Thursday, September 16, 2021

AUSTRIA - Further actions on the occasion of the assassination of Chairman Gonzalo

 In honor of Chairman Gonzalo, to remember his life and to defend his great legacy, further actions were carried out by proletarian revolutionaries in Austria. In the small town of Linz in Upper Austria, a spontaneous action was carried out on Monday, 13th of September with a banner and loud slogans condemning the heinous, cruel and cowardly murder of Chairman Gonzalo. The immortal, because true Gonzalo thought and his universally valid contributions were defended. "Chairman Gonzalo murdered: Hold up his great red banner!" the banner read.

In addition, large wall posters were put up, with the words "Chairman Gonzalo is immortal!" to express that reaction and revisionism will not win at all! The posters were placed on the one hand, in an important industrial district where many indus-trial workers see them. On the other hand, in places where the broad masses of people are reached, such as a popular leisure/sport place.

In Vienna, in a worker's district an action with banner, posters and leaflets have been made by revolutionaries. Many people came and wanted to know about the case and the murder of Chairman Gonzalo.