Thursday, March 2, 2023

COMMUNIST INTERNATIONAL NEWSPAPER: Appeal to all Marxist-Leninist-Maoist Parties and Organizations to join the International Communist League


Proletarians of all countries, unite!

Appeal to all Marxist-Leninist-Maoist Parties and Organizations to join the International Communist League

The successful holding of the Unified Maoist International Conference and the foundation of the International Communist League are achievements of the international proletariat and a striking blow against the general counterrevolutionary offensive of imperialism and world reaction, just as against revisionism and all opportunism. It has been less than two months since this leap was produced; the declaration and resolutions were translated into 15 languages, and the foundation was celebrated with actions in at least 20 countries, with hundreds of actions ranging from graffiti, flag hoisting, banner hanging, poster holding, activities of distributing pamphlets, and a great demonstration of communists with hundreds of participants marching in Germany with the flags of the ICL and its slogans. It is an unprecedented historical feat that communists in dozen countries have carried out actions under the slogan: Unite under Maoism! Down with revisionism! Long live the International Communist League! The quantity and quality of the actions corroborate the historical importance of the leap that was produced and are a glimpse of the powerful impulse that the International Communist Movement is taking.

The foundation of the International Communist League is the result of a long and complex process of more than four decades for overcoming dispersion and uniting the International Communist Movement under Marxism-Leninism-Maoism as the command and guide of the world revolution. Only by understanding this decades-long process it is possible to understand the historical transcendence and deep strategic content of the foundation of the International Communist League.

The great victory that was achieved arms us to continue the great path for the reunification of the ICM under Maoism. The dispersion is still the main problem in the ICM and revisionism is the main danger. In the UMIC, all the parties that were able and wanted to participate have done so. During its preparation, all the parties with which a direct communication channel existed were invited to participate. Even so, some could not take part or could not be directly invited to the UMIC due to various circumstances that are proper of class struggle, also there were – isolated – cases of those who did not want to participate.

In the UMIC, parties and organizations with different points of view could reach – through two line struggle, practicing unity, criticism, unity in a honest and comradely way – the highest ideological and political unity of the last four decades. This is a thorough example that the true communists want to unite under Maoism! The division of the international proletariat is only in the interest of revisionism and the reaction.

The Political Declaration and the Principles of the ICL expresses the unity that was solidly reached by 15 Parties and Organizations across the world, it is a great step forward and it is the basis and reference point to unify the whole ICM.

The International Communist League will spare no efforts towards establishing a direct relation with all the M-L-M Parties and Organizations that want to work toward unity and not splitting and that defend the three basic principles: 1. the defense of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, 2. struggle against revisionism, and 3. to be for the World Proletarian Revolution. The ICL will work holding meetings, reunions, and forums aiming at raising the two line struggle and promoting ideological and political unity. Therefore, it will support all the propositions, initiatives, forums, that serve to develop unity-struggle-unity. Just as it was affirmed in the Political Declaration and the Principles:

The new international organization is a center of ideological, political and organizational coordination, based on democratic centralism and the solution of problems through mutual and permanent consultation among the parties and organizations that conforms it, and it will extend this procedure to all those who – while participating with the same principles and purposes – are outside of it.

Therefore, the foundation of the ICL does not close the process of struggle for unity, but it opens a whole new stage of the “organized struggle for the reconstitution of the Communist International, under the command and guide of Maoism” and we are available and committed to move heaven and earth to struggle for the reconstitution of the glorious Communist International.


Today, when the general crisis of imperialism and its collapse has greatly intensified, when heroic struggles of national resistance and of popular resistance emerge throughout the world, when the People’s wars in India, Peru, Turkey and the Philippines develop, and when there are other People’s Wars being prepared in other countries, it becomes even more urgent and necessary to unite the ICM under Maoism in order to impulse the great wave of the World Proletarian Revolution. This is why we call the whole international proletariat, all the Marxist-Leninist-Maoist Parties and Organizations, to join the red flag of the International Communist League in order to strengthen this new great wave of the World Proletarian Revolution.

Unite under Maoism! Down with revisionism!

Down with imperialism! Long live the World Proletarian Revolution!

Long live the International Communist League!

February 8th, 2023

International Communist League