regional and even world wars as a risk; therefore to see the characteristics of anti-imperialist wars, wars of resistance, wars of national liberation or the revolutions themselves in the oppressed nations. All of this further emphasizes the main contradiction and leads us to reaffirm that the oppressed nations are the basis of the revolution as the main tendency in the world. All of which raises the need for a militarized Marxist-Leninist-Maoist Communist Party to lead the democratic revolution to the end through the people’s war and to pass immediately to the development of socialist revolution. Long live the International Communist League!

As long as there is exploitation on earth there will not be a new world, therefore the issue is to destroy imperialism, revisionism, and reaction, all systems of exploitation, and socialism will necessarily be erected.

Yankees, out of the Middle East!

Let’s support the Palestinian National Resistance!

Palestine will win!

Peru People’s Movement

Generated Organization of the Communist Party of Peru for work abroad

April 2024