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September 6, 2021




In yesterday’s post about Peru, we ended with the question and answer: What is the good for the people of all this crisis in the reactionary heights? That they are crashing more, it is good for us that they are crashing more; this suits our strategic revolutionary interest, it suits us. We are already seeing all the disturbances that are creating the greatest collusion and reactionary struggle for the sustainability not only of the Executive but also of the reactionary Parliament and all its institutions, so it is a difficult problem they have and the good juncture for us that is going to allow us to unmask and make our people see that nothing is going to be gained with this reactionary government headed by opportunism.


We say that all this is happening in the camp of reaction because Peru Libre is as much a reaction as is Fuerza Popular, Acción Popular or the party of Acuna APP, and all the other opportunists, etc., not to confuse the fact that part of the people are deceived and even dragged to the tail of these reactionaries.


That is why we now consider that it is also necessary to remember:


– That, those who today are serving the old landlord-bureaucratic State at the service of imperialism, mainly Yankee, perched in some ministries as smells tail of the counterrevolutionary rondero Castillo, that is, of the reactionary government headed by opportunism come from the quarries of the revisionist and capitulationist ROL and as such have been fulfilling for a long time the role of emissaries of the old State; that, those who in the current parliament present themselves as the bench of the FENATEPERU Party have a long history of emissaries of the reactionary State within the Peruvian teaching profession. This moustrit called FENATEPERÚ Party is one of the names adopted by the rats of the revisionist and capitulationist ROL seeking to be recognized as their own parliamentary group. These rats of FENATEPERÚ are part of the parliamentary faction of the reactionary government headed by opportunism, its members are within Perú Libre of the gamonal Cerrón (who comes from the old revisionism). The government faction, which is made up in sharp collusion and struggle, also by other groups of ruthless opportunists and servants of imperialism such as the Frente Amplio, Juntos por el Perú and among them some of patria coja, all these financed by the NGOs of imperialism, all of these raise in whole or in part the rotten imperialist philosophy of “post modernism”, although some like Castillo, Cerrón and Bellido take part of it as the symbolic reinvindication in the speech and gestures, to better defend the status quo, hence the “brother”, “peasant brother”, the “hat”, although they reject some part of it, for example, what the “French” Mendoza defends that “the sexes is a matter of choice”; Furthermore, those who accompany the counterrevolutionary rondero Castillo everywhere as his “ayayeros” or “portatil”, are mostly people deceived by the revisionists and capitulationists of the Movadef.




As has been denounced by the class-conscious teachers, who persist in the task of reorientation and reconstitution of Sutep Único. All these wretches who enlist in the service of the old State, have a long history of EMISSARIES OF THE REACTIONARY STATE, known traitors who have been unmasked for their black role of sabotaging the organization and struggle for the REORIENTATION AND RECONSTITUTION OF THE SUTEP UNICO, these in a personal capacity without representation of the rank and file had themselves elected as members of CONARE in 2003 in the town of Huancayo. Never did these emissaries of the reactionary State assume the Reorientation and Reconstitution, on the contrary, they disappeared the COMMITTEE and tried to annihilate the Reorientation and Reconstitution when they remained in the leadership of the HNI-2012 selling the continuation of the struggle for economic perks without the consent of the Bases. In the HNI-2015, one of them after decreeing the strike deserted, grouping with those of Movadef, to be “PARTEROS” of the birth of the FENATEPERÚ showcase in 2017 and its rondero Castillo Terrones, black, servile and opportunist defeaters who dream of annihilating the Reorientation and Reconstitution and the COMBATIVE UNIQUE SUTEP and its MOST COMBATIVE Bases.


All these are revisionist and capitulationist renegades of what Chairman Gonzalo stated that “war is the superior form through which the fundamental problems of the revolution are solved and society is transformed for the benefit of the class and the people; it is the principal form of struggle just as the army is the principal form of organization. It is war of the masses, of the peasants, especially the poor, of the proletariat, of the petty bourgeoisie; to see the role of the masses in the war is very important because it is the masses who make history. To take into account the role of the people’s war in Peru for the world proletarian revolution which implies for us a greater responsibility”.


All these have nothing to do with the ideology of the class, since they have long since disavowed what was established by Chairman Gonzalo and the PCP, that “the Party leads guided by Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, Gonzalo thought, our ideology and the starting point of the basis of party unity, to reaffirm ourselves in it today more than ever because it is attacked, it is tried to infamous it, it is denied, to maintain an absolute conviction that it is all-powerful because it is true, that is, a reality as brief but solid as a cathedral, after all, all that idealistic talk will pass and the facts will remain as incontrovertible reality. It is true, we are living through difficult times, but the main trend of history, the revolution, is incontrovertible and will prevail, communism will prevail and will shine on Earth. Let us keep in mind the words of Chairman Mao, he taught us, the road is winding but the perspective is bright. So, comrades, the revolution will triumph in the whole world, more time, less time depends mainly on the action of the communists”.


In the coming days we will try to specify the proposals of the new reactionary government, its plans and how to respond to them.


To conclude we transcribe from the II Plenum of the PCP the part corresponding to the capitulation, which fits like a glove to all the traitors we have referred to above:




5. – On the capitulation


It should deserve our attention because many are capitulating in the world and in the country. The phenomenon of the new revisionist counterrevolutionary offensive is serving imperialism and world reaction as never before and is rotting part of the people insufficiently grounded in principles, in the dialectical understanding of the world; it has repercussions on the intellectuals, yesterday in the 60’s they got tired of calling themselves Marxists, better said of dressing as such to now deny and be ashamed of having put on that mask, because, they are making merits to better serve imperialism, revisionism, reaction. This convergence of the new revisionist counterrevolutionary offensive in collusion with imperialism dreams of the definitive destruction of Marxism, dreams of sweeping away all that the revolution has done, all its achievements, all its heroic action, they want to enthrone once again the old, the proterious domination of reaction in the most outdated and sinister moment of imperialism. This has repercussions and we see capitulation and monstrous renegades, it occurs in the petty bourgeoisie, in the workers’ crusts, the MRTA for example is the proclamation of capitulation in the country; they spread “peace”, bourgeois democracy, market economy, human rights, reactionary ideologies, bourgeois culture; they capitulate before imperialism. Capitulation is expressed in two facets: capitulation before the native reaction and capitulation before the world reaction, it is always so; its objective is to sell the revolution. It is therefore, that it must be razed to the ground with blood and fire and that requires a strategy and a tactic.


In Peking Reports 37/75 p. 8. Criticism of At the Water’s Edge. Chairman Mao in the struggle against the right-wing revocatory wind initiated the struggle against capitulation. He takes a literary work and criticizes it, because, comrades, art has a class character; he says this novel is an example of what capitulation is. It is criticism that is part of the efforts to implement Chairman Mao’s policies on the study of theory and on the prevention of and opposition to revisionism.


We communists need to handle Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, mainly Maoism, we need to apply it and defend it, with it we need to defeat all the onslaught against Marxism. For us it is also a necessity, it is indispensable to manage the new State, to build socialism, the May document must be studied well and in depth, there is how we see Marxism and what questions we must resolve today in the light of that, there is how to build the new State, democracy and dictatorship, private property, the problem of the front, etc., they are therefore living problems that are presented today to the communists of Peru and of the world. For the triumph we need a contingent of Marxist theoreticians, obviously indispensable to maintain the course of the revolution and build socialism. Chairman Mao called on the Party to study theory.


The merit of the novel is that it describes the capitulation, it is to point against corrupt officials and save the emperor. We see this in the country, for example, the pum targets Minister Hurtado and exonerates Fujimori, this is capitulationism. To practice capitulationism is to practice revisionism, amnesty and enlistment, that is what the mrta is looking for, that is what the SI, the IU, the mas, Minister Amat, Minister Helfer are looking for. And those who capitulate wait for the offer of amnesty and enlistment, whatever they are offered, but what does the MRTA do? It does not wait, the demand, the offer.


Fighting capitulation is important because it is part of the struggle of the Party and the people in their efforts to adhere to Marxism, to fight revisionism and to persist in the revolutionary line. This is a more important problem than yesterday because the next 50 to 100 years are at stake.


To combat capitulation we must be concerned to differentiate well the specific characteristics of the capitulators. In the case of the Del Prado their problem is to adjust to perestroika; in the MRTA, Polay, they capitulate for Castroist positions but through arms; the MAS on the basis of the supposed expiration of Marxism and that there must be a rethinking with social Christian positions; Red Fatherland, like the Chinese revisionists of today, proposes that Marxism is undergoing a series of reforms to advance and that world reaction or the bourgeoisie try to use them to fight socialism. Internationally they bow down before imperialism and the various revisionisms, within the country they capitulate before the big bourgeoisie, the landowners and all are against the people’s war; not forgetting that there are two factions in the big bourgeoisie and that in each one there are also groups. Revisionists are all those who call themselves Marxists but revise Marxism; opportunists are those who accommodate themselves with any faction to subsist; and, bourgeois are those who sustain themselves in the ideology of the bourgeoisie and defend it.


To study Marxism well to fight revisionism, imperialism and reaction; to apply uplift and popularization and to differentiate in the leaders, cadres and militants, in the army and in the broad masses.


In Peking Reports 9/76.(quote attached). The novel is a negative example, it propagates the capitulationist line; and what does perestroika propagate? It propagates capitulation to imperialism, the most unbridled capitalist restoration, it propagates revisionism.


Opposing corrupt officials, not even aiming against the whole bureaucracy as a component part of the old State, but only against the corrupt, what do they seek? to moralize to make the old order more bearable; we have an opposite position, we aim against the recalcitrant representatives of the old State, selective annihilation to overthrow the outdated order.


The whole novel is impregnated with the idea that the officials are bad and that the emperor is good, this is the background, that is why they point against Hurtado because they believe that Fujimori is good but that they force him, that they impose him; they ask Fujimori to moralize, to renew his justice, we do not ask him for anything, we take the power away from him. To oppose corrupt officials is to be faithful to the emperor, if they point against Hurtado they defend Fujimori, if they are for moralization they defend the system.


Within the reactionaries there is a contradiction, some aim at annihilating the revolution and others at disintegrating it from within, both defend the system and oppose the revolution. They are two sides of the same coin.


Faced with the revolution the reactionaries adopt a double tactic, armed repression and the offer of amnesty and enlistment, capitulation. But, it constitutes the focus of the struggle of the two lines the refusal or acceptance of capitulation.


The trilogy of the capitulationist line is 1) target the officials not the emperor; 2) amnesty and enlistment; and, 3) suppress the revolution.


Do not confuse the limitations of those who fight with those who surrender to the enemy. In China the peasants fought but were defeated, without the leadership of the proletariat they could not triumph, this was their limitation; those who, being in the struggle, capitulated, surrendered to the enemy, they sought posts and in this way formed their armed base to later divide the peasant movement.


One of the characters, the capitulator, under a revolutionary disguise, practiced revisionism, carried out counterrevolutionary activities and aimed at replacing the revolutionary line with a capitulationist line. He was not even a comrade on the road but a traitor, an arch-criminal.


The philosophy of the capitulationists was feudal and bourgeois, loyalty and justice were synonyms they used, in the name of which they acted. If one has a bourgeois conception being in the revolution, then one will capitulate.


They apply an idea and a tactic more perverse than violent action against the revolution, they use the feudal ideology dressed in the words peace, justice, equality, democracy to put them as a rope and pull the masses behind them.


The philosophy of life of all the exploiting classes is characterized by the clinging to high positions, and these are baits for recruiting lackeys.


In all times, capitulationists inevitably arise in the revolutionary camp. There are ancient and contemporary capitulationists, they practice class capitulationism at home and national capitulationism abroad, class capitulationism, they submit to the bourgeoisie and submit to imperialism. This fits like a glove, today to those who act like this inside and outside the country.