Thursday, May 5, 2022



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Proletarians of all countries, unite!


“We are living through historical events. Each of us knows that this is the case. Let’s not fool ourselves. In these moments we have to strengthen all our forces to face the difficulties, to continue to do our tasks and to conquer goals! The successes! The victory! That is what must be done.”

Chairman Gonzalo, speech 1992

The crisis of the imperialist world system is deepening every day more in the “historic moments” we are living through. Going beyond the crises of the past years, today it is a crisis that demonstrates more clearly and more strongly that the proletarians of the world, and with them all communists and revolutionary forces, are in a new situation, facing new times. The decomposition and decline of imperialism are obvious. And as the decomposition and decline of imperialism is historically necessary and inevitable, so is the resistance, the struggle and the revolution, carried out by the masses of the peoples, under the leadership of the proletariat and its Communist Parties. And it is important that we realize this, because Chairman Mao Tse-Tung emphasized, Everything reactionary is the same; if you do not hit it, it will not fall.“. However far the process of decomposition of imperialism will go, however deep its crisis will develop: Only through the proletarian revolution, only through the smashing of the old state apparatuses, only through the new democratic and socialist revolutions for the establishment of the joint dictatorship under the leadership of the proletariat and its party and the dictatorship of the proletariat it will be swept away from the face of the earth!

Concretely the communists in all countries of the world are faced with different tasks which are determined in each case by the concrete situation of the revolution in every country. But for the realization of the revolution – as well as for the constitution or reconstitution of the proletarian party against imperialism and its robbers, executioners and war arsonists – the communists have common, general tasks which they must take up in the direction and in the service of the Proletarian World Revolution, the international proletariat and the International Communist Movement. We affirm the necessity of the Communist Party for the proletariat to lead new democratic, socialist and cultural revolutions. This must be clear to us, this is the guarantee of victory. On this 1st of May 2022, the International Day of Struggle of the Proletariat, which takes place in such turbulent times, we express our certainty and optimism that the communists of the different countries have clarity about these tasks, do not hesitate to act and grasp the respective tasks with determination. We salute the communists and their struggles, the leadership they give and fight for, all over the world, just as we want to commemorate on the occasion of 1st of May the heroes and heroines in the ranks of the army of the world proletariat. They carried life on their fingertips and gave it for the great goal under which we unite and fight to achieve the forever golden Communism.

Even the great Friedrich Engels left no doubt about the character that 1st of May, as the international day of struggle of the proletariat, must have for the communists, explicitly calling it an “army show” of the proletariat, in which its fighting forces …, mobilized as one army, under one flag, for one immediate aim.” It is the communists who can give a greater perspective to the masses, it is the organized and planned leadership by the communists that is needed to direct the inexhaustible and gigantic force of the masses against imperialism. It is the masses who make history and the communists must always be the “most advanced of the proletariat”, as Chairman Mao Tse-Tung stated.

This 1st of May 2022, is the first day of struggle of the international proletariat since the reaction in Peru, under the command of U.S. imperialism and with the active help of the ROL, implemented its sinister plan of assassinating Chairman Gonzalo. This shameful act aroused indignation all over the world and the communists, on the occasion of this magnicide, expressed their indignation, their disgust and their justified class hatred in rallies, campaigns, declarations and actions among the masses. On this occasion, we reaffirm ourselves the almighty truth of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism proven by Chairman Gonzalo of the invincibility of the People’s War. It is this 1st of May 2022 that shows us that the ranks of the proletarian army grew in the past year, that it continued to organize, that the communists were able to make progress where they wage people’s war or transform the armed struggle into a people’s war despite often complex conditions, and where they struggle for the reconstitution of their parties, united more with the masses and forcefully carried the need for the reconstitution of the Communist Party to the masses.

The crisis of imperialism, its decomposition and decline, is most clearly reflected in the problems into which U.S. imperialism is increasingly plunged. Nevertheless, U.S. imperialism is still the sole hegemonic imperialist superpower on a world level. The arrogance of U.S. imperialism in seeking to impose its world hegemony by dividing the world into six U.S.-Commands and how it maintains or deploys its military forces and weapons of mass destruction not only in oppressed countries, even in Europe itself, but also in many imperialist countries as part of NATO forces and in Japan, the arrogance with which it uses its financial and monetary domination to impose economic sanctions that affect not only those directly targeted but also its own “partners” or “allies” and how it violates its commitments shows that U.S. imperialism has no friends but only enemies. Their hegemony is obviously in trouble, losing potency and in ever deeper contradictions with the peoples and oppressed nations of the world, with the proletariat and masses within their own country, as well as with its imperialist competitors. U.S. imperialism acts as a selfdeclared counterrevolutionary world gendarme and is still the principal enemy of the peoples of the world. In the thinking and feeling of the masses, imperialism is enormously discredited, of course especially U.S. imperialism, but not only, also imperialism as a world system. At the same time, those sectors of the masses among whom petty-bourgeois ideologies and theories had great resonance are falling into confusion. This is also a sign of the crisis of imperialism, which is unfolding its comprehensive ideological crisis, part of which is the crisis of reformism and revisionism. The communists must see this very clearly, because opportunism will try to give itself “new” masks and will try to ingratiate itself to the masses in a “new” way. But the communists will take advantage of the ideological crisis of imperialism and know how to fight for leadership here as well, fighting against their general counterrevolutionary offensive by upholding, defending and applying Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, to create a broad front of masses under the leadership of the proletariat with their Communist Party, to withdraw these petty bourgeois sections of the masses from the influence of the reactionaries and make them an allied force of the proletariat. Revisionism is lined up behind the baton of imperialism, for they are the ones who raise campaigns in favour of Russian imperialism and Chinese social-imperialism in order to confuse the proletariat, but their discourse is weak, like their bourgeois ideology, which vanishes when the proletariat applies Marxism-Leninism-Maoism.

In the face of recurring crises of overproduction, the growing pauperization of the masses and the ever-increasing accumulation of capital, the latter is feverishly looking for new investment opportunities to continue its productive exploitation, which includes the alleged “green” and “renewable” energy, unloading its greater costs over the shoulders of the masses and at the same time it is intensifying the exploitation of the waged labor force, increasing absolute and relative surplus value and plundering of the people through export of capital, the debt, the inflation and the reduction of public services to the broad masses, while increasing all kinds of subsidies and infrastructures for the companies of the large monopolies of financial capital. But we saw the rebellions in Chile ignited by the price increases in public transport, in Colombia mass revolts against the “tax reform”, we saw the protests of the yellow vests in France that found an important cause in the fuel price increase and also in the current moment the imperialists are confronted with the justified answer of the masses towards shifting the burden of the crisis. At the same time, the world is being swept by waves of mass struggles over the issue of general price rising and health care, for comprehensive health care for the masses, and against the anti-democratic measures that the imperialists and their lackeys are trying to impose under the guise of “fighting the pandemic”. In connection with this international wave of peoples’ struggles, resistance is increasingly rising against the tendencies of reactionarisation, which, depending on the concrete conditions, can be absolute centralisation in the executive or presidential absolutism or fascism, and militarisation.

It is unquestionable: the bourgeoisie can no longer simply continue as before, the popular masses confront every major concern and often carry off the victory over the reactionaries! Outstanding examples of the struggle of the masses, and at the same time signal fires of the new period of revolutions within the new era, are the struggles of the peasant masses. Thus in India and Brazil we see their tremendous movements and powerful demonstrations. In India, over 250 million participated in the great general strike and the movement was the longest lasting peasant movement in the history of the country. The oppressed nations are fighting with them, and so the masses in Mali inflicted heavy defeats on the imperialists of the so-called European Union (EU). The Chairman Mao established: “Whatever the classes, parties or individuals of an oppressed nation who join the revolution, whether or not they are conscious of this point, whether or not they understand it on the subjective level, it is enough that they fight against imperialism for their revolution to be part of the proletarian socialist world revolution, and themselves, allies of it.” (Mao Tse-Tung: On New Democracy). But even in the imperialist countries, the oppressed nationalities are rebelling and fighting. Thus Ireland continues to cry out for national unity and an end to the occupation, in Corsica thousands again took to the streets to rebel against the decisions of French class justice. Thus we see that the main forces of the World Proletarian Revolution are throwing their ranks into the struggle more and more resolutely, and also their leading force, the proletariat, is obviously entering a new, great cycle of class struggle. The struggles for its daily interests are gaining in scope and sharpness, many of these disputes are making leaps into political struggles, such as the strikes of Italian dockworkers to prevent shipments of imperialist war materials to Ukraine. More and more often, entire sectors of the proletarian masses are acting independently and are able to break free from the old grip of reformism: a clear sign of the advance of the subjective conditions of revolution.

In this new situation, the struggles of the proletariat will be seized by a new consciousness of its great, political tasks mainly the pending and overdue task of the constitution or reconstitution of Communist Parties. We see that the communists are increasing their efforts to take deep roots in the working class and will also give everything to make this leap with the working class. In all these struggles and movements, among the masses of the oppressed nations, among the peasants and the masses of the proletariat and peoples, the People’s Wars in India, in the Philippines, in Turkey and in Peru open the breach for the path which the World Proletarian Revolution must go through. They give confidence to the communists, raise optimism and give important lessons and inspiration to the International Communist Movement. The communists do everything possible to propagate their example that must be followed by the armed struggles and other forms of struggle that exist in the world, to support them and to spread the Proletarian Internationalism with their example.

In a futile attempt to overcome the crisis in longer term, the bourgeoisie is resorting to a partial end of the economic policy called “neoliberalism” and is promoting an economic policy of increased State intervention in the economy as an expression of State monopoly capitalism. This is a law of war preparation, and the imperialists are preparing for a great war for new distribution. Because the old, sole hegemonic superpower, the USA, must assert its supremacy, while Chinese social-imperialism is preparing itself more and more for waging a struggle for redistribution, its dream of becoming a superpower and contest for world hegemony. Imperialist Russia desperately seeks to defend or, as the case may be, re-establish semi-colonial rule and the zone of influence of social-imperialism, waving the banner of the old tsars of “Greater Russia”. This struggle for a new repartition found its bloody expressions in the recent past in Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria. Now it is manifesting itself with a new phase of war in Ukraine. The recent history of semi-colonial and colonial oppression and exploitation of Ukraine goes back to revisionism which restored capitalism to the Soviet Union and must be understood in the process of decomposition and bankruptcy of Soviet Social Imperialism from the 60s to the 80s.

Afterwards, during the 90s, it becomes a semi-colony mainly of Russian imperialism and starting from the 2000s, the imperialist dispute for snatching this rule by the Yankee and German imperialists, etc. witch sharpens further with the events of “Maidan” and the shift of regime in Ukraine in favor of a regime favorable to Yankee imperialism starting from 2014. Thus, Ukraine changes from being a semi-colonial dependent mainly on Russian imperialism politically, economically, militarily etc. to being a semi-colonial dependent mainly on US imperialism and the imperialist contention for Ukraine enters a situation of war.

With the imperialist war of aggression by Russia, this war enters a new phase. The situation in Ukraine is expressed fundamentally in two contradiction: Nation-Imperialism (principal contradiction) and inter-imperialist contradiction (secondary contradiction); and three forces: the invading Russian imperialists and their allies inside and outside Ukraine, the US and German imperialists (NATO) with their Ukrainian lackeys, among them neo-Nazi forces, and the oppressed nation Ukraine. The imperialist robbers and bloodhounds have in common that they want to carry out their interests on the backs of the Ukrainian people, prevent the development of Ukraine as a nation and try to completely subordinate the country to their contending interests. The masses are heroically resisting against the imperialist foreign domination, they are fighting for a self-determined, free Ukraine, against the imperialist interference and servitude, against the USA-supported putschists in Kiev, but principally against the Russian invasion.

The just and great goals of this struggle will certainly be achieved if a democratic, patriotic front can be forged that can throw the Russian imperialists and their lackeys out of the country, preventing the intervention of other imperialists who, under the pretext of helping Ukraine, aims to replace the Russian imperialist invader with their own imperialist rule over the country. The imperialists are trying to create confusion among the masses by means of hysteria, in the name of an imminent nuclear war in addition to plotting and trickery from side to side. They try to paralyze the masses in order to draw them into their sinister war plans. However, as Chairman Mao Tse-Tung teaches, even “the atomic bomb is a paper tiger” and the communists, especially at the present time, must firmly base themselves on the principle that either the revolution will ward off imperialist war or imperialist war will stoke the revolution. And it is the duty of communists to fight to prevent world war, which is only possible through the revolutionary struggle to overthrow the imperialist governments and their lackeys, to wage revolutionary war to imperialist war. Chairman Mao called on us to be prepared to face the imperialist war of aggression, the imperialist wars, the imperialist world war with atomic weapons, he called on us to make all the preparations to face all the difficulties that may arise, developing the revolution with the people’s war, which implies carrying out the new democratic revolutions, the socialist revolutions and even the cultural revolutions. With people’s war we can face all the difficulties and have the answer for the precise moment in which they arise, otherwise we will be at the mercy of events. With people’s war we will sweep imperialism and reaction from the face of the Earth within the “period of 50 to 100 years” from the early 1960s envisaged by Chairman Mao. We Maoists know what we have to do and what our task is in the present situation of the world and in the new period of revolutions that world history is entering.

The year that has passed since last 1st of May brought great tasks for the communists all over the world and confronted them with important challenges. The objective conditions continued to mature and, correspondingly, the subjective conditions for revolution develop favorably always following the law of unequal development and it is necessary for the communists, which today means the Marxist-Leninist-Maoists, to take up the tasks that lie before them with the new situation. This includes, especially in the imperialist countries, overcoming circlism as one of the great tasks, forging the front in accordance with the tasks of reconstituting the Communist Party, which must lead. We emphasize our understanding of what Chairman Mao Tse-Tung teaches, that communists and revolutionaries seek unity, while revisionism and opportunism seek division. We insist on the establishment of red proletarian unity through discussion and two-line struggle, and understand this task not only as a task which communists are facing nationally, but also internationally. Because our task is to put the red banner of the World Proletarian Revolution and Marxism-Leninism-Maoism at the spearhead of the struggles of the proletariat and the peoples of the world. This is what the masses demand from us. But for this, our ranks must be united, for this we need a unity that enables us to take new, firmer and higher steps. The unity of the communists is so important this is why we have to realize the United International Maoist Conference, because from this point we want to march forward to a New Organization of the International Proletariat. This is what is required of us. We can tackle this task with certainty and confidence, because its necessity is obvious, the circumstances cry out for it. The proletariat and the peoples demand it with their firm will. For this purpose, let us use the “army show” of 1st of May, let us use the “mobilized forces” of the proletariat and let us unite under this one goal – let us unite under Maoism!






Communist Party of Peru

Communist Party of Brazil (Red Faction)

Communist Party of Ecuador – Red Sun

Communist Party of Colombia (Red Faction)

Committee Red Flag – FRG

Committees for the foundation of the (Maoist) Communist Party of Austria

Communist Party of Turkey / Marxist-Leninists

[Remark: Both the Turkish and Austrian Communists have some differences in the Analysis of the political situation in the Ukraine.]

Maoist Communist Party – French State

Maoist Communist Party – Spanish State

Maoist Committee Finland

Serve the People – Communist League of Norway

Red Faction of the Communist Party of Chile

Red Wave (Denmark)

Revolutionary Nucleus for the Reconstitution of the Communist Party of Mexico (NR-PCM)

[Remark: The Austrian Communists have some differences in the Analysis of the political situation in the Ukraine.]