Friday, February 19, 2021



The Masses Explode

Proletarians of all countries, unite!

SPAIN: What does the current violent mass demonstrations against the imprisonment of the rapper Pablo Hasel express?

The reactionary newspapers of the Spanish state have reported yesterday and today that the rapper Pablo Hasel was admitted yesterday morning, Tuesday, to the penitentiary centre of Ponent, in Lleida, after being arrested by the Mossos d’Esquadra. He has been sentenced by the Audiencia Nacional to two years, four months and fifteen days in prison for the crimes of glorifying terrorism and insulting the crown. As a result of his imprisonment, several protests took place yesterday evening in other parts of Spain, leaving a total of 14 people arrested and 33 injured.

From the information we have obtained and the images shown by some television news broadcasts in some European countries, we can say that thousands of people have demonstrated in different major cities in Spain in protest against the conviction and imprisonment of the rapper Pablo Hasel and in defence of freedom of opinion, the exercise of which one might have thought was guaranteed by the “constitution and the law”. But it is not, the rapper has been condemned for having expressed his opinion through the exercise of his profession as an artist against the rotten monarchy that represents this state of bourgeois dictatorship, imperialist state that represents and defends this order of exploitation and oppression against the proletariat, real prison of peoples and that oppresses nations of the Third World. He has also been condemned for expressing his opinion in favour of the political prisoners of the Spanish state; a rapper who, in a clearly progressive position, has on some occasions expressed his support for the People’s War in India and his sympathy for the defence of the health and life of Chairman Gonzalo.

This old imperialist state is in deep crisis, all its institutions and representatives are rotten, from the king, who is recognised by the state’s own legal order as irresponsible, the President of the Government, ministers, judges, etc. are more and more delegitimised. This state and the old society is currently going through the worst crisis in its history, an economic and health crisis that is being unloaded with great impudence by the ruling class on the backs of the masses and the most abject genocide through the management of the “corona virus pandemic”.

But, the protests of thousands of people all over Spain, proves once again what Lenin said: every crisis
comes along with the possibility of temporary stagnation and regression but the acceleration of development by the sharpening of contradictions and the uncovering of contradictions accelerating the decomposition of all that is rotten, etc. This serves precisely to understand what is expressed by this mass demonstration, violent protest previously unknown in this imperialist country.

These demonstrations on the occasion of the imprisonment of the rapper show one of the progressive, useful features of every crisis. As Lenin said, it serves to clear the ground for new and better forms of organisation, in this case to fulfil the task of the reconstitution of the Communist Party.

The struggle has reached the whole country and has violent manifestations of the masses, that is already an abnormality, an alteration of the pacifism of the previous protests etc. All this shows an awakening of the masses, an activity and way of acting of the masses that has not been seen for a long time. It confirms the development of the unevenly developing revolutionary situation in Spain, i.e. those at the bottom do not want to, those at the top cannot: the objective situation of worsening suffering of the masses due to the economic crisis aggravated by the pandemic and its measures that cut back and restrict even more the freedoms and rights recognised and won with blood by the struggles of the masses. As an expression of this situation, the extraordinary activity of the masses is taking place. This is a magnificent situation to advance in the work of the Party, according to the specific conditions of this concrete reality.
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