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Proletarians of all countries, unite!


The imperialists, in collusion and struggle, are seeking to exploit the world more and more, and the world has accumulated a strong explosive capacity. In the Third World this explosiveness is already expressing itself most forcefully. Imperialism, in the midst of its general and ultimate crisis that afflicts it, is sinking, and it imposes more oppression, wars and plunder on the oppressed nations and peoples who are plunged into the crises of rotten bureaucratic capitalism. The imperialists with their reactionary lackeys in the oppressed nations carry out all kinds of crimes against the masses of the world, committing their gigantic genocides. US imperialism as the sole hegemonic superpower and self-proclaimed world counter-revolutionary gendarme is the main enemy of the peoples of the world.

The Corona pandemic, which has developed into a pandemic mainly because of the imperialists and their reactionary lackeys, is used by them for the destruction of productive forces – including a great genocide mainly in the oppressed nations – for a more rapid monopolisation of the economy under greater control by the state, to set in motion a great terror against the masses, putting us in a real war situation. Thus, the enemy's fear of the explosiveness of the masses, which is heading for a worldwide rebellion, is shown. Through this genocide of the pandemic of the corona virus (Covid 19) they are applying their counterrevolutionary plan as we show here in the case of Brazil with the ongoing genocide against the people of that country. But, there and all over the world, it is once again proven that counterrevolutionary action cannot prevent or crush but rather spurs the revolution.

With the editorial of A Nova Democracia (AND) from Brazil, news from the people's war in India, the actions of the revolutionaries in Germany, of the masses in France, Belgium and the Netherlands, as well as the news of the publication of the English translation of the documentation of the 1st Congress of the Communist Party of Turkey / Marxist-Leninist (TKP/ML), we want to show that only with a real Communist Party can the explosiveness of the masses be turned into revolution through the people's war led by the CP.

BRAZIL: The ongoing genocide against the people is a deliberate project of Bolsonaro, his far-right entourage and the generals, who are the de facto government as part of their pre-emptive counter-revolutionary plan. The order to kill comes from them.

In the reactionary Spanish newspaper “El País”, the news spread that: "an investigation reveals that Bolsonaro executed an "institutional strategy of spreading the corona virus". And it summarises the report as follows: "By analysing 3,049 federal regulations produced in 2020, the School of Public Health of the USP and the Human Rights Connection show why Brazil has already surpassed more than 212,000 deaths by Covid-19.

Naturally, this reactionary newspaper does not publish the report out of love for truth or the Brazilian people, but because it suits its interests, which are those of Spanish imperialism in collusion and struggle with the sole hegemonic superpower, US imperialism, as well as the alignment of the Spanish government of Sanchez-Iglesias in favour of the new head of imperialism, Biden, and the Democratic Party, while the fascist Bolsonaro is shown as the faithful lackey of Trump despite the change of imperialist government.

From the report quoted above we translate some parts as being of interest:

"The most macabre timeline in Brazil's public health history emerges from the investigation of the norms produced by the government of Jair Messias Bolsonaro related to the Covid-19 pandemic. In a joint effort, since March 2020, the Centre for Research and Studies on Health Law (CEPEDISA) of the Faculty of Public Health (FSP) of the University of São Paulo (USP) and the Human Rights Connection, one of the most respected justice organisations in Latin America, are engaged in collecting and crumbling federal and provincial norms related to the new coronavirus, producing a bulletin called Rights in the Pandemic – Mapping and Analysis of the Legal Norms of Response to Covid-19 in Brazil. This Thursday (21/1), they launch a special edition in which they make a strong statement: "Our research revealed the existence of an institutional strategy of spreading the virus, promoted by the Brazilian government under the leadership of the Presidency of the Republic"."

The article on the Report continues:

"Obtained with singularity by EL PAÍS, the analysis of the production of certifications, provisional measures, resolutions, normative instructions, laws, decisions and decrees of the federal government, as well as the lifting of the president's public speeches, design the map that made Brazil one of the countries most affected by Covid-19 and, contrary to other nations in the world, still without a vaccination campaign with reliable schedule. It is not possible to measure how many of the more than 212,000 Brazilian deaths could have been avoided if, under Bolsonaro's leadership. The government had not implemented a project to spread the virus, but it is reasonable to say that many people would have their mothers, fathers, siblings and children alive today if there were no institutional project of the Brazilian government to spread Covid-19."


Further information:

There is intent, there is plan and there is systematic action in the government's rules and in Bolsonaro's manifestations, the study notes. "The results dispel the persistent interpretation that there is incompetence and negligence on the part of the federal government in the management of the endemic. On the contrary, the systematisation of data, although incomplete due to the lack of space in the publication for so many events, reveals the commitment and efficiency of the Union's actions in favour of the wide dissemination of the virus in the national territory, with the declared objective of resuming economic activity as quickly as possible and at any cost", says the publication's editorial. "We hope that this timeline will provide an overview of a process that we are experiencing in a fragmented and often confusing way.


The timeline is made up of three axes presented in chronological order, from March 2020 to the first 16 days of January 2021: 1) regulatory acts of the Union, including the editing of standards by federal authorities and bodies and presidential vetoes; 2) acts of obstruction to provincial and municipal government responses to the pandemic; and 3) anti-public health propaganda, defined as "political discourse that mobilises economic, ideological and moral arguments, as well as false news and technical information without scientific verification, for the purpose of discrediting health authorities, weakening popular adherence to evidence-based health recommendations, and promoting political activism against public health measures needed to contain the spread of Covid-19.

"The analysis shows that "most of the deaths would be remediable through a disease containment strategy, which constitutes an unprecedented violation of the right to life and the right to health of Brazilians". And this "without the managers involved being held accountable, although institutions such as the Federal Supreme Court and the Federal Court of Auditors have, countless times, pointed out the non-conformity with the Brazilian legal order of behaviours and conscious and voluntary omissions of federal managers". They also stress "the urgency of discussing in depth the configuration of crimes against public health, crimes of responsibility and crimes against humanity during the Covid-19 pandemic in Brazil."

"Bolsonaro's acts and speeches are known, but they end up being diluted in the everyday fed by the production of facts and fake news, in which the war of hatred is also a strategy to cover up the consistency and persistence of the project that advances while the temperature is kept high in social networks. The publication provokes shock and barely being by systematising the explicit production of evils put into practice by Bolsonaro and his government during almost a year of pandemic. One of the main merits of the research is precisely to articulate the various official measures and public speeches of the president in the timeline. From the meticulous analysis emerges the plan, with all its phases duly documented.

It is also made explicit which populations are targeted. In addition to the indigenous peoples, to whom Bolsonaro even denies drinking water, there are a series of measures taken to prevent workers from being able to protect themselves from Covid-19 and isolation. The government extends the concept of essential activities to beauty salons and seeks to annul the right to the emergency aid of 600 Reales determined by Congress to several categories. At the same time, the government seeks to implement a double treatment for health professionals: Bolsonaro vetoes in its entirety the project that provides financial compensation for those workers who become disabled as a result of their work to contain the pandemic and tries to redeem public workers from any responsibility for acts and omissions in the struggle against Covid-19. In short: the hard and risky work of preventing and combating a pandemic is discouraged, omission is encouraged.

Well, as can be read from the quoted part of the report, it focuses on the fact that Bolsonaro's objective is economic and its authors aim to take things to the national and international legal route; but we know that justice will not be done to the people there, only the people can bring justice to the people by developing the People's War. Regarding the ongoing genocide against the Brazilian people, we agree with what has been raised by AND against this gigantic genocide against the people and that is why we reproduce the reports of this democratic newspaper with our underlining. But, first, we want to emphasize that this editorial, shows with great clarity the character of the genocide as part of the counterrevolutionary plan, denounces its authors, the contradictions between them – between the fascist Bolsonaro and the high command of the reactionary and genocidal Armed Forces, from it we quote in this brief introduction the following:

"The ongoing genocide at this very moment is a deliberate project. Bolsonaro, his extreme right-wing entourage and the generals, who are the de facto government, are practising a series of deliberate crimes against the people and the homeland. The order to kill comes from them. Although they dispute positions within the government, their projects converge, for all practical purposes, in this sense. Let's see.

Bolsonaro, the captain of the jungle, not only acts, but also thinks and speaks like a murderer (...) he plots day and night to consummate the coup in progress and redeploy the military regime of which he is an inconsolable widower. (...) He is betting on the worsening of the health and economic crisis, and its unfolding into a social explosion, as a possibility to present himself as an alternative to defend order (...) For him, the fascist coup is no longer just a project of power, but also a personal salvation. The High Command of the Armed Forces and its advanced commissariat in the Planalto Palace fear, above all, the social debacle and an upsurge of mass struggle. This is what has marked all his public interventions in recent years. Acting as the guardian of the republic, it applies a dissuasive strategy against the people (and even against the official political sectors called the opposition) (...) The role of the reactionary army is therefore not to ensure "democracy" and defend the "constitution", nor to serve the population, but to manage the counter-revolution.

We now continue with the full transcript (English translation by of the article originally published in Portuguese:



Editorial – Killers in Power

Editorial staff of AND; 19 January 2021


The scenes coming out of Manaus are terrifying, in every respect. The unspeakable drama of people dying without oxygen, accompanied by the collapse even of the funeral system and the potentially irreversible damage – physical and mental – to the patients and health professionals who will survive the hateful carnage, makes Brazil a kind of dystopia realised. The genocide that has plagued the country since the middle of last year has given way to a genocide that was announced earlier. Informed of the impending collapse on 7 January, the federal government did nothing about it. On the 11th, during a visit to the Amazonian capital, the Minister of Health and active general, Eduardo Pazuello – the butcher – stated that his portfolio "has and will be able to meet any demand that fails at a lower level". On the 14th, the oxygen began to run out. On Sunday the 17th, in the midst of the tragedy and escalating pandemic, millions of students across the country were forced to gather to take over the ENEM.


Anyone who thinks that this situation is the result of mismanagement is wrong. No: no amount of incompetence would produce our more than 200,000 deaths in the course of almost a year; nor would incompetence be enough to sabotage the most elementary measures to protect against the epidemic, already known to everyone on earth; nor would incompetence be enough to deny any serious steps to provide the vaccine. Because the incompetent, being honest, could look aside and learn over time. And, indeed, Brazil has world-renowned researchers and a world-renowned public health system. So, ineptitude alone does not explain what is happening. The genocide underway at this very moment is a deliberate project. Bolsonaro, his far-right entourage and the generals, who are the de facto government, are practising a series of deliberate crimes against the people and the homeland. The order to kill comes from them. Although they dispute positions within the government, their projects converge, for all practical purposes, in this sense. Let's see.


Bolsonaro, the captain of the jungle, not only acts, but also thinks and speaks like a murderer. His attitude, in the face of any event, is to say: "I didn't do it", as would a criminal who is asked about his actions. This is not only due to his training as a fascist fanatic, in the basements of the military regime, continued in his activities as a political leader of a paramilitary group in Rio de Janeiro, but also because he plots day and night to consummate the ongoing coup and redeploy the military regime of which he is an inconsolable widower. It is as if his cowardly "it wasn't me" were a kind of ready-made coup-programme: "because they won't let me govern, Brazil is in chaos; Brazil is in chaos because they won't let me govern". He is betting on the worsening of the health and economic crisis, and its unfolding into a social explosion, as a possibility to present himself as an alternative to defend order. Knowing that, after leaving the presidency, he will keep his children in prison, given the magnitude of their crimes, many of which are well proven, he does not believe (at least for the moment) in those who offer him a negotiated way out. For him, the fascist coup is no longer just a power project, but also a personal salvation. The High Command of the Armed Forces and its advanced commissariat in the Planalto Palace fear, above all, a social debacle and an upsurge of mass struggle. This is what has marked all his public interventions in recent years. Acting as the guardian of the republic, he applies a dissuasive strategy against the people (and even against the official political sectors called the opposition), as if to say: do not pass from here, we have entered. Thus, it is then and more and more directly, that backbone of the old reactionary state, which is its armed forces, to act as a whole. None of the so-called three powers (executive, legislative and judicial) has crossed the last few years without receiving explicit instructions from the generals, of which the now famous "tweeting" of Villas-Bôas in favour of Lula's arrest is a most didactic example. If this is what is made public, imagine what goes on behind the scenes! The role of the reactionary army is therefore not to ensure "democracy" and defend the "constitution", nor to serve the people, but to manage the counter-revolution. That is what it serves for, since it is the class character of this institution to serve and secure, always, the power of the landlords and big bourgeois oligarchs, lackeys of imperialism, no matter who are the individuals who compose it. Apart from that, it is a useless, costly and corrupt task, as is the case every time it is forced to act in the civilian sphere.


This is because, in a country with tens of millions of unemployed (if we add to the official statistics the underemployed and the growing mass of discouraged people, i.e. people who have given up looking for work), the economic recession accompanied by inflation and rising prices, accelerated deindustrialisation and the denationalisation of its human and natural resources in favour of foreign monopolies (of which the case of Vale and its continuous and unpunished crimes is a notorious example), in such a country the only possible government is one that acts as a foreign army of occupation.


The main mission of the uniformed people in and out of the government is none other than to keep the starving masses under control; to keep the drain of the wealth taken from this land and the super-profits of imperialism going. It is this, after all, that is the state, a device of coercion of one class over the other, which reaches in Brazil in 2021 almost its pure theoretical form, as it is devoid of the trappings and mediations that the legal and opportunist "left", almost desperately tries to save. In this respect, Bolsonaro and the generals around him have no relevant discrepancies. Their ideological outlook is the same. However, the fact that the old reactionary state is now naked for all to see is neither harmless nor irrelevant. It remains increasingly clear to large sections of public opinion, and this will become even more so as the class struggle becomes more radical, the farce of our tutelary democracy, a sort of big prison under a semi-open regime, and the fact that the alternations of government do not in any way modify the system of power, kept unchanged in the hands of the local ruling classes (big bourgeoisie and landlords), servants of imperialism (mainly Yankee).


We are living, therefore, alongside an atrocious regression in all fields of social life, a unique opportunity for revolutionaries to point out to the masses the decisive targets of their fury. Let us recall a philosophical principle, proven by the history of the revolutions of the 20th century, according to which the specific opposite of regression is not stability or a return to the starting point, but a great and accelerated leap forward.





In our Retrospect 2020 we wrote:


"The People's Wars in the world are serving as beacons that are shining brightly on the path. The People's Wars in Peru, India, Turkey and the Philippines are showing the international proletariat and the peoples of the world the path to liberation. The Indian comrades have dealt blows to reaction in many battles, with ambushes and targeted punitive actions. They are resolutely waging the struggle against the land grabbing by the imperialists, big landowners and bureaucratic capital and successfully crushing the reactionary encirclement and extermination campaigns."


Today, in our editorial section, we want to document actions carried out by the People's Guerrilla Liberation Army (PLA) led by the CPI(M) in the present month:


January 5: encounter between Peoples Liberation Guerilla Army (PLGA) and a joint team of the Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF), its elite unit CoBRA (Commando Battalion for Resolute Action) and district forces took place near Hirmagunda village in Chhattisgarh''s Bijapur distric. Reactionaries got ambushed,  attackers managed to retreat without any losses. Traditional weapons found could also indicate that the reaction attacked tribal members in attempt to initiate a Fake Encounter. January 6: a police informer were executed in Kothitola village in Bhamragad tehsil of Gadchiroli district in Maharashtra.


January 7:  eviction and demolition of at least 37 small shops in the village of Bhikangaon in the district of Khargone in the state of Madhya Pradesh. Several traders then expressed that they no longer consider an alternative to armed struggle: "Shopkeepers claimed that they lost their source of livelihood in a drive against the encroachment and now they are unemployed and have no option but to take guns." nota bene: some days earlier “The Hindu” reported: “ Around 100 Naxals from Chhattisgarh and Maharashtra have sneaked into Madhya Pradesh over the past few months to expand their base”. January 8: encounter between PLGA and reactionary armed forces, on a combined search and destroy operation, in Kandhamal district of Odisha. January 13: IED blasts two personnel of Chhattisgarh Armed Force. January 14: PLGA executed a police informer in Chhattisgarh's Rajnandgaon district. January 15: an officer of Central Reserve Police Forces (CRPF) elite unit CoBRA died during an Anti-Naxal operation in Chhattisgarhs Sukma district.





At the end of November last year, demonstrations took place all over France against the proposed "global security law" and the restriction of filming police officers, i.e. further restricting freedom of the press and freedom of speech, thus further increasing the laws of repression in the quest to stifle the developing revolutionary forces. These demonstrations came as calls to withdraw the legislative initiative were exacerbated by instances of police violence at the time. Cars, banks and shops were set on fire. Stones were thrown at security forces. These protests came together with riots against the "pandemic" measures, i.e. the state of emergency. Even "Human Rights Watch" denounced the atrocities of the old state. Maoists were reportedly active in these struggles.


In mid-January, a black man died in police custody in Belgium. Then the masses rose up in Brussels and fought against the mercenaries of the state resulting in at least 5 policemen injured. Even the King's car was cornered and attacked with projectiles thrown at it.


The Netherlands has just seen the biggest mass explosion in decades. For several nights there were riots in different Dutch cities. The people, and mainly the people, opposed the new draconian "pandemic" measures of the state.


There were similar incidents in almost every country in Europe. The word "civil war" is circulating loudly. A brief but precise conclusion is necessary. There is an unevenly developing revolutionary situation in all countries, that is what we see in Europe. Everywhere the explosiveness of the masses is manifesting, showing that they are ready to rise up in struggle against the rotten system of exploitation and oppression. The peoples revolt, no matter if there are lumpen and/or fascists among them. It is up to the communists to lead the masses, in struggle, and give guidance, combining the daily demands with the struggle for revolution and communism and not to give lessons from know-it-all bookish lessons that nobody listens to. The old states are more and more unable to continue with their customary way of ruling. They face more and more challenges and fail to solve the problems, while the masses learn in struggle and are tempered in revolutionary violence, learning to differentiate the real fighters from the opportunists and revisionists. The system of domination with all its state apparatus has nothing to offer but more brutality, more reactionarisation, curtailing "civil rights" and establishing more reactionary laws, directly directed against the broadest and deepest masses of the proletariat. But our class embodies the bright future and this is expressed in the just rebellion against the old order of exploitation and oppression.


Revolutionaries in Germany repelled attack of imperialist state mercenaries


On January 10, the traditional annual LLL-Demonstration took place in Berlin, Germany, in commemoration of the founders of the Communist Party of Germany and the Great Lenin. It was different from the demonstrations of the last years. The "tradition" of this demonstration is usually mainly quiet and rather boring, apart from the usual police manoeuvres. This year, however, the state chose a different approach to the demonstration. Motivated by the smaller number of participants than in previous years, due to the pandemic, obviously well directed and commanded by the political police and of course incited by their traditional reactionary hatred against all self-styled communists, the mercenary "Black Helmets" of German imperialism attacked the demonstration for more than an hour, beat up the participants, tortured old people lying on the ground and mistreated many others. It was obvious that the demonstrators of the most different organisations would not simply accept such an arbitrary attack and would resist. This is what happened and the attacks of the gang of thugs were repelled wave after wave by the demonstrators. The internet platform "Perspektive Online" describes the situation as follows: "They [the police] were extremely brutal, they tried to capture FDJ-flags and arrested several people wearing blue FDJ-shirts. However, parts of the demonstration also showed solidarity, carrying red flags with hammer and sickle and were in turn attacked by the police." The result on the part of the demonstrators are 32 arrests and dozens of injured, some of them seriously. But even the police with their riot equipment could not escape the anger of the revolutionaries at all, 17 policemen were injured, two of them had to go to the hospital. The police attack was a show of force, but this show of force was an important lesson for the revolutionaries present. A lesson of what it means to mess with this imperialist beast, a lesson of what the police state that is currently being established means and a lesson of how any illusion in this old rotten state will be paid with blood in the end. The task of the revolutionaries in the FRG is to create the organisation that can take up the struggle under all conditions, persevere and carry it through to the end. This means reconstituting the Communist Party of Germany, in strong alliance with the communists of the whole world. A slogan with great implications for the International Communist Movement shone throughout the struggles: "For the New International Organisation of the Proletariat!" 



Last but not least is the fact to which we want to draw the attention of our readers, i.e. the publication of DOCUMENTS OF THE 1ST CONGRESS OF THE TKP/ML in English. Therefore, we upload the document on