Tuesday, July 21, 2020

ICSPWI: the call for 28th july day of information, action and solidarity for freedom Varavara rao , Saibaba and all political prisoners in India

The pandemicisexpanding in India. In the rankingitis the third country in the world after the USA and Brazil. In the last hours, there have been 30 thousand infections, the total cases are 1 million and the deaths are 24 thousand. The mostaffected states are Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu, followed by Karnataka. The new lockdowndecided by the fascistregime affects 12 states, including Bihar. These are the poorest states. At the same time, Bangalore isalso hit, whichis the mostdevelopedtechnology center in Indiawhere the Microsoft, Apple and Amazon offices are located. Over 3 million workers have losttheir jobs and are reachingtheir villages.

The health system in India shows all itsbackwardness for such a large mass of population and the absence of any real health care.

The Communist Party of IndiaMaoist has been fightingsince April to defend the conditions of the masses. The Central Committeespokesmancalled the coronavirus a "biologicalweapon" that has itsroots in imperialistpolicies. He requestedthat at least 10% of the grossdomesticproductbedestined for the nutrition and health of the masses;hedenounced how the Modi governmentdid not hesitate to continue the pro-imperialist export of chemicalmedicines to the United States, despite the dramaticneeds of the Indian masses.

It is in thiscontextthat a drama in the dramais made up of politicalprisonerswho, in addition to beingvictims of the government'sfascistrepression, risktheirlives and health in the regime's prisons.
The PCI(Maosit)called for the immediate release of Varavara Rao, a revolutionaryintellectualartist, known and appreciated by the Indian masses, so as of Prof. Saibaba, a prominent figure of the revolutionarydemocratic opposition to the Modi regime and to the Indian system subservient to imperialism.

The fightagainst the repression and liberation of thesepoliticalprisonersis part of the resistance of the greatpopular masses in struggle, and at the same time itis part of thedenunciation of thegovernmentthat uses police force, using the lockdown,against the masses and thatnothingdoes for the safety of doctors, healthworkers.

For thisreasonitisnecessarytoday more thanever to develop the denunciation of the Modi government, to intensifysolidaritywith the Indian masses in struggle and arms, to widen the demand for the immediate release of Varavara Rao and Saibaba in all countries.

The International Committeeto Support the People'sWar in India has always been engaged in this battle and todayurgently calls for a new phase of mobilization. Through the repression of thesetwointellectuals, they hit an impressive number of militants, professors, students and artists, members of democraticorganizations; State terrorismispracticedagainstfreedom of the press, of opinion in a country where the regimeapprovesracist and discriminatorylaws, such as the latest on citizenshipaffecting millions of Muslims.

The development of the pandemicalsoturns prisons intodeadly traps.

The Committeetherefore calls for a new international day of information, action and solidarity for 28th July, the day on which the vast action of the Maoists and the fighters of the people’swardevelopsduring the week of the martyrs of the revolution.

The Committeemakesknown,just on thisday, the numerous documents circulating in India and around the world in support of this battle.

Over 130 renownedintellectuals have signed an appealclaimingthat the deterioratinghealth conditions of Prof. Saibaba and Varavara Rao and the outbreak of Covid in prisons endangertheirlives and demandtheirimmediate release on bail. Documents of the same nature are signed in Bangladesh and by groups of deputies in the sameIndianparliament.

In light of this, the Committee calls for someimmediateobjectives:

- spreadthese documents by all means on the internet;
- organize a mail-bombingon 28th july to the international press, to the Indianembassies, to the foreign and justice ministers of the largestnumber of governments, to the EuropeanParliament, to the International Court of Justice;
- organizemeetings, sit-ins and all types of actions which, togetherwith messages of solidarity, whichallow to widen the mobilization front; in particular, for this latter taskwemake an appeal to all the political and social organizationsthat deal with prison, repression, international and internationalistsolidarity.

These are initiatives alreadyunderway in some countries in recentmonths. Whatisasked on the international dayistheir concentration, socializationthat can develop a prolongedcampaignwith the aim of obtainingconcreteresults over thesemonthscharacterized by the pandemic.