Tuesday, June 25, 2024

C C CPI (MAOIST) Observe World Protest Day against Kagaar. March forward with the oppressed people of the world.



Central Committee

Press Release

15 June, 2024


Observe World Protest Day against Kagaar.

March forward with the oppressed people of the world.

Dear people,

On July 1, World protest day against "operation kagaar", a call has been given by the International Committee for the Support of People's War in India (ICSPWI). First, the Central Committee of CPI (Maoist) express its gratitude to ICSPWI.

To wipe out from its root, more than five decades old people's war from India, the Indian ruling classes have started new counter-insurgency military campaign from January 2024 in the name of "operation kagaar". In this military campaign, more 125 revolutionary masses, cadres of various rank and file, PLGA guerillas have been murdered, which includes 6-month-old baby to above 60 years old Indian citizen. By remembering the martyrs, our party conveys its red salute to the international people, who with the spirit of international proletarianism are raising their voice to stop the genocide on oppressed people of India.

Our Party appeals to the countrymen to come forward against operation kagaar and defeat the fascist policies of the Indian ruling classes, and march shoulder to shoulder with the international people who has given the call to observe world protest day against kagaar to save the people's war in India and to stop the brutal military assaults on the people.

From the past six months, the ongoing operation kagaar's military attacks and genocides on the people of India, especially in the Central India on the indigenous people of Dandakaranya region, has been severely condemned and voices has been raised for the establishment of peace in Dandakaranya by the lovers of democracy, progressive, pro-people, and revolutionary organizations and forces, and they are marching forward in various forms. America, Europe, South America, Africa, and several countries from Asia are demanding the Indian state to stop the operation kagaar immediately. Recently, during the G-7 meetings in Italy, a protest rally has been organized against the operation kagaar. Their fraternity with the oppressed people displays the international proletariat spirit.

In our country, several revolutionary organizations, forces, democrats, journalist, writers, artists, pro-adivasi, social activits and lawyers are condemning operation kagaar in various ways. While condemning the illegal activities of the police forces, they are knocking the doors of judiciary. They are calling for strike. To stop the genocide and the bloodshed, they are appealing the Indian people to intensify their movements. They are condemning the treacherous plan of peace talks by the Chhattisgarh government and demanding to hold peace talks with Maoist party with honesty. First, they are demanding to stop the ongoing genocides on the people and withdraw extra security camps from the forest. Our party conveys red salute to all these people.

On January 1 in the state of Chhattisgarh, in Bijapur district's Mudhvendi village, police murdered six-month old infant girl. After that, they are committing genocides in every 8 to 10 days. In the continuous genocides; Chipurbati, Korcholi, Aapatola, Kakur-Tekametta, Pidiya, Rekavaya and Gobel, in general indigenous youths, peasants and revolutionary without making any discrimination of female, male and old age, are being killed. This apart, in several other incidents, adivasi youths are getting killed and police are stating that Maoists have been killed and are spreading their false stories. After every encounter, the central home minister, Amit Shah by appreciating the criminal police personnel, is legitimatizing the encounter, and announcing time-period to make India Maoist free. All fallacious statements of Amit Shah are vehemently criticized by the Indian people, and while taking the dead bodies they are saying to the world the truth of the events, and filing cases against the culprits in the police station. By

standing in support with them, several journalists, you-tuber, and social activists are doing ground reports to say the truth.

The indigenous people, because of their tradition, whenever they go to forest, they carry traditional weapons to protect themselves from the wild animals. But after the commencement of operation kagaar, there is an illegal ban on the indigenous people to go to forest. After killing village people, the police are not stating the names of the deceased person, not showing their faces, and wrapping the dead bodies in the plastic sheets, and declaring that "unidentified Maoists have been killed". Bedside the dead bodies, weapons, bombs and revolutionary books and papers are decorated and displayed. Even some dead bodies are covered with guerillas uniforms. People are exposing, instantly these illegally activities of the police. To save their lives from the police firings, people are running to forest, but the security forces, already encircled the area, are killing them even after the villager's requests not to kill them. Through these brutalities on the people, they want to terrorize the people to separate them from the movement for justice and eliminate the Maoist party; this is the aim of this military campaign. It is also clear that, to hand over the natural resources to the imperialist forces and big domestic corporate houses, the Indian state is carrying out this genocidal war. To eliminate the movements of the indigenous people who are fighting for their forests, existence, and dignity, in the eastern and central India's forest regions, which is going on for more than 20 years by pouring bloods, the Indian ruling classes have started operation kagaar and they are stating that this is for the end of Maoist party.

Dear people of the country and the world,

In the recent 18th Lok Sabha's election, the people of India have defeated the pro-corporate hindutva BJP. From the past 10 years, the pro-corporate BJP's anti-people policies have caused enormous problems for the people and they have taught a lesson to Modi-Shah, who were repeatedly shouting, this time more than 400 seats. People have exposed the bogus development model of BJP and its slogan of Sab Ka Saath, Sab Ka Vishwas(with everyone help and with everyone confidence) and shown the power of people in this election. They smashed the hopes of the imperialist forces and the domestic corporate houses to make Modi win the election with absolute majority, so that they can loot the enormous natural resources of the country with more speed. With their help, the hindutva forces to make India a developed country by 2047 (hindu nation, brought forward Surajkund policy in 2022. The people of India have rejected all these policies and poured water in their dream to make government with the strength of their own. By facing the wrath of the people from 10 years, Narendra Modi in a opportunistic way, merging with regional parties, has become Prime Minister for the third time.

The people of the country have clearly declared their stand against the government's corporatization and militarization policies in this election. They give their verdict against the hindutva policies. But they will not think to move away from their fascist policies, despite the people's verdict and global protest. Because imperialism is neck- stuck in deep crisis. To come out from the crisis, imperialism is throwing the people of the world in the morass of war. Their thirst for the resources is not going to be quenched. For them several Modi is needed. The need of the big market of India is equally there. Anyone comes in their way; they will remove from their military strength. But history every time says that it is not possible every time.

In today's people's movement, there stands on the hand all the corporate forces and their government agents who dance to their tunes, and on the other hand there are broad masses, workers, students, intellectuals, and employees who stands firm with the movement. The international oppressed masses are conveying their brotherhood from the bottom of the heart to these forces. We appeal to them to oppose those corporate companies who are investing capital dipped in the people's blood, in our country and force them to take back the capital. We need to speed up anti-imperialist movements and class struggles of the oppressed classes of the world by forging strong brotherhood among the oppressed classes of the world. How much repression and military onslaught they inflict on the masses, no fascist will be forgiven. They will die like a Hitler and in here also people will achieve victory, and history will prove this truth.

Abhay Spokesperson Central Committee