Monday, December 13, 2021

NEWEPOCH MEDIA: AUSTRIA - Memorial action on the occasion of the birthday of Chairman Gonzalo.




AUSTRIA - Memorial action on the occasion of the birthday of Chairman Gonzalo.

The Committee in Defense of Chairman Gonzalo Austria (Partizan, Vorbote) organized a commemorative rally and march on the occasion of the Chairman's birthday. The leader of the Peruvian Revolution was commemorated with powerful slogans and a wreath-laying ceremony.


As the Austrian news site reported, on the occasion of December 3, the 87th birthday of Chairman Gonzalo, his life and work were upheld and defended. "Speeches emphasized the tireless struggle of Abimael Guzmán, as leader of the Peruvian Communist Party, for liberation from oppression and exploitation. His commitment to the Peruvian people, have made him a target of the U.S. and CIA, as well as the Peruvian elites, who indirectly murdered Abimael Guzman after 20 years of incommunicado detention and torture by denying him medical treatment."

At the end of the rally, activists laid a wreath in front of the Peruvian Embassy. Ribbons read "Eternal Glory to Chairman Gonzalo." This rally, according to the committee, will also serve to mobilize for the internationalist demonstration in January 2022, which is part of the international campaign to honor Chairman Gonzalo. Representatives of the Committee for the Defense of Chairman Gonzalo Austria call: "From India to Brazil, from Tunisia to Ireland, the communists and revolutionaries of the world are defending the life and memory of Chairman Gonzalo in demonstrations and actions. We want to make a strong sign of internationalism on December 4 and raise the big red banner of Chairman Gonzalo high and let it live on in our deeds!"