Saturday, June 24, 2023


 Proletarians of all countries, unite!



On June 19, communists and revolutionaries in Peru and around the world celebrated this day for the great victory won 37 years ago by the prisoners of war of the Communist Party of Peru. Those who rebelled in defense of the revolution and their lives against the plans of reaction to annihilate them and strike a certain blow at the People’s War. The monstrous and infamous government-mandated genocide of the fascist García Pérez crashed into the indomitable, fierce and determined resistance of the comrades, combatants and children of the masses, who raised ideology, bravery and heroism boldly displayed in the fiery war challenge, capturing the monumental trilogy in the shining trenches of combat of El Fronton, Lurigancho and Callao, a historic milestone that will proclaim more and more the greatness of the Day of Heroism. Conquering a great political, military and moral victory for the Communist Party of Peru, for the class, for the Peruvian people and the peoples of the world. A historic milestone that we celebrate in Peru and around the world. So the heroes continue to win battles and serve the revolution. The proletariat and the peoples of the world have always deserved great respect and obligation: to continue the task in which they were firmly subject to the leadership of Chairman Gonzalo and his almighty thought, center of party unity and guarantee of the triumph, who leads us to communism.

On this solemn occasion, we greet the International Community League and our invincible and victorious People’s War and the current People’s Wars, which against all odds continue their invincible march, such as the People’s Wars in India, Turkey and the Philippines. People’s Wars that show the way to follow for those that are about to be born, serving the world revolution and to persist in hoisting, defending and applying Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, mainly Maoism; People’s Wars, which are the shining beacon for the present armed liberation struggles and others waged by the international proletariat and the peoples of the world to sweep imperialism and reaction from the face of the Earth.

This occasion is also propitious to, once again, demarcate, crush and sweep away the revisionist and capitulationist right opportunist line (ROL) in Peru, as the head of new revisionism worldwide, which denies the semi-colonial and semi-feudal character of the Third World countries, saying that they have ceased to be so because of "neoliberalism", applied since the early 1990s and in the case of Peru, also because with the People’s War the semi-feudal relations were destroyed and Peru became a dependent capitalism and "that the current struggle is for democratic rights, new constitution and sovereignty", these renegades deny what was established by Maoism and Gonzalo thought, that until the democratic revolution is completed with the seizure of power throughout the country the domination of imperialism, bureaucratic capitalism and semi-feudalism will not be destroyed. In Peru,  where the reaction re-established the old power, has restored the old relations of production and its corresponding superstructure, that is semi-feudalism. Therefore the character of the Peruvian society remains semi-colonial and semi-feudal on which a bureaucratic capitalism develops. The new revisionism denies the developing revolutionary situation internationally. Thus, the ROL denies the revolution as the main tendency, denies the new great wave of the world revolution, denies the strategic offensive of the revolution of the same, denies the main contradiction, denies the democratic revolution, denies the land problem in the Third World countries and therefore denies the world proletarian revolution. They are counter-revolutionary renegades, they are anti-Maoist, they are anti-Gonzalo-thought. The ROL from 1993 until today serves all the governments of the old Peruvian state.

Our heroes summon us by crushing reaction and revisionism to bring about the general reorganization of the Party, the fulfilment of which must mean a great victory for the Party at all levels, especially in the development of the People’s War, so that its inextinguishable flame may once again burn uncontrollably, threatening, that in fiery flames they may spread everywhere, conquering a quantitative increase, so that in a qualitative leap definitively overcoming the bend and the inflection, leaving the nook and cranny to complete the democratic revolution with the seizure of power throughout the country, which is the central task of the revolution, sustained in our own hands armed against the wishes of national and international reaction and its opportunist and revisinist servants. At the end of the democratic revolution, we will immediately and without interruption move on to the development of the socialist revolution under way to the always golden communism, which we will enter together with all humanity. Long live the Communist Party of Peru!


Long live the 37th Anniversary of the Day of Heroism!

Honor and eternal glory to the fallen heroes!

Unite under Maoism! Down with revisionism!


19 June 2023