Tuesday, September 7, 2021

COMMUNIST INTERNATIONAL NEWSPAPER: PERU: The contradiction between the factions and groups of the big bourgeoisie is sharpening. What is the good for the people of all this crisis in the reactionary hill?

 September 6, 2021


PERU: The contradiction between the factions and groups of the big bourgeoisie is sharpening. What is the good for the people of all this crisis in the reactionary hill?


Signed by the failure of the reactionary elections of 2021 in their objective of a replacement of reactionary authorities of the old state “legitimized” in the ballot boxes; the logical result was a weak government of the caudillo of occasion Pedro Castillo Terrones, the opportunist strike-selling rondero, invested without that “majority” backing of the ballot boxes that all the opportunists and revisionists adore so much. Without his own party and without a parliamentary majority as government and, even more, he as president without his own bench, more than a few parliamentarians dragged from the Movadef, elected on the PL lists.


Castillo Terrones was the candidate of the Peru Libre Party (PL), owned by the Cerron family of Huancayo, because the caudillo Vladimiro Cerron was prevented from being a candidate, as he was convicted of corruption and disqualified from holding public office for one year.


The miserable history of the candidacy of the opportunist Castillo.


According to Bellido himself (current Prime Minister of Castillo’s government, imposed as such by Cerron’s decision), who tells that he searched on the internet for possible replacement men to replace his patron Vladimiro Cerron, among the political figures and came across the name of the rondero Castillo, whom they already knew; Then, he proposed to Vladimiro Cerron that Castillo be his substitute in the PL candidacy, as a transitory character; Cerron accepted and Bellido offered Castillo the candidacy to the presidency for PL and this one, neither short nor lazy, accepted. This confirms the caudillo character of reactionary politics and of the “elected” authorities of the old bureaucratic landlord State at the service of imperialism, mainly Yankee. This shows the deep political crisis of all the institutions and parties which are called to be the basis of their “democracy”, that is, of the replacement of authorities through reactionary elections.


If this happened for the presidency of the republic of big bourgeoisie and landowners at the service of imperialism, things were even worse for the nomination of the reactionary representatives to parliament, including all kinds of opportunists; with a distribution of seats where none of the parties managed to form a parliamentary majority. Resulting in an executive without a parliamentary majority, with a president without his own party, for which he has only a few parliamentarians of the ROL-Modavef who support him, who have been crawling behind this opportunist figurehead since before the national strike of the Sutep rank and file of 2017, which they betrayed after aupting the rondero Castillo as president of the HNI Struggle Committee.


All the opportunists who participated in the reactionary elections, who call themselves “left” but in reality align themselves under the program of the bureaucratic faction of the big bourgeoisie, did not even reach 20% of the votes, With this base they formed the “anti Keiko” front, joined by the “moraditos” and the machinery in Peru and abroad of the “caviars” plus imperialist NGOs that have fabricated all the governments since 2000 together with the Yankee agent Vargas Llosa, but this time they played for their “arch enemy” Keiko Fujimori. Moved and monitored by Gorriti, the agent of Yankee imperialism.



Thus, everything shows that the Peruvian State has become weaker in its bases and will have to rely more and more on its armed and repressive forces; and it will become clearer to the people that the armed forces are the backbone of the State and that this State is nothing more than organized violence for the maintenance of the slavery of the Peruvian people. And here, in assuring the support of the genocidal Armed Forces, is precisely where Castillo’s government is weakening the most, since he named his compadre as Minister of Defense, a character questioned by these Armed Forces, together with a Minister of the Interior also questioned for the management of the other reactionary repressive forces.


The current political crisis is part of the collapse of the old State and of the old semi-colonial, semi-feudal Peruvian society where bureaucratic capitalism is developing, which is being swept away by the people’s war since 1980, even though this is going through difficulties and difficult and complex situations, this will only end with the victory of the Peruvian revolution. A condition is the General Reorganization of the PCP, firmly subjecting itself to the leadership of Chairman Gonzalo and Gonzalo Thought.


Continuing with Castillo Terrones, as PL candidate for the presidency, he obtained in the first round (April 2021) a miserable and ridiculous vote because it was around 10 percent of the electoral roll and, in the second round, he won with only 40 thousand votes of difference to his opponent Keiko Fujimori of Fuerza Popular (FP).


 In order to be declared the winner by the National Jury of Elections, Castillo Terrones first had to have the certificate of “counterrevolutionary rondero” from the agent of Yankee imperialism Gorriti (see IDL-Reporteros financed by the member of the Yankee financial oligarchy Sororos) and, then, the endorsement of the US embassy in Lima and, later, the recognition of the Yankee State Department, the imperialists of the European Union, etc.


 His appointment was questioned by his opponent, the daughter of the fascist, genocidal and fatherland-selling Keiko Fujimori of Fuerza Popular, up to three weeks after his formal assumption of office. After reactionary conciliations among all of them to agree on how to continue with their anti-popular negotiations, some of which have been reported by reactionary participants of different colors in the reactionary press, the Council of Ministers presided over by the pawn of Vladimiro Cerrón, Bellido, obtained the investiture or approval of the majority of parliamentarians of both the opposition and the government, as a result of the collusion and struggle between the different factions and reactionary groups into which these are divided, including opportunists of all colors, who are grouped as government and opposition.


Negotiation and bargaining in the middle, that in order to deal with the impasse between the Executive and the Parliament, they had to leave the contentious issues until after August 26, the day of the investiture session in the Congress or Bolivar’s pigsty. Including the criminal trial against the owners of Peru Libre and against Keiko Fujimori, all for corruption, where the arbiters of this dispute are the officials of the Public Prosecutor’s Office and the Judiciary, mostly moved by the so-called “caviars” linked to the U.S. State Department and the NGOs of imperialism.


Weak government against the ropes. Due to questionings both from the groups of the other reactionary faction (the comprador faction) and the parliamentary “majority” that now takes the matter of the “terruco” minister to put Castillo on the ropes as part of their plans for impeachment; as well as those of the bureaucratic fraction of the big bourgeoisie, like the so-called “caviars”, part of the high state bureaucracy, within the forces of the government itself and others like the simply reactionary minister of justice; all these want to expectorate Cerron or at least separate him from Castillo because of his links with Cuban revisionism, Maduro of Venezuela, etc. (problem for Castillo is that Cerron has the majority of the bench of Peru Libre therefore of the government) and almost all of the above mentioned who are calling for the head of Minister Maravi (problem for Castillo not only because he promised them the position in exchange for the many favors received, but also and mainly because without them he is left alone in parliament, without the support of the people of FENATEPERÙ-Movadef and without his own “portatil” in the street, because these, in spite of their little capacity for mobilization, are the biggest part of the “support” or forces that the opportunist president of the reactionary government, Pedro Castillo, can mobilize, in addition to his counterrevolutionary ronderos and other “gamonalillos” from the north and other places.


What is the good thing for the people in all this crisis in the reactionary heights? That they are crashing more, it is good for us that they are crashing more; this suits our strategic revolutionary interest, it suits us. We are already seeing all the disturbances that are creating the greatest collusion and reactionary struggle for the sustainability not only of the Executive but also of the reactionary Parliament and all its institutions, so it is a difficult problem they have and the good juncture for us that is going to allow us to unmask and make our people see that nothing is going to be gained with this reactionary government headed by opportunism.


We say that all this is happening in the camp of reaction because Peru Libre is as much a reaction as is Fuerza Popular, Acción Popular or the party of Acuna APP, and all the other opportunists, etc., not to confuse the fact that part of the people are deceived and even dragged to the tail of these reactionaries.